Acisni Aquires Spyzrus

I am pleased to announce that has aquired and We have watched this brand for some years now and recently had the opportunity to take over these domains.

What motivated us was the fact that their marketing aligned well with our own principles of legal and ethical use of spy apps and technology in general. We were able to incorporate their content with our own with no changes for the user. That means a good experience for all concerned.


SpyzRus Content

On the site they covered the main spy app reviews such as mSpy and FlexiSPY. These were honest and unbiased reviews highlighting the pros and cons of each app. The reviews have been merged with our own in the latest update. As always we regularly update our spy software reviews to show the latest information and any changes to the service.

Ethical Hacking

Like AcisNI – SpyzRus only talked about legal and ethical hacking methods. As I explain throughout the site the term hacking is used as people search for this. It is not hacking in the sense of illegal computer hacking.

Our “hacking” is aimed at using spy apps to monitor what your kids are doing on their phones in order to manage them and keep them safe. This so called hacking can give you ethical access to their social media use and to monitor who they are in contact with or even where they are. All can and should be done legally.

Online Security

SpyzRus also covered some good articles on ways to keep your tech safe online. There was some overlap with our security content and we have merged the best content. This provide users with the latest and most accurate information.

Technology Articles

Again we shared some articles and guides we had in common. This is a growing section of and we have been adding more tech guides and user guides to help everyone understand some of the apps and programs your kids might be using today. It’s always good to stay up to date with the latest tech!

All in all we hope this aquisition will prove a success for our current readers and for anyone who enjoyed the content over at SpyzRus.

Thanks for your time,

Susan Kennedy.

Author - Susan Kennedy

Hi there - I'm Susan Kennedy, a regular mom who has used spy apps for years now. I was fed up with spammy reviews and poor information so I started this website. I also teach how to improve your online security and stop unwanted spy apps. Reliable information from a real person!

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