Instagram Messages Not Sending? How To Fix It Like a Pro

Isn’t it ironic how social media, created to bring us closer, can make us feel isolated when things go wrong? You’ve crafted the perfect message on Instagram, hit send, and…nothing. Your message isn’t going through. Sound familiar?

Don’t despair, we’ve all been there and it’s typically due to reasons like a weak network connection, server issues, or the recipient’s privacy settings.

Fortunately, you’re not powerless in this situation. In this article, I’ll walk you through potential solutions to get those Instagram messages flowing again.

I’ll delve into troubleshooting steps, the importance of keeping your app updated, and even discuss alternative platforms. We’ll also touch on the waiting period if you’re blocked and the restrictions that might be causing your messages to go unseen. Keep reading to regain control of your Instagram messaging.

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Quick Answer:

Possible reasons for Instagram messages not sending include poor network provider, Instagram server being down, technical errors, or being blocked by the recipient.

Ways to fix the issue include checking if others are experiencing the same problem, changing the network provider, updating the app, and changing the account from professional to personal.

Additional options to troubleshoot the problem include using Instagram web, restarting the phone before reinstalling the app, and waiting for 24-48 hours if blocked. For all the details – keep reading!

Possible Causes of Instagram Messages Not Sending

You might be experiencing issues with your Instagram messages not sending due to a variety of reasons. These include a poor network provider, the Instagram server being down, technical errors, or even because the person you’re trying to message has blocked you.

Privacy settings that restrict direct messages (DMs) or not following the person you’re trying to message can also cause this issue. Plus, if you’re trying to message someone with a private account, that may be another reason.

Instagram might also temporarily block you from sending messages if you’ve been spamming.

Lastly, another common issue is that you’re using a professional account, which has different messaging rules compared to a personal account.

Understanding these reasons can help you troubleshoot the problem effectively.

Another problem that can happen is – Instagram comments not showing – check out that guide as well.

Troubleshooting Steps

Start by checking if other people are also experiencing the same issue. This can help you determine if the problem is on Instagram’s end or with your device.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you troubleshoot:

  1. Change your network: Try using Wi-Fi or switching to another cellular data provider. A stable internet connection is essential for Instagram to function correctly.
  2. Update the app: Ensure you’re running the latest version of Instagram. An outdated app can cause performance issues.
  3. Switch your account: If you’re using a professional account, try changing it to a personal one. Some users have reported this as a solution.

Remember, if all else fails, uninstall the app, restart your device, and reinstall Instagram. This often solves many technical glitches.

Instagram App Update and Reinstallation

Updating and reinstalling the app can often help resolve any persisting issues. Instagram regularly releases updates to enhance user experience and fix bugs. If your messages aren’t sending, it could be due to an app glitch that’s been rectified in a newer version.

To update Instagram, head to your device’s app store, search for Instagram, and click ‘update‘.

If that doesn’t work, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. To do this, press down on the Instagram icon until options appear, then select ‘uninstall‘. After uninstalling, restart your phone to clear any residual data.

Finally, go back to your app store and reinstall Instagram. Remember, you’ll need to log back in, so ensure you have your details handy. This can often fix any underlying issues.’

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Alternative Platforms

Consider switching to another platform if you’re still having trouble. Instagram is accessible on multiple devices and platforms, so trying a different one could solve your messaging issues.

  1. Switch Devices: If you’re primarily using your phone, try using a tablet or computer. Sometimes, a glitch is specific to a device, and changing it could resolve the issue.
  2. Instagram Web: If the problem persists on your mobile app, try using Instagram’s web version. This can eliminate any mobile-specific issues.
  3. Different App Version: If you’re using the regular Instagram app, consider switching to Instagram Lite or the Business version.

Remember, these are temporary solutions. If the problem persists, it might be an issue on Instagram’s end. In that case, you’ll have to wait until they fix it.

Waiting Period and Restrictions

If you’re still encountering issues, remember that patience is key, as some problems require a waiting period or are due to certain restrictions.

For instance, if Instagram’s server is down or if there’s a technical glitch affecting a large number of users, it may take 24-48 hours for the issue to be resolved.

Don’t worry, it’s not just you in these cases.

Also, understand that Instagram has certain restrictions to prevent spamming. If you’ve been sending too many messages in a short period, you may have been temporarily blocked from sending more.

In this case, waiting for a day or two should solve the problem.

Finally, ensure that your settings or the recipient’s settings aren’t preventing the messages from being sent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I can’t update my Instagram app?

If you can’t update your Instagram app, check your device’s storage space. If low, delete unnecessary files. Ensure you’re connected to a stable internet connection. If it persists, uninstall and reinstall the app.

How can I tell if Instagram’s server is down or if it’s an issue with my device?

You can check if Instagram’s server is down by visiting sites like DownDetector. If others report issues, it’s likely a server problem. If not, it’s probably an issue with your device or network connection.

Are there any specific antivirus or firewall settings that could interfere with Instagram messages?

Yes, certain antivirus or firewall settings could interfere with Instagram messages. Ensure your software isn’t blocking Instagram. If so, adjust the settings or add Instagram to your software’s whitelist to fix any messaging issues.

What should I do if my account is temporarily blocked from sending messages?

If your account’s temporarily blocked from sending messages, you should wait for 24-48 hours. During this time, avoid any excessive actions that might’ve caused the block. Usually, the issue resolves itself after the waiting period.

Can I contact Instagram directly to resolve my messaging issues?

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t provide a direct support line. However, you can report the issue via the app’s ‘Help Center’ for some assistance.


So, you thought sending Instagram messages was as easy as pie, huh? Well, not always! From server issues to privacy settings, many obstacles can hinder your smooth messaging experience.

But worry not, with these solutions, from updating your app to using alternative platforms, you’re all set to conquer these tech gremlins.

And if all else fails, sit tight and wait for Instagram to sort out their own mess. Happy messaging!

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