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Instagram Statistics – Interesting Facts and Figures

instagram statistics image

Looking for some Instagram statistics? We all love this stuff and I thought I’d put together a little compilation of some fun and interesting facts and figures about Instagram. On this website I cover a lot of information about spy apps, monitoring your kids online use and security on the web. I hope you’ll take […]

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Snapchat Statistics – Some Facts and Figures

snapchat statistics image

Interested to know some fun and hopefully interesting Snapchat statistics? I thought we could take a look – I have to admit some of these facts and figures blew my mind! I’m of an age where I sort of missed the whole Snapchat thing at the start. But … I have kids and you know, […]

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Protecting Your Online Privacy – The Secret to Internet Anonymity

online privacy

People have many reasons to want more privacy online. Some just as a matter of principle, some to be safe and others to hide from something or someone. This article takes a look at some internet privacy issues and how you can take steps to hide your internet activities from the eyes and ears of […]

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What Exactly Is A Spy Phone?

spy phone explained

So you have heard of the term Spy Phone and so are wondering what it is exactly. Well basically it can be any kind of telephone used to monitor somebody or some place in some clandestine or covert way of course. Ordinarily it means an adapted cell phone but can also be other things. Just […]

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Some Unusual Modern Spy Equipment Ideas

strange spy gear

Don’t you just love the odd spy equipment you find in all the old Bond movies and indeed others in recent times? James Bond himself would be shocked with what’s available for people to go out and buy right now. Some of the weird and wonderful gadgets and spy gear from the movies are now […]

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