How To Hack a Facebook Account Without Password

Ever wondered how to hack a Facebook account without the password? You don’t have access to their FB password, username or email but you still need to see what they are doing on Facebook.

You’d think this is impossible but I’m going to show you some ways this can work for anyone.

You don’t need to be some technical expert.

As always I only discuss legal and ethical hacking – it is not legal to just hack into anyone’s Facebook.

These tools are aimed at parents trying to see what their kids are up to on the Facebook app – or for employers monitoring company cell phones.

By now Facebook is one of the most popular apps ever and people use it for just about anything from shopping to messaging to online dating.

If you are trying to find out what someone is doing on their phone it is essential to be able to hack a Facebook account.

This article is part of a series of articles about Facebook and hacking methods – be sure to use it alongside my main guide – How to Hack a Facebook Account.

how to hack fb account without password

The Old Ways to Hack Someone’s FB Account Without Having the Password

If you search online for hacking Facebook without their password you’ll see several methods discussed – I cover them in detail on In the past they recommended hacking accounts by changing the password using their email.

I’ve debunked this technique and it just isn’t workable these days – see my main article for details. You don’t need to try to hack FB by changing the password.

You might have come across several “online Facebook hacking tools” – again these have been proven to be fake. They basically scam you into filling out surveys or clicking on adverts to make them money. In the end you do not get any Facebook information.

These scams are offered for other popular messaging apps – Snapchat hacking is a big target as is Instagram hacking. They do NOT work.

There are the obvious ways like checking their phone when they aren’t looking but that won’t give you the full picture as it is easy to delete messages and search history.

So I’m going to give you the safe way to hack someone’s Facebook account without a password change in the rest of this article. It will also give you everything they are doing on many other social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat.

So what are you waiting on?

Using mSpy to Hack Facebook Without Changing Password and Email

mSpy is one of just three Fb hacker apps I will talk about today that will help you hack into someone’s Facebook account without changing the password – and you may be thinking why just three.

I know that there are many so called hacking apps out there but a lot of them are really poor apps at best and some are outright scams.

I only recommend and stand over a few apps because I have tested them over a long period of time. I have them installed on my own test phones which gives me the confidence to recommend them.

I have tested many so called best spy apps that don’t work or that do not offer anything better than my favorites.

So these three have been around for a long time and I have tested them all to make sure they are up to date and they are by far the most reliable and consistent apps for not just hacking a Facebook account but many other apps as well.

hacking facebook

What mSpy Will Give You

With mSpy you will be able to access most parts of someone’s phone, not just their social media accounts. mSpy is definitely one of the best hacking apps out there so I’ll tell you a bit more about its features.

Once the mSpy app is installed on the target phone it will start to record all activity on the phone. This is totally hidden – they will not know you are monitoring their phone.

All these reports of activity are logged and you can view them in the online dashboard at any time – without having their phone again.

For Facebook activity you simply log in and go to the Facebook section and you can see everything they have done. You’ll be able to see their contacts, friends who they are following and groups they are in.

mSpy also allows you to hack into Facebook Messenger and see every FB message they have sent or received. Even if they delete the FB messages after sending or they send Facebook secret messages – you will see them.

The beauty of using spy apps is the range of monitoring features they have available. You get to see so much more than just FB activity. With mSpy you can hack WhatsApp, Viber and Skype – you can even see someone’s Snapchat history.

How to Hack Someones FB Password Using mSpy

As I have discussed, the mSpy app will allow you to see everything happening on the targets Facebook account but it can also reveal their Facebook password, username and the email they use with FB.

mSpy doesn’t give you the password directly but it has a keylogger feature which records every keystroke typed into the keypad on the phone. You can easily hack someone’s Facebook password and email using the keylogger.

This will give you full access to their FB account – you can use the details to log in to their account and have a look around for any worrying activity.

In my opinion mSpy gives you the best set of tools available to hack someone’s Facebook account without a password and it also allows you to easily find their password if you need to.

You should check out my main mSpy review to see all the features available – you can do so much more than just hack into someone’s Facebook!

Now we have cleared up some things that you may have been curious about we can move onto the next app that will help you hack someone’s Facebook.

Hacking Using FlexiSPY

Although I have put FlexiSPY second on this list, it is very close with mSpy as a spy app. It can be used to hack a FB account without having the password in much the same way as mSpy.

What separates them for this article is that FlexiSPY is more expensive but this is because of one feature that mSpy doesn’t have and that feature may not be relevant when trying to hack a Facebook account.

That feature is the ability to listen to a live phone call someone is having and also being able to record any voice calls.

This is quite advanced stuff so you will be paying extra for just this feature but if you feel the need to be listening to your child or employees phone calls then FlexiSPY is definitely the spy app for you.

Another feature FlexiSPY has that mSpy doesn’t is the ability to listen to someone’s surroundings.

What this does is when you send an invisible text to the persons phone through the FlexiSPY app it will begin to record the conversations in the room where their phone is without them knowing.

So for the extra money those are the two main features you are paying for. If your main reason for installing a spy app is just hacking a Facebook account I would recommend mSpy.

Like mSpy, FlexiSPY has a whole range of other features enabling you to monitor nearly all activity on your target phone or device (they work on tablets too). Check my main FlexiSPY page for a detailed look at this spy app.

hack facebook without email

MobiStealth for Hacking with No Password Change

The third and final app I will recommend is MobiStealth and just because it is mentioned last, this doesn’t make it a bad choice.

It is still one of the best and most consistent spy apps out there on the market.

The reason it is usually listed as my third choice is simply because the other two are so advanced in terms of the features they offer. If you compare MobiStealth to most other apps out there it is one of the best.

In terms of hacking a Facebook account without having the password or email MobiStealth works just like the others. You can see all activity on Facebook and can even find out their FB password.

As I mentioned MobiStealth just doesn’t have as many fancy features as the others but it is a little cheaper. If all you want to do is monitor Facebook this might be the best choice for you.

You can have a look at my main MobiStealth reviews page here. I also have a very detailed article about the best spy apps – it covers a large list and compares the best spy apps available – and the ones I recommend!

In Conclusion

So I hope this article has helped you understand ways you can hack a Facebook account without having the password. You’ll also be able to hack into many more apps that your child or employee may be using to communicate.

Be sure to check out other in depth articles I have on ethical hacking. The key to most hacking activities is to learn how to hack someone’s phone – read that article to find out all you need to know.

Stay legal, avoid the scams and stick to reliable apps!

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