Some Unusual Modern Spy Equipment Ideas

Don’t you just love the odd spy equipment you find in all the old Bond movies and indeed others in recent times? James Bond himself would be shocked with what’s available for people to go out and buy right now. Some of the weird and wonderful gadgets and spy gear from the movies are now on sale for ordinary people to buy.

Of course you may not be able to buy the gear to kill your adversaries but if you need to carry out some covert surveillance then you can easily get what you need.

Most people are aware of the more common spy gear such as covert cameras, spy pens and recording equipment but there are many less common items available. Let’s have a quick look at a few less common and downright unusual modern spy equipment ideas.

Secret Agent Cash

What? You happen to be working hard spying and accumulating intelligence, now you must move any secret information back to base or somewhere exciting like that – play along with me here! Hollowed out spy money in your own currency be it a Dime, Dollar or a Pound coin could be your solution.

This technique was actually used commonly during the Cold War to transfer small items and information back to the home land. Simple, low tech and yet very effective. You could use these coins to hide anything secret – just remember not to spend the money!

strange spy gear

Modern Tracking Systems

Tracking gear has improved rather a lot getting much smaller and harder to detect. In the past the limiting factor of most tracking devices was the battery size and lifespan. Large battery packs were needed to keep the units powered for any length of time.

Today small battery packs and very power efficient units mean lengthy life spans of several months as opposed to days or weeks. Monitoring and tracking of vehicles has actually been quite widespread for a while, used by police and also company owners to keep tabs on unauthorized and unwanted use of business vans and autos.

The unusual aspect of tracking devices is where they can be used to track people. Now with these tiny tracking products, keeping track of people is easy. They might be installed in mobile phone devices – using cell phone spy software apps, in key fobs or just put into a jean pocket.

Typically the GPS system monitoring is now far more precise than ever before and can often be accurate to within two meters.

How about an actual tracking unit for use on your pet dog? Incredibly they can be fitted to a dog collar. So if your prize pooch happens to be taken, kidnapped or simply gets lost you can easily find it with complete accuracy and within minutes. With the price of a lot of pedigree dogs lately it might not be such a loony idea after all.

Document Scanners

Want a fast, accurate copy of a secret article or report? Most of these compact scanners are exactly like you may recall in the movies . . . merely wave these over the file and bam …a magic backup. For me personally I just can’t visualize a use yet – but wow!unusual spy equipment


Whenever connected to any computer system, secretly of course, keyloggers are going to record every last key stroke this PC keyboard makes, letting you figure out passwords and see what has been written or even what internet sites have been accessed.

The top end models can even be set to e-mail you the information instantly. Want to know your kids passwords for their face book accounts? Anybody can! Spying on computer use just got easy.

The list of unusual spy equipment just keeps on growing. It appears that some very creative people have a little too much free time on their hands and just continue thinking up fresh ideas on how to spy on others.

From the sublime to the ridiculous the gadgets keep coming. Whether for fun or for more serious uses some of today’s spy equipment may come in handy for the curious amongst us.

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