Instagram Mutual Followers Not Showing Correctly – Why, How and Fix!

Navigating the world of Instagram isn’t always as straightforward as it seems, especially when it comes to mutual followers. Have you ever wondered how to see who’s following both you and another user, or why sometimes certain followers appear missing from your mutual lists?

In this article, we’ll look into the secrets behind mutual followers on Instagram, offering insights and solutions to common issues.

From understanding the intricacies of mutual connections, and troubleshooting visibility problems, to harnessing the power of tools like Iconosquare for deeper analysis, we’ll guide you every step of the way.

You’ll also learn why privacy settings and account statuses can influence the visibility of your mutual followers.

Instagram Mutual Followers Not Showing
Quick Answer:
  • Mutual followers on Instagram cannot be viewed if the user has privacy settings or a deactivated/deleted account.
  • To check mutual followers, visit the user’s account, click on the Followers option, and then click on the Mutual option on the left side of the followers’ list.
  • The Others section can be clicked to view mutual followers in list form.
  • If a user is missing from the mutual friends list, they may have deactivated, deleted their account, or blocked the viewer.

Understanding Mutual Connections

So, you’re trying to understand mutual connections on Instagram? Well, these are the common followers between two users, and you can see these mutuals by heading to the user’s account and clicking on the Followers option, and then on the Mutual option.

Mutual Following‘ is a term referring to the common accounts that both you and another user follow. The ‘Mutual’ section gives you a snapshot of these shared connections.

However, it’s important to remember that private accounts have limited visibility and may not appear in the mutual followers list. Also, you can’t force a deactivated or deleted account to reappear.

If you think someone’s missing from the list, it could be an Instagram glitch, or they may have deactivated, deleted, or blocked their account.

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Troubleshooting Visibility Issues of Mutual Friends

If you’re having trouble seeing certain accounts in your mutual friends list, there could be several reasons behind this visibility issue.

For starters, the user in question might have deactivated or deleted their account. Alternatively, they might have blocked you, which would also remove them from your mutual followers list.

Private accounts also pose visibility challenges due to their restricted access. You won’t see these accounts as mutual friends unless you’re following them.

Another possibility is a simple glitch in the Instagram app. You should try updating the app and clearing the cache to see if this helps.

Using Iconosquare for Deeper Analytics

You can use Iconosquare, a social media analytics tool, to get a deeper understanding of your followers’ growth and engagement rate. This platform gives you an option to download all your data in Excel and PDF files. That way, you can see your Instagram account’s statistics at a glance.

To start, sign up for an account on Iconosquare and link your Instagram profile. Then, download all the data you need.

This method will help you analyze your current followers, their growth over time, and how they interact with your posts.

That said, it can’t reveal who your mutual followers are due to Instagram’s privacy settings. So while Iconosquare can give you a wealth of knowledge about your own account, it can’t unlock the secrets of mutual followers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the privacy implications of the mutual followers feature on Instagram?

The mutual followers feature on Instagram can potentially expose your social circles. If you follow a private account and they follow you back, mutual followers can see this connection, potentially breaching your privacy.

How can I tell if a mutual follower has blocked me on Instagram?

If you suspect a mutual follower has blocked you on Instagram, check by searching for their profile. If you can’t find it, they’ve likely blocked you. Or, they might have deactivated or deleted their account.

Are there any third-party apps besides Iconosquare that can help me track my mutual followers?

Yes, besides Iconosquare, you can use apps like Crowdfire and SocialRank. They provide detailed analytics and can help you track your mutual followers, growth, engagement, and more on Instagram.

How does Instagram’s algorithm decide which mutual followers to show first in the list?

Instagram’s algorithm prioritizes mutual followers based on your interactions. Those you engage with most – like, comment, or message – typically appear first. It’s all about the connection quality, not just the number of mutual followers.

Can I limit the visibility of my mutual followers to specific users on Instagram?

No, Instagram doesn’t allow you to limit the visibility of your mutual followers to specific users. The mutual followers feature is based on privacy settings and can’t be customized for individual users.

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