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​​This section explains hacking in all it's glory.

Hacking a phone or your favorite messenger app - all revealed!

There is such a thing as ethical hacking ...

Ethical Hacking?

​Before we get started with this section I want to clear a few things up. I'm not a big fan of the term hacking but it is how people refer to this stuff these days. To me it suggests illegal acts when in fact the hacks I talk about are legal when used properly. I may explain how things work in great detail but I never condone any illegal use of these techniques. 

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​​This is the center piece of my hacking guides. Learn how to hack someone's phone and you have access to so much information. The scary part is how easy it is for anyone to do.

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​​​Learn how to hack Snapchat the easy way. More than that - learn about Snapchat hack scams you see online, how they don't actually work at all ....

how to hack someones instagram account

​​​Learn how to hack someones Instagram account and password. Using these methods you can gain access and see every message and photo sent and received using this popular app. Easy to follow guide.

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​Hacking Definition:

​"The gaining of unauthorized access to data in a system or computer"