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how to jailbreak iphone

​​All about how to Jailbreak an iPhone or Apple device. This easy to follow guide explains the whole process - anyone can do this with some simple preparation.

root android

​​​Rooting an Android device - it shouldn't be difficult. This guide will help you keep things simple. Explains the why, when and how of Rooting! 

backup android

​​​Another of my easy to follow guides. Backing up Android is really easy if you follow simple steps. I cover different methods and explain the backup process ....

​​​How to backup an iPhone or other Apple device in easy to follow steps. Again, following my guide will keep things simple and get the job done.

snapchat statistics image

​​​Some fascinating facts and figures about the Snapchat app. I was amazed doing the research for this article ....

instagram statistics image

​​​Interested in Instagram statistics? Another hugely popular app that is still growing fast. Have a look to find out more ...

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