7 Proven Strategies To Increase Software and App Downloads and Sales

I’ve been reviewing and promoting a few software apps for years now and along the way I’ve learned a lot about how the best ones successfully promote their products. This post will show you how to increase software and app downloads and sales using some easy to follow strategies.

Once your perfectly designed software or application is developed with an appropriate user interface and best features, the process continues beyond here. Your job is Not done.

After launching your app, it is necessary to make people aware of the best services of the application. As more people are knowledgeable about the application, more users will download and use it.

Yes, it is all about awareness and educating the user on how best to use your application or software. So, let’s get to it and look at some ways to increase those app downloads, and more importantly sales.

increase app and software downloads and sales


Like SEO, Concentrate on ASO (App Search Optimization).

As we know, when it is the talk of SEO, marketers prioritize the keyword. Similarly, in App Search Optimization, the developers must focus well on keywords. Keywords should be appropriately placed in the name of the application as well as the description of the application.

The play store provides 50-character space for the app description and offers 100-character space. In addition, the other most crucial place to put your keywords is in the application link. Use the opportunities of placing your keywords effectively.

The other attractive factor for more people interested in your application or any useful software is sharing quality images. The images you share should be interactive, clear, and precise to understand the application services, with a polished look to get more people interested in your application.

Know User Demands

Knowing the user demands and implementing them on time is crucial today. The digital world is growing faster, and so are the latent desires of the public. For each application, developers should keep in mind to do regular updates and changes in their applications or software to convince the users to stay loyal to them.

In addition, to be in the world of innovation. If Instagram had not grabbed the opportunity of a 30-second video or reel, it would have come down the line in the competition.

app promotion tips

People Love Discounts, Free trials, and Other Incentives.

Be it buying vegetables or buying costly and extensive software. People look for bargains. Provide your application and software with free trials, maximum discounts (as much as possible), and other money-related incentives.

In the end, money matters the most. The survey says that 68% of the users are influenced by the discounts and incentives while purchasing the application. The incentives are to make them feel they are served more than the monetary value they give.

Once you have traction and good growth you can look again at increasing revenue and reducing discounts. But to get started, discounts and free trials are your friend.

Maximum Positive Reviews

Spreading word of mouth regarding your application’s best qualities is super important. People always look at the review section before making the final decision to purchase.

Try harder to get maximum user reviews, and good user reviews. Try these two methods to get more positive reviews early on:

  • Be honest with your promises and serve the best.
  • Encourage more people to share their reviews by using push notifications and pop-ups asking for customer feedback.

Make Your App Branding Stand Out

It is challenging to attract people to your application when other similar applications can be even better than yours. One of the critical factors in keeping your application unique is your branding.

The logo, colours, application name, design, etc., all matter a lot, when online visitors see it for the first time. When people are not fully aware of your services, people will immediately only respond to your software if they find its logo enticing or if the images do not work well to communicate your idea.

Using Websites can be Beneficial.

You can leverage the benefits of blogs to get better reach for your application or any excellent software that perfectly serves people’s needs.

You can provide better descriptions and understanding of your service and add links to it through blogs. Gain rankings through proper usage of keywords and Search Engine Optimization.

Marketing Through Influencers

Market your product well with influencer power. Social media such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc., and influencers have changed the marketing game.

Any product or service that any influential person endorses will win the hearts of many in less time. Therefore, you can make your application a brand by marketing it well through the help of impactful and influential people on social media.

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Do Not Forget Code Signing Certificate

The Code Signing certificate is for the safety and security of the application and software with complete trust. If your application or software does not have a Code Signing certificate and the user downloads it, a flash message symbolizes danger to your security.

Hence, research well and find a low priced or cheap Code Signing certificate that matches your requirements because safety is the first need of the customers. You should put efforts into finding the best and even affordable Code Signing certificate to gain customers’ trust.

Leverage the Websites and Platforms Reviewing Your App

Use those websites and media, such as YouTube, that provide reviews of any particular application or software. Most people go to the top websites and media channels to review the applications or software to know the best about it.

If reviews are not good, then they may make a decision not to buy it. Therefore, build your application with excellence, and you will get better reviews with more customers.


These points will help you increase your customers and, of course, more downloads. Most of them, such as code signing certificate, influencer marketing, and application outlook, are necessary and can’t be addressed in the future. Therefore, see that you follow these points well and implement them promptly.

Once you launch your app, to be successful you must keep moving forward. Ongoing improvements and support will play a major role in the success of any app or software program. The most successful never stand still. You can’t afford to. It is a very competitive space. Good luck!

Author - Susan Kennedy

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