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Hi there,
My name is Susan Kennedy and welcome to my website – Acisni.com The Spy Software Guide.

Would you beleive it – I’m a real person! I am a regular mom and certainly wouldn’t call myself a technical wiz – but I do know quite a bit about spy software programs.

You might have guessed, this site is all about Spy Software for cell phones, tablets, PCs and laptops. I discovered monitoring Susan Kennedysoftware products about three years ago now and was very disheartened with some of the first programs I tried.

I recognized how useful this software could be – if only I could find one which worked reliably.

Well this website is basically a collection of everything I have learned along the way. I persevered and in time found a few great products which suited my needs.

Hopefully this site will make your journey a little easier!

The most important advice I could give to anyone starting out is to take great care in the spy software products you choose to buy. Unfortunately there are scams and just plain awful software programs still around and you need to avoid these and keep your money safe.

Have a good look around the site and feel free to reach out. Ask questions in the comments sections or get in touch via my Contact Page.

Direct email – susan @ acisni.com

All queries are received in confidence.

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Thanks for visiting!

Susan Kennedy.


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