Phone Spy Software Comparison – FlexiSpy vs MobiStealth vs mSpy -

Phone Spy Software Comparison – FlexiSpy vs MobiStealth vs mSpy

I’ve put together this chart so that you can quickly compare some of the main features of the top phone spy software apps. With so many different monitoring features available it can be confusing to work out which programs support them – hopefully this will save you some time in your research. Check back often – I will keep this updated as new features are rolled out.

This is part of my main Phone Spy Software Guide.

Updated – February 2018

Mobile Spy is no longer recommended – it is no longer hidden and several features have been removed.

The table below does not cover every single feature – just the most important ones so you still need to check out my Reviews and check the spy software sites before buying. Getting all of the monitoring features you require is one of the most important steps in choosing your software.

mSpy vs FlexiSpy vs MobiStealth

Not all features are available for the Basic packages – some require the premium packages which obviously cost a little more. Be sure to check on the company website for the exact features you need for the type of target phone you want to monitor – before buying.

    • Main Features
    • Hidden?
    • Call Recording
    • Surround Rec
    • Call History
    • Text Messages
    • View Contacts
    • Photos/Video
    • Email
    • GMail
    • Web History
    • GPS Tracking
    • Geo Fencing
    • WhatsApp
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • iMessage
    • BB Messenger
    • Viber
    • Skype
    • Trigger Words
    • Stealth Camera
    • View Apps
    • Block Apps
    • Lock Phone
    • Wipe Phone
    • Control via Web
    • No Jailbreak

You can see that these three programs cover many of the same reporting features but that each one has something unique to offer – which might be a feature important to you.

The competition between the companies is fierce as they try to outdo each other with New features and greater support – all good news for the consumer!

comparing phone spy apps

Flexispy versus mSpy

These two are obvious, direct competitors in their basic packages at least – sharing many features and competing closely on price. The Big key features are Call Recording, Call Intercept and Surroundings Recording.

For many people these premium features are very important and their main reason to buy.

mSpy recently withdrew their call recording features to avoid any future legal complications – BUT – they are the best selling monitoring product today and for good reasons.

As far as the other features are concerned, FlexiSpy and mSpy match up pretty much. Their main features are very similar so it will come down to the level of monitoring you need to have.

One stand out difference with m spy is their No Jailbreak Monitoring service – it allows iPhone users to monitor without having to jailbreak the device or install software on the target phone – with certain limitations. I go into details on the main review of MSpy.

Pricing – For all the recording and call intercept features you need the Flexispy Extreme version – their most expensive. They were the only company supporting these features – until recently (Mobistealth) and so could charge a premium price for them – although they now offer a 3month version of their Extreme software at a reduced cost.

The other thing to note is that both FlexiSpy packages are now available in short term contracts – as with m Spy – you can take out shorter terms – 1, 3 and 6 months. MSpy is definitely the cheaper option right now which helps them be the number 1 seller!

Something to consider if you only need to monitor for a short time period, or want to try the software without spending too much. As you would expect the longer term deals are better value.


Mobistealth Spy is perhaps the most surprising of the three in this features chart. It is (correctly) viewed as the cheaper alternative – the old reliable one. There have been many changes and enhancements to their monitoring features over the last comparison reviews

Mobistealth actually offers very similar monitoring features to both Flexispy and mSpy – in the main features list.

The big difference is that they now offer call recording for Android devices. That is great news if you thought Flexispy was your only option to record calls.

They are still significantly cheaper and have a proven track record – the longest running of the three.

Pricing – they offer the cheapest starter package at $49.99 for 3 months and the top of the range package works out at $179.99 – compared to $199.99 for similar packages of mSpy and Flexispy. Definitely worth looking at if you want affordable software.

Mobile Spy versus …

Update – December 2014

[box type=”alert” style=”rounded” border=”full”]I can no longer recommend MobileSpy. With recent changes in the spy software market they have withdrawn several features, but most importantly – You can no longer hide the software. A large Mobile Spy App Icon is now plainly visible on the target phone, and it is against their terms to try to hide it. I my opinion this make it an unrealistic alternative in the spy software market. [/box]

So, What is the Best?

Ah that favorite question again! It might sound like a cop-out but I deliberately don’t say X is better than Y. It really does come down to many factors:

  • Your monitoring needs
  • The target phone type
  • Your budget
  • Your personal preference

Go through these factors and then check out the Demo versions on the spy software company websites. This will give you a feel for how their online dashboards and reporting all works.

M Spy is currently the “Best Seller” and costs less whilst Flexispy can charge a bit more and claim some of the most advanced features. Mobistealth are improving vastly, offering advanced features at a reduced cost – definitely worth looking at!

All are reliable, work well in my testing and are supported by reputable companies – you won’t get ripped off!

Check out my Phonesheriff Investigator Edition review – a different type of monitoring for Apple devices – iPhone/iPad etc. It is aimed a child monitoring in a limited way But without the need to Jailbreak. Worth a look for some situations. M spy Now offer this service – and I no longer recommend Phonesheriff as it isn’t hidden!

You can find the main reviews at the top right hand side of this site – go read them too!

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Sajida says December 3, 2013

Hi I just wanted to find out do u know any spy ware that I can put on my phone and spy on target phone with only targets phone number thanks

    Susan Kennedy says December 5, 2013

    No – watch out for the scams! The spy software must be installed on to the target cell phone. Programs claiming otherwise are basic scams.

Jay says January 10, 2014

Susan, good info. Thanks.
Does any of these 3 capture Snapchat posts?

    Susan Kennedy says January 15, 2014

    At the moment none cover Snapchat. There are so many different chat programs out there – they seem to be sticking to the most popular ones and I don’t think they could ever cover them all. Thanks for your question. Edit – mSpy and Flexispy now monitor Snapchat!

iilhaan says February 12, 2014

I need to know is there any software or app so can spy only with target number

    Susan Kennedy says February 12, 2014

    No I’m afraid not – some companies claim that they can but they are scams and it doesn’t work.

MissRose says February 21, 2014

Will stealthgenie work on an htc one using android version 4.4.2?

Steve says March 16, 2014

Hi, I am wanting to know if stealth genie is easy to remove from the target phone once I have the information I need or are finished with it?

    Susan Kennedy says March 31, 2014

    You can remove it from the online dashboard – it sends a hidden command message to the phone and removes the software. Very handy feature.

ravi says May 5, 2014

Hi Susan,

Thank you for the comparisons. My query is that after the expiration of my subscription will I not be able to login to my dashboard to download old recordings.

    Susan Kennedy says May 7, 2014

    If your subscription expires you will not be able to login to the dashboard – shocking I know! lol

Michael says July 28, 2014

Are there any similar programs which can be bought for a one time fee (rather than an ongoing monthly fee)?

    Susan Kennedy says July 29, 2014

    All of the reliable ones have term contracts so there is no one off payment for lifetime use. However you can take out 3, 6 or 12 month deals and cancel any rebilling – very easy to do. I would advise you to avoid any one time payment offers for lifetime use!

Tiff says August 12, 2014

If I allow my subscription expire and find that I need to renew it later, will I need to reinstall the program?

    Susan Kennedy says September 1, 2014

    Good question – I honestly don’t know. I would suspect that you would need to re-install and re-activate the program – but you might want to check with the company’s support. I have never tried it and don’t know anyone who has – sorry.

Lisa says August 24, 2014

Hello Susan,

Do you know of any spy software that actually records calls from an iPhone? I have tried Mspy before with the target android phone and it worked great. Unfortunately their support team informed me that the call recording feature does not work on iPhones and neither does Stealth Genie. Any suggestions?


cathy says September 14, 2014

Dear Susan,
Thanks for the nice informative articles. Would I be able to install and operate two different spyware on a single target phone. I am thinking of using some features of stealthgenie (call recording, surround recording) at a time and if the need arises, other features of the mobilespy (stealth camera) at a different time (ie: not at the same time). would there be any issue with operation or installation of both spyware on the same target phone.

    Susan Kennedy says September 15, 2014

    I have never tried this but a couple of people have commented on the blog that they have and it works. Seems like a bit of overkill to me but I guess there may be times it is worth it. I would try one first and make sure you really need the second one. Good comment!

Bhushan says November 23, 2014

Absolute goldmine of information. But i have a question does the target phone necessarily be rooted for me to spy on it?

    Susan Kennedy says December 10, 2014

    Rooting (Android) is only needed for a few of the more advanced features such as chat monitoring etc. All standard monitoring – call logs, texts and GPRS tracking will all work without Rooting.

Rick Turner says January 27, 2015

Is the Tracfone, LG ACCESS LTE ANDROID 4.4, compatible with any spyware app. currently available? Except the mobile spy!!! I NEED something that will not b visible on target phone. Thanx

    Susan Kennedy says January 29, 2015

    If it is running Android 4.4 and has some sort of internet access – either a data plan or wi-fi – it will work.

Dude says March 8, 2015

Do we need to Root android platform for enabling whatsapp chat features

JoAnne says March 31, 2015

Thanks for the great info. Does FlexiSpy have an icon or other visible listing on the apps running screen, or is it COMPLETELY hidden? Also, how much battery drain is experienced with Flexispy vs. Mspy.

    Susan Kennedy says April 13, 2015

    Flexispy and mSpy are both completely hidden – no icons or listing in running apps. Battery drain isn’t an issue with either. Battery drain used to be talked about when this type of software first came out, but the programs work very differently these days – still people read stuff online and ask the question. Hope that helps and good luck.

James Michealson says April 30, 2015

Is there any completely free software that has all the features listed in the ones you mentioned?

Aubry says May 2, 2015

Will it still record SMS messages that user has set to go into a secure or blocked box?

    Susan Kennedy says May 14, 2015

    Yes once the message is sent or received it will be logged and captured by the monitoring software. After that it doesn’t matter if they delete it or move it elsewhere.

Susan says September 29, 2015

Oh, one more feature that has less to do with sexting and more to do with getting enough sleep before school is the ability to lock out certain apps at certain times of day. For example, I don’t mind recreational apps after school, but not during school or during sleep hours. Some of the parent monitoring software has that but not the other features i need, so looking for one app that will do it all.

    Susan Kennedy says October 9, 2015

    mSpy and Flexispy allows you to lock certain apps remotely – they wouldn’t go so far as to lock between certain hours as far as I know. Correct me if I’m wrong though!

fitri says March 26, 2016

Hi Susan,
I interesting to buy flexyspy software, but how install it to the target device, do it need pc? Or just install with phone target only?
One more, fyi the target device has rooting by iroot already. Is this superSU? Thank you so much..

    Susan Kennedy says April 8, 2016

    You don’t need a PC to install the software – you can download it directly from a web link (sent with your purchase email) on the target phone browser – quick and easy. Sounds like the device is rooted already. Good luck!

Amanda says September 11, 2016

Can installation occur before phone service is hooked up?

    Susan Kennedy says September 12, 2016

    I’m not quite sure what you mean – but you can instal the spy app on the device regardless who the service provider is – just remember the the phone will need an active internet connection to download and install the software initially. This can be done with wi-fi if you have no connection started. Hope that is what you meant.

Jake says October 27, 2016

Can the spyware be sent hidden in an email or or message or any other to the target phone so
When he or she opens it the spyware is download without the person knowing.


    Susan Kennedy says November 1, 2016

    No – some products claim things like this but they do not work. Save your money and avoid any that make these claims.

Robbie says January 17, 2017

Hello Susan I have a question I don’t have access to target phone but I have access to target phone Apple ID will it be sufficient to track the activities. And if they have not turned on the iCloud backup will the features be still working. The target phone have access to internet obviously but if the back up not turned on will it be possible to track the activities of that phone without any complications. Thank you

    Susan Kennedy says January 24, 2017

    Tracking using the iCloud backup method, using Apple ID and password does require that backups are enabled on the device – without this no tracking can take place.

sandy says May 23, 2017

Do any of these track snapchat info? I saw an old response of yours (2014) that said no, but do they now?

    Susan Kennedy says May 27, 2017

    mspy does monitor Snapchat now – on the iPhone and a rooted android. Hope this helps.

Anne D. says June 9, 2017

What a helpful site, thank you! My only suggestion would be to add a Search feature but I’ve no idea what that involves. I’m about ready to sign up for mSpy for iPhone but I don’t remember reading the ability to track YouTube use. Is that possible? I know you can see apps loaded and browser use, but can you see exactly what videos are being accessed? Thank you!

    Susan Kennedy says June 15, 2017

    Thanks for your suggestion! You can monitor Youtube use and it will show the videos that have been watched.

Fred B. says July 26, 2017

Susan, thanks for the article – Very helpful & much appreciated! Do you know which of these three best handles Instagram including if my child has several Instagram accounts that we do not know about (I am sure!) – thanks again for your thoughts and help!

    Susan Kennedy says July 29, 2017

    I would say mSpy is probably your best option – probably the best value if Instagram is your main need. It will monitor any accounts accessed via the phone / device. Good luck.

Molly DB says August 23, 2017

I want to know how you can know for sure if any of these apps have been downloaded onto someones phone, if it is even possible. It is an android 6.0. You mentioned some of the apps are no longer hidden can you be more specific on exactly what is no longer hidden? If its files please list them along with where to find them. Thanks!!

    Susan Kennedy says August 29, 2017

    The best programs are very difficult to find – it is a common worry, but in reality this is very rare. I mention that Mobile spy is no longer hidden – meaning it has a large icon in the home screen letting the user know the software is installed and the device is being monitored.

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