Mobile Spy Review – the Old Reliable Software -

Mobile Spy Review – the Old Reliable Software

In this Mobile Spy review I am going to explain why it really is the old reliable spy software program. I’ll also look at some of the new features and hopefully guide you through the software maze.

This is part of my series of cell phone monitoring software reviews and yes I have it installed on a test phone at all times. Is it the best? Let’s take a look and see what you think.

Important ! Updated June 2015!

I can no longer recommend MobileSpy – Mobile Spy is no longer “Hidden” – when you install the software on a cell phone the user will know that the phone is being monitored – an icon will be seen on the phone/device and it is against their terms to try to remove or hide this icon.

This comes after they had already stopped several of their monitoring features and the withdrawal of their Phonesheriff Investigator. I’m afraid they are on a downward spiral and no longer offer effective monitoring solutions. I would urge you to check out my reviews of FlexiSpy , Mobistealth review or mSpy if you need spy software that can be hidden and that has a future in the market.

They have recently introduced these measures to encourage the legal use of monitoring software but they have gone too far and now have a pretty pointless program. It is very disappointing, as for a long time they provided a reliable service. Check out my comparison tables for top spy apps if you need another program which is hidden. Not many people have a need for spy software which is instantly recognizable on the target phone – and judging by the number of refunds being requested, I think Mobile Spy will soon close down.

mobilespy app

Interesting MobileSpy Facts

Did you know they are one of the oldest surviving cell phone monitoring apps, since 2003 – and they haven’t changed their name ten times! (You do know this trick is used by some scams – change the name every year to stay ahead of the bad press).

Mobile Spy are actually an American based company – in Jacksonville Florida no less. Should that matter to you? Well possibly, consider this – if they were some scam company, it would be very difficult to be U.S. based – much easier to run a scam from some small country with lax laws. Just a thought!

They accept payment via Pay Pal as well as all major credit cards – no need for some strange money broker sites. Another symptom of some scams – they get banned by Pay Pal. Never buy spy software by any other methods or you might never see your cash again.

Now take a look at their website HERE – go ahead and look at a few things.

Does this look like a real, well maintained site? Is it well laid out and easy to follow? There is a real phone number and look at the About page – a real address and full contact information.

Check the site – they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Check out the media mentions and testimonials – they have sold more than 150,000 units.

Why does all of this matter? What has this got to do with Mobile Spy reviews?

Some of these things can be faked by less than reputable companies, but it would be almost impossible to fake them all! This is all about reputation and trust – the really important stuff you should be looking for when buying cell phone spy software. What good is the promise of fancy features if the software doesn’t work!

I can’t stress this enough – there are many scams and just downright rubbish programs out there. At first glance they look and sound great but if you look closely – how many have real signs of trust and a good reputation?

The bottom line – Mobile Spy is without doubt one of the most established and trusted monitoring software programs available.

Time to look at what it can do and see if it is what you need.

Compatibilitymobile spy reviews

They support a large range of cell phones and Operating Systems. I update this part as new releases become available. Remember they also support Android Tablets and the iPad – with compatible OS versions.

As well as the devices, you can use MobileSpy on: Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile Smartphones.

  • Android up to version 4.4.3
  • iPhone   up to   7.1.2
  • BlackBerry up to 7.1
  • Windows Mobile version 6. Only
  • Symbian up to version 9.5

Always check their website for up to date compatible phone lists.

Mobile Spy Features

As you would expect with any of the top monitoring software programs they cover all of the standard reporting features: monitoring sms texts, call logs, email, GPS tracking, web browsing history and phone files such as videos, photos and contacts lists. All of the usual stuff.

Where MobileSpy gets a little different is how they price and package their advanced features. They changed things a bit in October 2014 with the release of their new Version 7.0 – although the prices have remained the same.

They basically now sell two packages. The Standard Basic Package and their Premium Version with Live Control Panel – also sold as an add-on.

This is significant because their standard package includes many advanced features which cost more with most of the other programs. You can buy the Basic Package in 3 different term contracts:

  • 3 Month – $49.97
  • 6 Month – $69.97
  • 12 Month – $99.97

Their Premium Version with Live Control Panel is the most advanced and is now also sold in term contracts :

  • 3 month – $64.97
  • 6 month – $89.97
  • 12 month – $139.97

Even their Premium package is still significantly cheaper than any of the decent competition. I’ll look at the extra features you get with Live Panel in a moment.

Advanced Features with a Standard Package?

As well as the basic reporting features you also get:

Messenger and Social Monitoring – you can see what is happening on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp messenger, Windows

trust and reliablity

trust and reliability

Live, Aol, BlackBerry, GTalk and iMessage for the iPhone and iPads. This is some pretty advanced monitoring for no extra cost. They have the most extensive list of supported chat and social media sites.

YouTube – view all videos watched on YouTube.

Dropbox – monitoring Dropbox files.

BlackBerry Pin Messages – for BlackBerry users.

MMS Message monitoring

Gmail – monitor all Gmail accounts including time stamps and email contents.

Alerts – you can set trigger words or phone numbers. When any of the words or contact numbers are logged you will get an alert. This feature is great for keeping an eye on the kids.

Apps Installed and App Blocking – this feature gives you a list of all apps downloaded to the target cell phone. It also allows you to block certain ones or all of them without having to go to the phone settings. It is all controlled from the main dashboard or control panel. Remember this is with the standard package!

Remote Controls – you can perform certain actions remotely via the dashboard. You can lock or unlock the target phone, delete data from the phone, receive SIM card information and even delete the spy software if you want to stop monitoring completely.

Dashboard Information – in the online dashboard screen you can see all details of the target phone – OS version, last updated, Wi-Fi settings and even the battery strength. In the dashboard you can switch between all monitored phones in your account and you can access the data from your PC, laptop, tablet or cell phone – any device you can get online with.

All of these features come as standard with any term package. Now let’s see what you get with the Live Control Panel add on.

Live Control Panel Features

You don’t need to get the Live add on but it does add a few extra features.

Live Screenshot – you can take a screenshot of the target device’s actual screen to see what actions are being performed. It can be repeated at 90 second intervals.

Instant GPS Map – see where the phone is at any time.

Logs by Email – you can set it to send some or all logs and details from the dashboard to your personal email address.

I’m sure I have missed a few features but you get the idea. The Premium version with the Live add-on does give you some useful extra features but is by no means necessary for most people’s needs.

Remember that not all features are available for all types of phone – for example you can only monitor BB Pin messages on a BlackBerry. You need to check the features you really need are supported on your particular target phone before buying.

Online Demo

I really recommend that you visit the Mobile Spy website and take a look at the Demo Account they have set up. It is a working demo of the online dashboard and gives you a real feel for how the reporting all works. They have changed it recently and things

thumbs up for mobile spy software

MobileSpy gets a thumbs up!

look so much better and everything is easier to find.

What Else?

Here is a big one – and most people miss this. With Mobile Spy you can monitor multiple devices from the one dashboard – easy management! You can also get discounts for multiple licenses – great for small business users and for families.

Another thing they offer is a 1 year free subscription to Sniper Spy when you buy any 12 month package. SniperSpy is their dedicated PC monitoring software – worth $80. It is a good product in its own right so great value if you need to monitor a PC, Mac or laptop as well.

Is Mobile Spy the Best?

It just might be – depending on what you need to monitor. If you have read some of my reviews you’ll know I always ask that question – searching for the best – for YOUR needs! Mobile Spy software is very strong on support and reliability as well as offering great value for money. It may lack a bit of the slick design with their website and maybe a couple of extra features but look beyond that. A good product for your first try at using spy phone software.

In real terms it is competing with programs like mSpy which has a few added features – but remember Mobilespy is not hidden from the user. In terms of pricing Mobile Spy is quite a bit cheaper. Their added features have really caught up to their competition – and even overtaken some.

For me the biggest reason to buy MobileSpy is the trust and reliability factor I talked about at the beginning. They really are the Old Reliable of the cell phone spy software market. If you can do without a few extra features and want a good value product that just works give them a try. Due to the fact that it is not a hidden application, it makes Mobilespy ideal for business users – allowing them to easily comply with the law, and of course for monitoring children with their knowledge.

Visit Mobile Spy Here – and see for yourself!

That’s it for now, I’ve gone on enough. I hope this offers you something more than most Mobile Spy Reviews online and feel free to ask questions in the comments below.

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Hi there - I'm Susan, a regular mom who has used spy apps for years now. I was fed up with spammy reviews and poor information so I started this website. It keeps growing!

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Azar says

Hi, is there any software or tools for spying viber ?

    Susan Kennedy says

    Yes the main programs such as mSpy and Flexispy can monitor Viber.

cynthia hansen says

I believe my phone has been compromised using a spy program that does not require jailbreaking. This person knew my apple id and password and was able to use that to get in. Now that they are in, will changing my id and password push them out? They have been harassing and stalking me for a while now… I don’t know what to do.

    Susan Kennedy says

    Changing the id and password may help – but it is possible that the changes can show in the iCloud backups – and they can access the new details. I would recommend a new account – and delete the old one first.

Lucy says

Just wondering, if my phone is an iPhone 5s and the target phone is a
Samsung GT-E3210, does my phone need to be jail broken or is it only the target phone that has to be jail broken or rooted

    Susan Kennedy says

    Forget about your phone – only the target phone matters, it is where the software needs to be installed. Jailbreaking only refers to Apple devices – rooting is recommended for best results on android spy. Hope that clears thngs up a bit.

confused says

I would like to know what exactly it is the target phone will see when the icon appears. Will they know automatically that is spy software? Can they open the file?

    Susan Kennedy says

    The target phone will have a large app icon for Mobilespy in the phone main screen – and states clearly that the phone is being monitored. It is very obvious and can not be hidden. This is why I stopped recommending this product as a spy software.

disgrunted says

I was very upset with this company. Not long after I purchased the year-long subscription for ~$100, they upgraded the software, disabled my old account, and forced me to upgrade. The upgrade is no longer stealth, so it’s very easy for the phone user to detect Mobile Spy is installed. What is the point of that? Furthermore, this forced software change was not what I paid for, I paid for stealth. Because this company is not a US-based company, they have no fear of Better Business Bureau. I got about one month of use out of the product before they forced the upgrade. I repeatedly demanded my money back, they are terrible with customer service. I’m spreading the truth about this company and their broken software. DO NOT BUY IT!

    Susan Kennedy says

    I’m afraid you are absolutely right on most counts. They have reacted very poorly and left many people including myself, disappointed – spy software that is not hidden! The problem is that they ARE U.S. based and are very worried about the legal problems that Stealthgenie suffered. But in my opinion they have gone too far. I have been saying for a while now that I no longer recommend them. Sorry you have been let down by them.

Henry says

Dear Susan,

Thanks for sharing your expertise with the world. I am considering purchasing software but I worry about 1 thing: All of them require Cydia to be installed, but that means the Cydia icon will be visible on the Iphone’s springboard. This will inevitably be spotted by the person and they then will become suspicious, deleting Cydia. Will that cause programs like StealthGenie & Mobile Spy to stop working? Ideally I’d want to remove Cydia or at least any visible icon after installation.

    Susan Kennedy says

    You can hide the Cydia app – check my article here. But be aware – Mobile Spy now shows an icon on the monitored phone – the user will be aware that the phone is monitored.

Curious says

What if the target phone only has a internet connection 1 or 2 times a day through a personal hotspot from another phone for a couple minutes a day? Will it transfer the info from the times it didn’t have a connection even if it was deleted?

    Susan Kennedy says

    It will show the logs and data from the whole day but in this case deleted messages may not be kept and reported.

Tana says

Do I have to have a computer to install and/or root an android phone?

    Susan Kennedy says

    No – all can be done on the phone itself. Check out my articles about Rooting.

Srini says

If I install now, will it be able to get my call records from maybe 1 year or 2 year backwards?

As in, can it extract that kind of information, or it is only tracking information going forward?

    Susan Kennedy says

    I’m afraid not – only the data going forward will be logged.

Lisa says

Can cell phone providers contact the person whom has the spyware installed on their phone and let them know their is spyware on their phone? And are you sure spy mobile is undetectable that is my biggest concern.

    Susan Kennedy says

    Cell phone providers will not contact the person who uses the phone but due to recent changes with Mobilespy, the user will know they are being monitored – there is an icon clearly visible on the phone now. Other products such as Flexispy and mSpy can be hidden. Remember to stay legal!

random says

Couldn’t find this on the product website, perhaps you can tell me: Will I be able to get a subscription and set it up on a test phone before installing it on the target phone I want to monitor. This will just be to get the installation steps right and make sure I don’t break anything. Will my subscription be moved to the “new” phone after testing?

    Susan Kennedy says

    You could do that as long as the two phones are running the same OS versions. You can transfer your subscription at no extra cost but you will need to uninstall from your phone and then install on the target phone. Installation is easy enough so don’t worry.

      random says

      Thanks for the quick reply 🙂

      And many thanks for the informative site, keep it up!

Zepithon says

Will I be required to jailbreak an iPhone to put this software on it? If so, will they provide information regarding how to do that? I have never performed a jailbreak on a phone before, do you know if that will stop Apple from performing maintenance and/or tech support on an iphone?

    Susan Kennedy says

    All spy software programs need the iPhone to be Jailbroken – the software can not be installed otherwise – NO exceptions. There are links on their website to help you with Jailbreaking and I have an easy to follow guide here on this website. It is easy enough for anyone to do and is very safe as long as you follow the instructions.
    Remember that Jailbreaking is reversible so if you need to get tech help from Apple in the future you can remove all traces of it.

nenekkincai says

Completely new to all this, can I ask, if the phone’s (pre-paid) SIM card is changed – and for sure it will be, will the software continue to monitor TXT messages and etc and transmit? Are we able to shut down some functions (for instance internet traffic monitoring etc which is of no interest) It will be essential for our purposes that this functions without internet access.

    Susan Kennedy says

    The first thing you need to remember is that for spy software to work the monitored cell phone MUST have access to the internet. The reports of phone use are all sent via the web connection – without this it will not work.
    If the sim card is changed reporting will stop and you would need to re-install the software although there is no extra charge for this with most companies.
    Assuming you have internet access on the target phone you can select certain features which you wish to monitor – you can turn off some monitoring features.

      Tony says

      When you say the software needs an internet connection to work / report data such as GPS location, text messages, etc… does that internet connection have to be through wifi or does a data plan and using the cell towers count as an internet connection. I’m confused because I can go on the internet with my phone without using a wifi connection. I have a data plan and use my web browser on the phone to connect via the cell towers. Does that count as the “internet connection”?

        Susan Kennedy says

        Yes – the phones own data plan is ideal. It can also work with a Wi-Fi connection but the phone data plan gives more continuous monitoring and is best.

George says

How long does it take to install? Someone told me 15 minutes and I won’t have more than 8 minutes

    Susan Kennedy says

    I can install most of the programs in under five minutes – but I have been doing this a while. Ten to fifteen minutes is a reasonable amount to allow for installation but if you are in a hurry you are more likely to make mistakes.

marko says

I need to install this software on an android cell phone – do I need to root it first? Also will the user know that Mobile Spy is on the phone? Thanks

    Susan Kennedy says

    Hey there – Rooting is not required for spy software to work. There are however a few features which do require rooting – monitoring WhatsApp, Facebook etc. Unless you need those features you do not need to root (although it is easy enough to do).
    MobileSpy is no longer hidden – an icon will show on the monitored cell phone. Thanks for getting in touch.

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