Try to Avoid Getting Scammed When Buying Cell Phone Spy Software -

Try to Avoid Getting Scammed When Buying Cell Phone Spy Software

Purchasing top quality spy phone software is not as simple as you might think. A part of the problem is that you have such a huge number of different companies to choose from and sadly this specific market has become targeted by some unethical online marketers.

Things can quickly become confusing – then you start to worry about being scammed!

I am hoping this information will serve as a guide to save you some time in locating the best cellphone spy program for your requirements – and keep your money safe! There are some decent applications on the market from reliable spy software companies that are capable of doing some remarkable things. Finding these companies and ordering from decent suppliers will in the end save you money and time.

avoiding spy app scams

Some extra care should be taken when shopping for spy phone software due to the sheer volume of scam programs around. Some companies have vanished into thin air with their client’s money, so you need to order from the more established spy phone software providers. Happily this is not always the case and right now there are good reliable firms out there, so let’s have a look.

What Is Spy Phone Software And How Will It Work?

This is software which when installed on a target phone is able to keep tabs on the use of that phone allowing you to look at things such as phone logs, text messages and any data on the phone including images, video and contact lists.

Some of the better versions have advanced cell phone tracking capabilities – allowing you to easily trace the movements of the cell phone. A few of the other advanced functions include actually listening to calls or using the cell phone like a recording device or a bug and all controlled remotely.

The Target Cell Phone Needs To Be Supported

Users often don’t understand the importance of this – it is absolutely crucial. Each individual software provider will have an index of supported cell phones plus their operating systems. The phone you plan to monitor must be on that list or else it just will not function. All of the downloads are specific to the cell phone model, make and operating system.

I have a special iPhone spy app guide here – worth checking if you need to spy on any Apple device.

Only Buy From Reliable Companieshow to buy cell phone spy software

Of the many Spy Phone software programs I have tried personally, there are only a few that stand out in terms of features and support. I’m sure there may be other ones but I have never found them.

Flexi Spy , Mobistealth app and mSpy really are reliable programs from decent companies – the top ones in my opinion. Mobile Spy, and StealthGenie  are no longer recommended.

It’s very important to look at the company that you’re buying the software from. Nearly all have term contracts therefore you do not want the company to disappear after a month when you have paid for the year.

Quality companies with a track record will provide good help and support even after they have made the sale. Ever had excellent response to queries before you buy an item only to experience silence when having problems following the sale?

Spy software is a rather complex product and so good support systems are important particularly if you are just getting started for the first time.

Only Pay for What You Need

In terms of the features available from the different software programs, be realistic and focus on what you actually need. Often the more advanced features can appear amazing but remember, they will add to the total cost of the program.

The reality is that most people only use the most basic reporting and monitoring functions provided in the less expensive software deals. So save yourself some money and only buy what you really think you will use.

Be Aware of the Law

More than anything else make sure you are alert to any legal implications whenever using any spy software. As a general guide – you need to own and have legal rights over the phone and you must inform any adult user that the phone will be monitored.

This is basically the minimum legal requirements for most places. However, you must check the laws and regulations where you live to keep yourself totally safe. I believe that “Spying” is not the best term to use – cell phone tracking or monitoring would be a safer way to think.

Trying to find the cheapest spy phone software might not be the wisest approach here. Whenever something seems to be too cheap, in all probability – it is. Safeguard yourself by purchasing from one of the recognized software program suppliers.

Whenever costs are your primary worry, think about some of the programs with limited features or possibly a short term contract. When you stick to these suggestions you can stay safe when buying cell phone spy software to suit your needs exactly and take away the risk of loosing your hard earned cash.

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Stacey E says

Hi Susan! Thanks for a helpful article. You seem very straightforward and honest, so I was wondering- is there any spy software that can be installed on an iPhone without jailbreaking AND without having the Apple ID/PW? Thank you for your continued help!

    Susan Kennedy says

    Not at the moment. You will either need to Jailbreak or have the apple id and password. Good luck and thanks for the question.

Leona says

Susan do i buy the app on the phone which must be checked?

    Susan Kennedy says

    You can buy it anyway you like online – but it must be downloaded and installed directly on the device you need to monitor.

tm says

is there any spyware that will work on a samsung gusto 2 flip phone

    Susan Kennedy says

    If it has internet capability – even through wi-fi – and the operating system is supported, then it can be spied on using spy software.


Where can I buy a good cell spy software that can be installed from my cell phone. I have a Samsung smart phone & so does my husband.

    Susan Kennedy says

    You can’t – the software needs to be physically installed on to the target phone (the one you want to monitor). Stay well away from any programs that claim you can install by sending a text – they are scams.

jasmine del rio says

I got burned with ezcsi spy – one time payment for something which I couldn’t even get installed. So many spy soft programs out there it gets confusing and when you get burned you are really on your guard. Some good information on your site – I might try again.

    Susan Kennedy says

    It can be tricky you need to do your research. Never buy any “One Time Fee” spy software – they never deliver in my experience. To have any success you really need to stick with the Big companies – searching for a bargain in this market does not work.

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