The Best Hacking Apps For iPhone and Apple Devices – Tools That Really Work

So your child has got their brand new iPhone but there’s one issue. You want to see what they are getting up to on the phone. Trust me I know what it’s like to have teenagers running around the house, always on the phone and I just don’t know what is so entertaining.

But anyway I looked into it and I was shocked at how much these hacking apps can do.

There seems to be a million different iOS hacking apps that each do different things so I started wondering how could I get into their iPhone without them seeing because they seem to always be within two feet of it.

Or maybe you don’t have any kids or teenagers with a phone but you employ people and want to know they aren’t using their work phone for anything that could get you in trouble.

So whichever of the two it might be today I’m going to show you the three best hacking apps for iPhone and Apple devices to save you all the hassle I went through. I also have a guide covering how to spy on an iPhone – worth reading alongside this article.

For Android users you should check out my guide – the Best Android Phone Hacking Apps.

And don’t worry when I mention the word hack. You don’t have to be some super genius or have any hacking or computer background. In fact I’m fairly confident anyone over the age of 10 could use these applications so let’s get straight into it with the first iPhone iOS hacker app shall we?

Just remember that on this website we only talk about legal and ethical mobile phone hacking – aimed at monitoring your own kids and employees using company cell phones!

best hacking apps for iPhone

Is mSpy The Best Tool for iPhone Hacking

The first iPhone hacking tool I’m going to look at is mSpy. I’ve been using mSpy for years on test phones and the thing that makes it stand out is simple … Consistency.

This is definitely the most consistent phone hacking app on the market and trust me I’ve used a lot. They keep updating it to keep up with all the new anti hacking software and iOS security app releases – so that is handy as well.

With mSpy you will be able to see texts and phone call history and that’s not all.

It’s common knowledge now that everyone and their dog has some sort of social media platform. Whether it be Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and even Facebook, mSpy gives you complete access to all features of those tools mentioned and even more.

If you are looking for a Facebook hacking app – see that article. No surprise that mSpy comes out top!

mSpy is one of the only iOS hacking apps that allows you to hack a Snapchat account and password.

It also has more necessary things like access to email and Gmail, a GPS system, it allows you to block specific numbers and websites and you get a full view of their search history even after they “delete it.”

mSpy features allow you to hack someone’s phone pictures and see every photo on their phone. You’ll be amazed at the kind of thing kids are sharing online …. putting themselves at serious risk!

This spy app also has a no Jailbreak version specifically for the iPhone. It allows you to hack an iPhone without having to Jailbreak it first. This also means that it can be possible to use spy software without having access to their phone – under certain circumstances.

So in all I think mSpy is your best option however there are some features the other two programs have that mSpy doesn’t that you might feel necessary to what you want to get from a hacking service.

I have a Full mSpy Review in the reviews section here for a more in depth review if you are considering this tool.

free iphone hacking app scams

Free iPhone Hacking Apps – Scam Tools?

Before I continue you might be wondering why I’m only telling you about three hacker apps today when you have probably seen hundreds advertised and some even for “free.”

Well let me tell you something, for a service like hacking an iPhone it will definitely not be free.

Normally these websites will advertise the word free all over the place to suck you in. Lots of people fall for it but you won’t because I’m going to tell you how the scam works and its very simple but effective.

So once you click on a link that will normally say “click here to get your free iPhone hack right now!” and once you click that link it takes you to another websites and that pays them.

That’s not all…

Once you are on that website it will ask you one of two things and neither are what you are looking for.

One: They will ask you to fill out a thousand surveys that require your email address. They then bombard your email with a bunch of spam and surprise, surprise, no iPhone hack.


Two: They ask you to install every dodgy app in the app store which either puts bad software on your phone and computer or it again asks for your email to enable the hack and then the same spam email process occurs.

And that isn’t what you are looking for at all is it?

Also be on the lookout for scams claiming to hack your iPhone using just the phone number. Again this is not possible.

So now you know about the fake free hacker apps and scams so now I’ll continue with my legitimate iPhone hacking tools.

FlexiSPY App for iPhone and iOS Devices

This next one is almost as good as mSpy but there are a few things that make it stand out. I’ll start with the price. FlexiSPY is more expensive but for good reason and I’ll tell you why.

The Live Call Listening and Recording feature.

This is only available on their FlexiSPY Extreme version. It allows you to actually listen in on live calls and set the app to record any calls made to or received from specified numbers.

This feature also works on VOIP calls – calls made using programs such as WhatsApp and Skype that are made via the internet connection. Very powerful!

I can think of many occasions where you might want to listen to a phone call going on in another room and you are trying to hear through the wall but can’t really make anything out.

Well with FlexiSPY you could be on the other side of the world and hear the phone call as clear as day. Pretty useful right?

Now with that being said, obviously that is quite an advanced piece of tech and not many apps would have it so that does knock the price up quite a bit but in my opinion it is very good tech and works well and is well worth the price.

One thing to note – FlexiSPY does not have a No Jailbreak version of their program. This means to hack any iPhone you must be able to Jailbreak it and install the software directly on to the target device.

cost of ios hacking apps

If you don’t want to pay that price but still think FlexiSPY is the app for you then you can pay for a cheaper which is all of FlexiSpy’s current features except the keylogger feature.

FlexiSPY is very similar to mSpy, it’s just missing the same amount of social media apps that mSpy has access to.

It still has all the main ones like Instagram, Facebook messenger and Twitter and access to texts, phone call history, GPS system and many more.

I have another full FlexiSPY Review here if you want more details on that regarding prices and any features I may have missed. The advanced features mean this is still a popular iPhone hacking platform.

Now moving on to the third and final app that will help you hack an iPhone.

MobiStealth iPhone Hacker

Mobistealth is like a mixture of both but just not quite as good. However that is unfair considering it is being compared to some of the very best hacker apps that are available.

Mobistealth doesn’t have the keylogger feature or quite as many apps available to hack as mSpy but it is a little less expensive and still works well in terms of hacking the iPhone and Apple devices.

MobiStealth does however offer a good no Jailbreak version for hacking the iPhone. Still worth a look if you are on a tight budget!

no jailbreak iphone hacker apps

No Jailbreak Hacking for iPhones Explained

Mobistealth like mSpy has a no Jailbreak version of their app. Jailbreaking in the past was always required if you wanted to install a spy app or hacking app on any iPhone or Apple device. This new No Jailbreak method means you can have limited monitoring Without the need to Jailbreak the target iPhone.

This development was huge – the latest versions of the Apple operating system are impossible to Jailbreak. This ruled out hacking any modern iPhone …. until mSpy came out with their no Jailbreak version.

It works differently to the full version software. No software is actually installed on the phone you want to hack. Instead the system works by monitoring the automated, regular backups of the phone made using iCloud – Apple’s free backup storage service.

There are certain conditions:

  • You need to have the users Apple ID and password used for the iCloud account.
  • The phone must also have backups enabled (which you can do yourself).
  • It is also important to turn off 2 factor authentication – to stop the user getting email alerts every time the sytem reads the backups.

The reportin is also limited to some degree with all no jailbreak versions. You will not get up to date live GPS tracking for example. As all reporting is taked from the differences in the backups things are not reported in real time – like the full version hacking app version.

All in all this still gives a powerful monitoring option for worried parents on the latest version of the iPhone and any Apple device.

As always I have a complete article on the best selling spy software apps that compares the three talked about today and shows you prices if you are considering buying a service so check it out if you are.

So that just about does it for the best hacking apps for an iPhone. I told you it was going to be easy didn’t I?

If you feel like there are any unanswered questions then have a scan through any of my other articles on the apps mentioned today and I’m sure you will get some answers.

Thanks for reading my article.

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