How To Hide What Filter You Used On Snapchat – Sneaky Tips

Ever wondered how to hide what filter you used on Snapchat? You’re not alone. Whether it’s to keep your filter choices under wraps from prying friends or to add an element of surprise to your snaps, you can hide the filters.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to hide the filters you’ve used on Snapchat like a pro! From saving and sending your snaps as standard photos or videos to using Snapchat’s ‘My Eyes Only’ feature for an extra dose of privacy, we’ve got you covered.

Remember, though, Snapchat thrives on the creative sharing of filters, so while you’re playing your snaps close to the chest, you might be limiting the exposure of Snapchat’s vibrant filter variety.

Let’s dive in and explore the hidden realms of Snapchat filters.

Hide What Filter You Used On Snapchat

Key Takeaways

  • Snapchat filters can be hidden or kept secret.
  • Snaps can be saved to the camera roll without filter tags.
  • Snapchat has a feature called ‘My Eyes Only’ for the private and secure storage of snaps.
  • Using My Eyes Only helps to keep filtered snaps hidden.

Understanding Snapchat Filters

You might already know that Snapchat filters play a significant role in the app, providing an overlay for your snaps and even being exportable to other social platforms like WhatsApp. These filters are a fun way to express yourself and make your snaps even more interesting.

However, Snapchat doesn’t just let you use these filters with no strings attached. It tells your friends what filter you’ve used, encouraging them to use the same one.

While this can lead to some fun interactions, you might not always want everyone to know which filter you’re using.

Whether you’re trying to maintain some creative mystery or prevent others from copying your snaps, hiding the filter you’ve used can be a beneficial move.

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How to Hide the Filters on Snapchat

When it’s time to share your masterpiece with the world, simply save it to your camera roll and send it off like any other photo or video, keeping your secret sauce all to yourself.

You may be wondering how to do this. Here’s how: after applying your favored filter, hit the save button on the bottom left. Your snap will be stored in your camera roll, free from any filter tags.

Then, when you’re ready to send, just attach it like you would any other photo or video. This way, your friends won’t know which Snapchat filter you used, giving your snaps a unique touch.

Remember, it’s not just about snapping; it’s about creating content that’s uniquely you. So go ahead, and keep your Snapchat filter secrets safe.

Using My Eyes Only For Private Snaps

The My Eyes Only feature lets you store your Snaps away from the Memories section into a private tab that only you can access. You’ll find the My Eyes Only Tab at the very end of the Memories tab. So, if there are snaps you don’t want your friends to see, just hide them in the My Eyes Only tab and lock them up with a passcode.

It does not hide the filters used on your Snaps – it hides the Snaps themselves.

Let’s delve into the ‘My Eyes Only’ feature, a perfect tool for keeping your snaps private and secure. This is a tab within the Memories section of Snapchat that lets you hide certain snaps.

You can easily move snaps to this hidden section by selecting the snap, tapping the menu button, and choosing ‘Move to Eyes Only.’

Remember, you’ll need to set a passcode for this feature, and Snapchat won’t help you recover it if you forget, so make sure it’s something you’ll remember.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Snapchat notifying others about the filters I have used?

Snapchat shares the filters you’ve used to inspire others to try them out. It’s a way to keep users engaged, promote filter usage, and encourage creativity within the Snapchat community.

How can I prevent others from replicating my snaps using the same filters?

To prevent others from copying your snaps, simply hide the filters you’ve used. Save the snap to your camera roll and send it as a regular photo or video. They won’t know your secret filter!

Can I use the My Eyes Only feature to hide the filters I have used on my snaps?

No, the ‘My Eyes Only’ feature can’t hide the filters used on your snaps. It’s designed to hide specific snaps in your Memories, not the filters. To hide filters, save snaps to your camera roll.

Is there a way to hide the filters I used while sharing my snap with other social apps like WhatsApp?

Ironically, you can’t hide your Snapchat filter while sharing snaps on apps like WhatsApp. But you can save the snap to your camera roll and share it as a normal photo or video. Tricky, isn’t it?

Does hiding the filters affect the quality or the final look of my snap?

No, hiding the filters doesn’t affect the quality or final look of your snap. Once the filter is applied and the snap is saved, the look is preserved, even when the filter’s information is hidden.


Just like a magician never reveals his tricks, you too can keep your Snapchat filter secrets safe. By saving your snaps and using ‘My Eyes Only’, you can have your very own magic box of snaps.

Remember, however, every magic trick shared can inspire a new one. So, use the filters, enjoy them, and if you feel like it, let the world in on your Snapchat sorcery!

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