Beware of Apple ID Hacking – All You Need to Know

Your Apple ID is invaluable to access practically everything, right from your payments, streaming, music, etc. An Apple ID hack for your iPhone can be a Big problem. Once in, a hacker can access all your information, which they can use to exploit you.

In this detailed guide I’m going to explain everything is easy terms. I’ll cover how your ID can get hacked and the problems this will cause.

Then I’ll look at how you can tell if your Apple ID is hacked, what you can do about it and finally look at ways to protect your details from hackers.

This is a very real threat in todays world so don’t ignore the issue.

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How Can Your Apple ID Be Hacked?

I hate to break it to you but you are most likely to be hacked by someone close to you. Someone who has access to your phone or device and can get hold of your Apple account details.

There are other ways your ID and password can be compromised.

Through a large scale data breach such as the ones reported here. Mass breaches do not target you individually but that doesn’t help if you get caught in the mess.

There are online Hacking groups who exploit security holes and then sell access to these accounts on Dark Web market places.

Phishing attacks (and Vishing attacks) where a malicious party poses as Apple and requests your details via email or online forms. What is particularly alarming about phishing, is that it targets users across all of their online accounts, not just Apple.

Apple have been turning up the heat on those they believe are involved in phishing and password cracking activity. They have successfully taken legal action against those involved in retrieving iCloud ID’s and passwords.

Your ID can be hacked through another device you own. Your ID is used accross your devices – your iPhone, iPad or MAC. If one of these gets hacked, is lost or stolen – others can get your account details.

Later on I’ll cover what you can do to keep your ID safe and as secure as possible.

What Are the Consequences of an Apple ID Hack?

If your Apple ID is hacked, the hacker can:

  • Access your personal information.
  • Access your contacts.
  • Send and read your emails.
  • Read your notes.
  • View your photos, videos, etc.
  • View your files that have been saved on the iCloud drive.
  • View your calendar entries and appointments.
  • Restore the iCloud backup of your phone to any other device.
  • Track your location and access your real-time location if the “Find My” is enabled on your iPhone.
  • If your credit card is linked to your account, the hacker can make purchases from the iTunes Store, App Store or Apple Books.
  • All your personal data stored on your iPhone can be erased remotely including your contacts, messages, photos, videos, etc. and you will not be able to recover the information without a backup.
  • Hackers can use your Apple ID and blackmail you.

If someone gets hold of your account credentials and you use iCloud backups you can be seriously in trouble. Using iCloud Hacking they will be able to spy on everything you do on your iPhone and even track your location.

How to Tell if Your ID Has Been Hacked

Here are some signs that your Apple ID has been compromised :

  • Receive a notification that your Apple ID was signed into from some new device or you have changed your password or some personal details recently. If you have done none of these things, then it is possible that your Apple ID has been hacked.
  • Your device has been placed in “Lost” mode or has been locked without your consent.
  • Your Apple ID or your usual password is not working.
  • Your files or text messages have been deleted.
  • Notice that there are purchases on your Apple account not made or authorized by you.
  • Messages that you have not sent begin to appear.

If any of the above things occur, then there is reason to worry. You must act quickly before any harm is done such as your information, photos, etc. are deleted or your information or money is stolen.

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What to Do If My Apple ID Is Hacked?

If your Apple ID has been hacked, here are a few steps that you can take to safeguard all your valuable information and prevent any major damage.

Reset the Apple ID Passcode

First, log in to your Apple ID account page. If this does not work, then try resetting or unlocking your account.

If you believe that your account has been hacked into, then the first thing to do is to reset your Apple ID password to a much stronger one and then check your personal information. Make sure that the new password you set:

  • Contains 8 characters at least
  • Use 1 number at least
  • Use both lowercase and uppercase letters

Avoid using the same password for several accounts on various sites because this is the easiest way for hackers to crack your password.

They hack a fairly insecure website and steal the password, which they use to get into other websites such as Apple.

If you’re unable to reset your Apple ID password, contact Apple Support right away. Once the password has been reset and your account secured, then you need to check your personal data and if you find any discrepancies, then you should report it to Apple.

Review Your Account

Go through all your personal information to ensure that nothing has been altered and update your account including all the details such as:

  1. Full name
  2. Phone numbers
  3. Primary and alternate email IDs
  4. Devices linked to your Apple ID

Report It

Once you have reviewed and updated your personal information, report the problem via Apple Support. If you receive any notification of purchase of product/service or notice any suspicious transactions, which you have not made, then contact your bank and request for a reissue of your credit card.

Check if there have been any purchases made in iTunes Store on your:

Laptop or Desktop

  1. Click on iTunes
  2. Go to the iTunes Store
  3. Check “Purchased”

Mobile Device

  1. Click on the iTunes Store icon
  2. Select the “More” option”
  3. Check “Purchased”

Secure Your Apple Account

The best way to secure your Apple account is by turning on the 2-step verification to make your login process more secure. You can do this by:

  • Going into “Settings”.
  • Click on “Your Name”.
  • Click on “Password and Security”.
  • Select “Turn On Two-Factor Authentication”.
  • When prompted, enter your phone number along with the code. This will ensure that you have an extra layer of security verification to keep your Apple ID safe in the future.
  • Check the security questions and if you think that they may be compromised or too easy to guess, then change them.
  • Check your email accounts to ensure that they have not been hacked.

Tips to Ensure the Security of Your Apple ID

Since you use your Apple ID to access most of Apple’s products/services, you must ensure that the Apple ID is extremely secure to prevent hacking. And, some of the tips to keep your Apple ID secure are:

  • Make sure that you create your own Apple ID and avoid getting someone else to create it on your behalf.
  • Avoid using an Apple ID that was already signed into when you got your Apple device.
  • Your Apple ID is personal and you should share it with your family and friends. Use Family Sharing if you want to share any purchases, photos, reminders, etc. with others.
  • Avoid sharing your password with anyone, for instance, avoid some other person selecting your password for you or reveal your password to anyone.
  • Make sure that the password you choose is very strong and cannot be compromised easily.
  • Always use two-factor authentication to keep your Apple account secure.
  • Make sure not to reveal your security questions and answers to anyone and ensure that they cannot be guessed easily.
  • Always have control of the phone number and email ID that is associated with your Apple ID.
  • If you share your devices with some other person, then make sure that your device is passcode protected and ensure that you use a strong, difficult to guess password.
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The Final Word

Your Apple ID is extremely important and if it has been hacked, then it can be the stuff of nightmares, making you highly vulnerable. It can be a way for others to gain total access to everything in your Apple accounts and your iPhone / iPad data.

I have a great guide on ways to check if your iPhone is hacked covering more information on the subject. I also have a guide on how to remove hackers from your phone – be sure to read some of my security guides.

We hope that our article gives you all the information needed to help you to take steps and protect your Apple ID and your personal information.

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