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The Very Best Spy Phone Software Application Is?

So you are interested in buying some so called spy phone software and have started looking around at just what is available. The first thing you notice is just how many different software programs there are on the market. Of course you are asking which one is best?

This is the wrong question. There is no such thing as the best – only one that is best for you. You can easily find the best spy phone software application for your needs if you take a little time to consider your options.

Begin by thinking about what you really want to do with this software in terms of reporting, how much you are prepared to spend and the type of phone you want to monitor. Some of the spy software providers out there are decidedly dodgy in my experience so you need to be careful.

top cell phone spy program

In my opinion, having tried many different programs in the last few years, only a few stand out: mSpy, Flexispy and Mobistealth Spy. These ones are effective and marketed by reputable companies so you will not get ripped off. Now you are asking which of these is the best.

Mobile Spy Phone Software

Mobile Spy is one of the most popular spy software apps on the market. It is not just as fancy as the others I have mentioned but it does more than most people will ever need. They also support the iPhone and have a live monitoring feature. The company is U.S. based and has a good track record in terms of help and support.

The big thing with Mobile Spy is that the setup is easy and the user interface is less complicated compared to many others. For your first try at using cell phone spy software Mobile Spy is a great choice.

Mobile Spy is hard to beat on price, coming in around $129 for the top of the range service – and even the basic monitoring feature list is impressive. It is dependable, works well and is particularly user friendly. If you can live with a few less features then this is the one to look at first.

Flexispy Cell Phone Monitoring Software

Flexispy has long been considered the top of the range spy software! It simply offers more advanced monitoring features than any of the others – but it is more expensive.

It has a single stand out feature – Live call listening which is exactly as it sounds. With compatible cell phones you can listen in to a live phone call. Flexispy is the only program to offer this feature – although it has limitations. They also offer call recording and surroundings recording.

The software works very well and the company itself is well established and has a good reputation. You can also be assured that your investment is a safe one. The software is easy to install and they give you lots of information and help to get everything set up.

There are a few downsides with Flexispy and in my opinion and the biggest one is its price. It is very expensive at around $340 plus for the top program. choosing best spy phone softwareUnless you really need to have live call listening and recording features I think some of the other solutions may offer better value. That being said it is a great product just a little pricey.

What about StealthGenie?

StealthGenie has quickly become one of the most popular programs in the market and has a growing reputation. They compare well in terms of major features and reliability and have a great looking user interface.

They are regularly the first software company to come up with new releases and advanced features. With their most recent updates they now include support for Tablets and the iPad – as well as cell phones. With over 100,000 users and growing they seem to be leading the way.

Stealth Genie stands out thanks to their advanced tracking and alerts functions. They have very innovative ways to monitor phones movements in real time and report to you via alerts to your email or text messages. These features are especially well suited to monitoring employees movements (within the law) and for keeping a close eye on where your kids are.

StealthGenie is not exactly the cheapest option but is good value at around $200 for their top system.  You can get started for less if you do not need the advanced options –  $60 for a starter package. Their range of advanced monitoring features sets them apart from the rest.

Definitely worth a look if tracking is a key concern.

The One to Choose?

It really does come down to money and what you really need in terms of the advanced type of reporting features. Have a look at my comparison chart – it shows quickly which monitoring features are offered.

Do not get blinded by all the fancy stuff, for most people simply tracking and having access to the call logs will be more than enough. Phone compatibility is crucial and the only way to check is to visit the individual company websites and check if your phone is on their list.

Always keep in mind there are legal restrictions to how you can use this type of software. There are numerous disclaimers on the websites so have a read and make sure you use them legally.

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Ryan says June 10, 2013

Does easyspy cell tracker really able to spy remotely using bluetooth or inputing mobile numbers?

    Susan Kennedy says June 10, 2013

    No – stay well away from anything claiming to install remotely, they do not work as they describe and are usually scams – I bet you can’t pay with Pay Pal!

Aditya says June 25, 2013

Is the “Bluetooth Scanner” technology real? It says that a Bluetooth scanner application is installed on your desktop and then all you need to do is enter the target phone number. Once done the scanner establishes a connection remotely and in stealth mode to extract all info from the mobile device. is this possible? Also, since last week or so, i am having battery drainage issues along with, a pop up window which keeps appearing asking to switch on the bluetooth. I also heard two beep sounds y’day when i answered a call and the window asking to switch on the bluetooth also popped up, simultaneously. But this has happened only once (the beep and the window together). The window however has appeared several times in the last week. Pl tell me, in your expert opinion, is my phone being spied upon? So to summarize: Is there a “Bluetooth Scanner” technology, that can spy remotely? Secondly, is my phone being spied upon, based on the info i’ve given? Your early response would be really helpful !

    Susan Kennedy says July 26, 2013

    Thanks for your questions. There is a lot of confusion around the use of remote install spy software – using Bluetooth technology. I have tried and tested some of these products and they do not work as claimed – most are outright scams.

    It is possible that someone is attempting to use it on your phone – do Not connect via Bluetooth to any device you are not sure about. Some of these programs can work in a very limited way – if you are silly enough to accept a random request for a Bluetooth connection from an unknown source. I will go into more detail in an article soon. For peace of mind you may want to consider doing a factory reset on the phone.

Marianne says December 7, 2013

Hi, I just bought a new android phone, can I install a spyware even though I don’t have a sim yet for the phone?


    Susan Kennedy says December 9, 2013

    You can – the software is downloaded to the phone itself and it will recognize the sim when it is put in and activated.

Mari says January 10, 2014

Hi Susan,

Would you know if I could download mspy or stealthgenie on my iphone 5s b downloading Cydia and not jailbreaking the phone?

Please help.

Adam says January 26, 2014

Which is the cheapest option if l wish to monitor like 5 different devices all from the same platform

    Susan Kennedy says January 28, 2014

    As always it depends on the features you require – but for the cheapest – MobileSpy and it will allow you to minitor multiple phones on the same reporting platform. You will need to purchase a license for each phone — that goes for all of the programs.

Regina says February 6, 2014

Hi. Are there any remote installations for tracking iPhones that work that you are aware of pls ? Or do all the tracking devices have to be installed on the target phone?

    Susan Kennedy says February 9, 2014

    For all phones – you must install directly onto the target phone. Products claiming remote installation do not work – beware!

Kirsten says September 10, 2014

Hi, i think my phone might have spyware installed on it, if i take out my sim card and put it in to another phone will the spyware still be able to see my calls and texts?

    Susan Kennedy says September 15, 2014

    No – if you have spy software it will be on the actual phone, not the sim card. Remember that a factory reset will remove it – along with eveything else of course.

karmarie says November 28, 2015

How long does it take to jailbreak an iphone…& wont the iphone user be able to detect that their phone is jailbroke?

Ayub says June 24, 2016

Cell-tracker claims that software does not need to be installed on target cell. True or false

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