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spy software security

Below you will find the security articles covering a range of potential risks. If you think you have a spy app on your mobile device and need more help to find out for sure - I would recommend taking a look at my Premium Security Ebook. It goes much deeper than I can on the site and is the result of years of working with spy software.

detect cell phone spy software

Think you might be a victim of spy apps? How can you detect them - where do you start? You are not alone I have helped many people with this problem. Learn how today ...

how to tell if your phone is hacked

Do you think your phone is hacked and want to find out for sure? This main guide covers everything you need to know. Learn the signs to look for and the methods hackers use to target you ....

remove spy apps

Here I take a look at a few ways to remove hidden spy software from your phone. Most people are shocked at how easy this can be - if you know what you are doing.

codes to check if phone is hacked image

Is it possible to tell if your phone has been hacked by typing in a code? See the results of my tests using these codes before you waste more time.

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Susan Kennedy

“Finding hidden spy apps on a cell phone can be difficult - but knowing what to look for makes it easy for anyone”