What Is Jailbreaking An iPhone And Why You Should Care?

You have probably heard of the term Jailbreaking an iPhone or iPhone jailbreak, but do you know what this really means. It doesn’t need to be complicated, in fact it can be straightforward. This article will explain everything in simple terms.

Find out what Jailbreaking means, why you would want to Jailbreak your iPhone and answer some of the common questions around this subject. This is part of my main Spy Guide.

When you’ve read through this, move onto How to Jailbreak Your iPhone – my simplified guide.

Explain What Jailbreaking Means

When Apple designed the iPhone they made it in such a way as to prevent the use of any third party software on the phone. The operating systems they use will not allow you to use any kind of software or “Apps” unless of course you buy it from Apple – and they want to keep things this way.

Initially this was not a huge issue but with the development of many other types of Smartphones a lot of new software has emerged and a lot of it is free.

Of course, in relation to this site, if you want to install any of the popular spy apps you must first Jailbreak your iPhone – no exceptions!

These third party Apps have become hugely popular allowing you to customize your phone and include many add-on features and games. The problem is that if you have a standard iPhone – you can not download and use any of these apps – only the ones available from the Apple Store.

So Jailbreaking can be a sign that your iPhone might be hacked – read here for more details.

Unless of course you Jailbreak your iPhone and set it free.

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What Does Jailbreaking Your iPhone Do?

Without getting too technical, Jailbreaking involves changing the operating system with a simple software download. This process will allow the phone to use other third party apps and software both paid and free. It is a kind of hack to allow you to change the device.

When you run a Jailbreaking program it will install an app, usually called Cydia. Cydia is a basically a store which gives you access to all the other third party apps available and you install them as downloads through Cydia.

The important thing to remember is that these downloads or hacks are designed to match the version of the actual iPhone (3, 4, 4s, 5) and the current operating system it is running (iOS 4.3, iOS 10) etc. It constantly changes – when Apple release a new updated OS the hackers get to work and pretty soon a new jailbreak is released.iphone jailbreak

The best thing is that this Jailbreaking is completely free. There are loads of sites offering jailbreak software at a cost but why would you want to pay for something that is free and easy to do?

Is Unlocking the Same as Jailbreaking?

No, they are very different. Unlocking an iPhone is a way of freeing the phone for use with different mobile carriers or service providers.

When you buy a cell phone contract with some companies the phone is locked in to that carrier meaning you can’t easily change to another one. Unlocking allows you to use other companies. You can Jailbreak an iPhone without unlocking it.

How to Tell if Your Phone is Jailbroken?

If you have just bought a brand new iPhone it will not be Jailbroken. If you buy a pre-owned or reconditioned one, it could be. An easy way to tell is simply to look for the Cydia App – if it is there you have a Jailbroken iPhone.

The Cydia app can be hidden so just because it is not showing on your home screen doesn’t mean the phone is not Jailbroken.

Another way to check is by attempting to Jailbreak. When you try to run the software it will prompt you that the phone is already Jailbroken.

Jailbreak – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Jailbreaking legal? – Yes it is totally legal.
  • Will your warranty be void? – Only if you bring a jailbroken iPhone in for repair. The jailbreak is totally reversible so all you need to do is restore your phone or update the software from Apple and the jailbreak will be removed.
  • How much does Jailbreaking cost? – Some companies do charge for Jailbreaking but there are many free software downloads so you do not need to pay.
  • Is it safe? – It is perfectly safe if you follow one simple step. Before you attempt to jailbreak, do a full backup of your iPhone and store it safely on your PC. If you encounter any problems you can restore this backup and your phone will be returned to its original settings. Remember it is totally reversible.
  • Can you update a jailbroken phone? – If you update to the latest Apple OS version automatically the jailbreak will be removed. The trick is to wait until there is a jailbreak available for the last update and then go ahead, update and then jailbreak again.jailbreaking an iphone
  • How long does it take? – Anything from 2 to 10 minutes depending on the method you choose.
  • Is it difficult? – it is easy enough for anyone to do if you follow the basic instructions closely. You do not need to be a tech expert to jailbreak your iPhone. I have written a simple guide to Jailbreaking and included how and where to download the software as well as links to other useful resources.

Why Would You Want To Jailbreak Your iPhone?

If you are happy enough with all that Apple has to offer, you have no real need to Jailbreak your iPhone. If however you want gain access to a wide range of apps and software applications that can totally transform how you use your phone, then you need to Jailbreak.

To be able to install any of the cell phone spy software programs the iPhone must be Jailbroken.

One product I know which offers some monitoring features and does not require a Jailbreak is mSpy – check my reviews for full details, but it is actually PC software and is not installed on the phone – it monitors the backups stored in iCloud. XNSpy is a new phone spy app offering the same capability – things keep on moving!

Have a look at my article on the top hacking apps for the iPhone – it explains what these apps can do and should be enough to make you concerned!

Some people hate the way Apple is trying to control the apps market and of course this is one way to strike back a little. So if it is a free and adaptable iPhone you want, Jailbreaking is the answer.

Now you need to find out How to Jailbreak Your iPhone – the easy guide.

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