Snapchat Tracker: How to Track Someones Snapchat Activity and Location

Today I’m going to cover what exactly a Snapchat tracker is and look at how to use one to track someone’s Snapchat activity and location. Don’t worry it is easy enough when you clear up some confusion at the start.

I’ll explain everything you need to know about the different types of Snapchat trackers and what they can do. I’ll look at why you might want to use a reliable tracker app that works every time.

Plus I’ll tell you why you might want to avoid some tools and services offered online.

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Can Snapchat be Tracked?

Yes Snapchat can be tracked in a number of different ways. Remember I’m going to look at two tracking types – Snapchat activity tracking and Snapchat location tracking. The good news is that my recommended method will cover both.

It is important to decide what it is you need to track on Snapchat before you get into how to do it. First up is my recommended method, then I’ll cover the rest.

What is a Snapchat Tracker App?

When people talk about Snapchat tracker apps they are usually referring to phone monitoring or spy apps. I cover these apps extensively on this website and have been using them for years now.

A Snapchat Tracking app will track anyone’s Snaps and Stories that they publish on the social media platform. A quality app like mSpy will cover everything they do on Snapchat plus a lot more. I’ll cover that later.

This can be used for a number of reasons, such as keeping tabs on your children’s online activity and location, to tracking company cell phones. If you have read any of my articles you’ll know that I only talk about legal and ethical ways to use modern spy apps. So please stay legal.

Here on Acisni I have a few helpful articles around using social apps, including Snapchat. Do you know how to send a gallery pic as a live snap ? I have a guide on that – take a look when you can.

Why mSpy for Snapchat?

mSpy is my recommended Snapchat tracking app. Not only is it the most cost effective option, but it’s also the most reliable that I’ve found. You should also be aware that very few monitoring apps can actually track Snapchat activity. So be sure to read their small print and know what they actually cover.

I cover a lot of detail in my Snapchat hacking guide both about spy apps and other methods – so take a look. Then if you are worried about your own security on Snapchat see – how to know if your Snapchat account is hacked.

There are a number of reasons why mSpy is better than other apps on the market. mSpy works on most modern phones and tablets, which includes Android, iPhones and iPads.

The company itself has been the most popular spy app for many years now and has a proven track record. Unfortunately there are a lot of scam spy programs around and ones that just don’t work as advertized. So you do need to be careful when making a choice.

This app is easy to install and has a very user friendly dashboard. For Snapchat monitoring it can’t be beaten. It will report every activity taken on Snapchat AND it will allow you to track the location of the phone in real time.

The GPRS tracking feature allows you to see where the Snapchat user is at any given time and you can also see where they have been recently – all displayed on a map including their IP address. All reporting takes place in their online dashboard.

So mSpy is an all in one solution as a Tracker covering activity and Facebook location tracking. It also has a keylogger feature that records every keystroke that is entered on the phones dial pad. This can be used to reveal their Snapchat Password and username. Then you can actually log in to their account.

Some other benefits of using this app – it can allow you to see deleted Snapchat messages – even ones that disappear after reading. It can also let you open their Snapchats secretly – they will not know.

As I mentioned above, mSpy can do so much more than just report Snapchat information. It can track a long list of social media and messenger apps from Facebook and Twitter to Gmail and Instagram.

For a full run down of all the main features available and the latest pricing deals be sure to check out my main mSpy review below.

Can You Track Someone on Snapchat Without Them Knowing?

Yes if you use a tracker app like mSpy on Snapchat you will be able to track them without them knowing. The app is very well hidden from the user. Some spy apps can be easy to detect but mSpy has worked hard to be almost impossible to spot.

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How to Track Someones Location on Snapchat

Snapchat does have a feature that can be used to track people on Snapchat by their location. It is called the SnapMap feature. The main drawback is that to work it has to be enabled. So if they don’t enable location tracking in Snapchat you can’t track them.

When enabled, it works by allowing anyone to see where you are and if they know your SnapChat Username they can follow you. You can then access their location on the map at any time.

It is not possible to track someone using SnapMap without them knowing, as your Snapchat Username needs to be entered into the search bar in order for you to find them.

This feature was originally added to make it easier for groups of friends or family to find each other on Snapchat.

Unfortunately this feature has not been given a very high rating by Snapchat users. The main reason for this is that it is slow and inaccurate. It only seems to work when you actually open up the app and look at the map.

I have to say here, I don’t recommend using the SnapMap feature! It’s not secure and your kids definitely should not enable this feature.

The main issue I have with the SnapMap is that it’s not private. It can be accessed by anyone. You are also giving your exact location away to everyone that looks at their Snapchat story, which if you have a large following could number in the thousands. So you are sharing your location with potentially thousands of strangers!

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How to Turn Off SnapMap Feature

The SnapMap feature is turned off by default but to turn it off you just need to disable the location icon at the bottom of your screen.

If you do want to only give out your location to certain people, for example friends or family members, then there is a way to do this. Go into “settings” then “see my location” you should see settings to allow you to share your location with :

  • Friends – allows all friends to see your location
  • Friends Except – here you select friends to exclude
  • Only These Friends – you can select a list of the only people who can see your location

I think this is the best option if you want to share your location with people, but still keep lots of privacy.

Why You Should Stay Away from Free Snapchat Tracking Apps

A lot of people are now searching for free Snapchat tracking apps. This is usually because the cost of subscription spy apps like mSpy are considered to be too expensive.

However, there are a number of apps and Snapchat online tracking tools supposed to track Snapchat activity that claim not to charge any fees at all. These rarely work as described and usually involve some sort of scam to get you to fill out surveys or give up your email address – for sale to marketing companies.

So avoid.

If you are thinking about trying a free Snapchat tracker, stop right now – they’re not worth it! Seriously! They won’t work and will more often than not leave you with a spammed out email and waste your time.

In my opinion the only safe option is to go with a reputable company that has been around for several years and has a good track record.

So my advice is to spend the money on a quality spying app like mSpy and you will be much happier with the results.

Why Using a Snapchat Tracker is Important?

More people than ever are turning to phone monitoring apps in order to help protect their kids online. They can be a useful tool for concerned parents – giving them almost complete parental control over their mobile phones and internet activity.

People use Snapchat for a variety of reasons. But there is also one major drawback to the app that makes it dangerous for children and others – you can’t track their activity without them knowing. I have a guide showing how to screenshot Snaps in secret but this will only take you so far. You should consider your options.

That’s why using a Snapchat tracker will be important if you are responsible for teenagers or have young children around.

And even though the app presents itself as a fun way to communicate with friends, it can often be used for sharing inappropriate or compromising photos and videos that include personal information. With this in mind, you really need to know how track their Snapchat.

Thanks for reading.

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