How to Recover Deleted Tweets (Retrieve Your Deleted Tweets)

Have you ever accidentally deleted a tweet and wished that you could retrieve it? Well, with this article you can learn how to recover your deleted tweets from Twitter! It’s easier than it sounds.

With the right steps and tools, recovering your data will be a breeze. We’ll also show you alternative ways to recover deleted tweets, such as using the Wayback Machine or Google Cache. Read on to find out how!

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Quick Answer:

Accidentally delete a tweet? No need to panic! You can recover it with Twitter’s Archive feature. All you have to do is request a download of your deleted tweets and voila! Alternatively, you can use Wayback Machine or Google Cache to view cached versions of the deleted tweet.

With these tricks, handling your Twitter account doesn’t have to be so tough!

Why Would You Want to Find Deleted Tweets?

Do you ever accidentally delete a tweet? Or worse yet, have an urgent tweet that needs to be sent out but you don’t have time to retype it?

Maybe you need proof that a tweet was sent, or you’re going crazy looking for that tweet you Know you sent but can’t find. These things happen!

Don’t worry, because with Twitter’s native advanced search feature and other third-party tools, finding deleted tweets is easier than ever.

This article deals with how to recover deleted tweets and photos from your own Twitter account. But did you know there are ways to find deleted Tweets sent by others?

Parents have discovered that by installing a quality spy app on their kids’ phones they can monitor their activity on apps like Twitter. These apps can allow you to see tweets that were deleted after sending. Very powerful, but unfortunately, these apps can be used against anyone – including you!

Check out my article on how your Twitter can get hacked to find out more. I also have a guide on ways to tell if your account is hacked here. Now on with this guide.

How to Find Deleted Tweets

Download Your Twitter Archive

Twitter has a way to download your complete Twitter archive from inside your account. Here is how to do it:

First, log into your Twitter account. Then select the “Settings and Privacy” option on the left side of the screen. In the “Your Account” section click on “Download an archive of your data” to get a file containing all of your deleted tweets.

You’ll be prompted to verify your account. Enter your password for verification and then select “Request Archive”. This may take up to 24 hours or even longer depending on how many tweets are in your account. Once ready you will receive an email with a download link.

Click on the download link and it will save a .zip file containing all of your data including any deleted tweets.

To view your deleted tweets extract the .zip file then navigate to the folder containing Your Archive.html where you can see all of your previously deleted tweets going back as far as day one!

Although this process won’t put them back online it does allow you to see what was once written so that you can rewrite if need be or just check up on old posts for whatever reason necessary.

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Use Twitter’s Native Advanced Search

Twitter also offers its own native advanced search tool which allows you to search by keywords, dates, places or accounts, etc. This is great to find past tweets, but if they are actually deleted they won’t show up.

This feature works quite well when trying to find specific information within large amounts of content quickly and accurately without having access to archived files.

Find Deleted Tweets Using The WayBack Machine

The Wayback Machine is another helpful tool for finding lost information such as old/deleted Twitter posts. The Wayback Machine is an online store of digital archives or “snapshots” of any given website at certain periods in time.

It allows you to revisit older versions of websites simply by typing in the web address, selecting the date range, and clicking browse history – viola! It’s easy to use and is a valuable resource for all sorts of reasons. Give it a try and see how some sites looked 10 years ago!

Unfortunately, it is going to be a challenge to find your specific tweet in the Wayback archive due to the number of tweets recorded. If you know the exact date you have a fighting chance.

See Deleted Tweets With Google Cache

Google keeps cached copies of every tweet made via its platform which makes it possible to retrieve accidentally erased posts. Simply searching for your tweet in Google can often find what you are looking for. The more specific you can be in the search, the better the chance of finding your tweet.

Third-Party Tools To Recover Deleted Tweets

Finally, there are several third-party applications available supposed to help you restore deleted data – including Mytweetalerts, SnapBird, SocialBook Retriever and TweetEraser.

They are each designed to serve different purposes but generally speaking they work the same way. First, you must input your account credentials and then specify the criteria to look for. You can search using specific terms, hashtags, usernames, etc.

The programs then comb through server databases and should return results that match your query. Although results aren’t guaranteed 100% accurate they at least provide a starting point for further investigation to take place.

As I mentioned earlier in this guide, spy apps or monitoring apps can also keep a record of all tweets sent and received. But remember there are legal restrictions here. You can’t use them to monitor someone else’s Twitter feed.


How long after deleting a tweet can it be retrieved?

It depends on the type of deletion you have made – if you have archived a tweet it could still be retrievable up until it has been completely removed from the Twitter servers, which is usually after 30 days have passed since deletion.

What software can be used to restore deleted tweets?

There are many different types of data recovery software available online that can be used to restore deleted tweets from your account.

Can I get back all of my previously deleted tweets?

It is not always possible to get back all of your previously deleted tweets, as some may have been permanently removed by Twitter before they can be recovered by third-party software or services.

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To Sum Up

Finding deleted tweets can be a tricky task. Now, with the help of Twitter’s native advanced search feature, its Archive tool, The Wayback Machine, and Google Cache it’s now easier than ever to recover deleted tweets.

The methods outlined above should get you back on track. Try the main methods such as search and Twitter archives first. If you are still struggling, try the Wayback Machine and Google.

So for those times when you accidentally delete a tweet, don’t worry – recovery is just a few clicks away!

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