How to Screenshot on Snapchat Without Them Knowing – Working Methods 2024

Did you know that if you take a screenshot on Snapchat the account holder will get a notification that You have done it? It’s true. Now there may be times when you want to do this secretly, for whatever reason. There are some workarounds so I’m going to explain how to screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing.

I’ll cover methods that actually work today and cover how to screenshot Snaps and Snapchat stories without the user getting any notifications. I’ll also look at the best methods for iPhone and Android phone users.

Everything you need to know in one place – so let’s get started.

How to Screenshot on Snapchat Without Them Knowing

Why Does Snapchat Send Screenshot Notifications?

First of all, you should know that Snapchat’s official support page has this to say about screenshots: “Screenshots: If a recipient takes a screenshot of any message in a conversation, the sender will be notified.

But, you’re thinking – why does this happen? Why would Snapchat want to notify users that someone has taken a screenshot?

Well, according to the official statement from Snapchat Support: “We send notifications only as a safeguard – for instance, if a message has been accidentally released, or someone takes a screenshot or video of a message. Snapchat is not spyware.

So essentially, the reason you get a warning that a screenshot has been taken is to protect your privacy. But of course, you could have valid reasons to take screenshots and maybe you don’t want anyone to know.

Ways to Take Secret Screenshots on Snapchat

Now we get down to methods that actually work for screenshotting on Snapchat secretly. I’ll cover the main ways next then below I cover methods that work best for iPhone users and then Android users.

Using Another Phone or Device

This is probably the best method for most users because it’s so simple. If you have access to another phone or tablet, simply log into your Snapchat account and use the other device to take a photo or recording of the Snap. You could even use a camera to take the screenshot.

They won’t get any notifications about screenshots being taken and the person whose account you are taking them from will never know!

Note: This method will NOT work with Snapchat stories because the other person will get a notification that you’ve viewed their story. I do have a solution for that if you take a look at my article on how to open a Snapchat without them knowing. Some extra tips there.

Use Screen Recording to Record the Snap 

This method will allow you to record a video of the Snap as it appears on your device. It’s a bit more complicated but allows you to save visible Snaps without having to take screenshots.

Both Android and Apple iPhones have a built-in screen recording feature and there are a range of screen recording software apps available online. Simply open the Snapchat that you want to take screenshots of and then run your screen recorder app.

It will take a video of the message and you can save this as an image or keep it as a video recording.

Does the Screen Record function capture pictures or videos without notifying the user? Yes, it works! No screenshot notification will be sent to the account owner.

Did you know that you can actually download a Snapchat video or Image? See my article about the SnapTik App Downloader – it’s made for TikTok but works on Snapchat as well.

screen mirroring

Use Screen Mirroring to Screenshot on Snapchat

If your device doesn’t have a screenshot function or you want to take screenshots of Snaps and Stories without the account owner knowing, it’s possible to do this using screen mirroring.

Screen Mirroring is the ability to mirror your device’s screen on another device. You can do this wirelessly or with a USB cable. This means that you will be able to view the phone or tablet display in real time on another device, like a computer monitor or laptop for example.

Most Android phones and Apple devices have screen mirroring built in but there are lots of different screen mirroring apps available online.

To use this method simply open up Snapchat and then turn on “Screen Mirroring” on your device and select the option to cast your screen to a monitor.

Switch on the monitor display and you will be able to view Snapchat as if it were being displayed directly from your phone or tablet. You can then take screenshots on the laptop or PC using this method without the account owner getting any notifications.

screenshot on Snapchat

Using a Monitoring App for Screenshots Without Them Knowing

Did you know that there are modern spy or monitoring apps that can track everything someone does on Snapchat – and allow you to take screenshots secretly?

An app like mSpy is aimed at parents wanting to keep an eye on their kids’ online accounts and activity. Most people don’t know just how powerful these spy apps are. mSpy is the most effective for Snapchat monitoring and it comes with a wide range of features.

For Snapchat, once mSpy is installed on your kid’s phone it will allow you to see everything they do on Snapchat – see my article on Snapchat hacking. It also allows you to download any Snaps and stories without triggering any notifications.

It can also act as a Snapchat tracker – another guide worth checking out. mSpy can do much more than simply monitor Snapchat. It will report everything someone does on their phone and is completely hidden from the user.

It can track them using GPRS, hack their email, monitor every call and text, spy on most social media and messenger site activity, and lots more. If you think you are a victim of spyware, check my guide – to find out if your Snapchat has been hacked.

An app like mSpy is really the most complete way to monitor Snapchat – although if all you need is a screenshot it is probably overkill.

Does Using Airplane Mode to Take Snapchat Screenshots Secretly Still Work?

There used to be a way to take screenshots of Snapchat messages using airplane mode that didn’t trigger a notification. However, the company realized what people were doing and fixed the problem.

Viewing then taking a screenshot while in airplane mode no longer works – the account user will still be notified. Better to try one of my working methods.

Best Way to Take Screenshot of a Snap on iPhone

Here I’ll look at some ways to screenshot Snapchat on an iPhone in particular. You’ll be aware that Apple restricts the third party apps available to iPhone users. This means that many screen recording apps will not be available.

There is however a way around the restrictions and that is by Jailbreaking your iPad or iPhone. Once Jailbroken you are free to install any third party apps you like.

Another method that can work for any iPhone is to use the QuickTime app on a Mac. It works in the same way as mirroring using a Mac PC or laptop. Here is what to do:

  1. You connect the iPhone to the Mac – it will mirror your iPhone on the monitor
  2. Open the QuickTime app
  3. Go to “File” then select “New movie recording”
  4. Once loaded select your iPhone as the “Movie recording input”
  5. Open the Snap you want to screenshot on your iPhone
  6. Hit record

This will make a short video clip of the Snap and you can then save it and edit it to save as an image. You have yourself a screenshot – in secret!

Snaps on Snapchat

Taking a Secret Screenshot of Snapchats Using Android

Getting screenshots on Android phones and devices is more straightforward than on an iPhone. Android phones do not have the same app restrictions.

Screen recording apps are the best way to get your Snapchat screenshots without the user knowing. You also have a good choice of phone mirroring apps if that is how you want to go.

One other handy trick is to use Google Assistant to take a screenshot of Snapchat on Android. This is how it works:

  1. Make sure you have Google Assistant-enabled
  2. Open Snapchat and navigate to the Snap you want to screenshot
  3. Say “OK Google” or hold down the home button to start assistant
  4. Say “Take a screenshot” or type the command
  5. Send the image to your email or other social media account to save it

That’s it. Remember it will not save automatically so you need to share it somewhere and then download it from there. Because you are not making the screenshot in Snapchat directly, no notification will be sent.

Is It Illegal to Screenshot Someone’s Snapchat Content?

It is not illegal to take a screenshot of someone’s Snapshot content but what you do with the screenshot could lead to legal issues. For example, if you were to post it online it may be subject to copyright infringement.

There have been cases of people using screenshots of Snapchat to blackmail others – obviously not legal!

Nonetheless, recording a video or taking a screenshot of a private message without permission from the sender is considered an invasion of privacy. So be respectful and stay legal.

Before I finish please have a look at some of my other Snapchat tips and guides in the Technology section. You might like – How to Recover Deleted Messages on Snapchat, How to Send a Picture as a Snap, and then How to See Someone’s Snapchats and Their Snapchat History. Lots more to check out so have a good look around the site.

To Sum Up

As you have learned, there are several ways to take a screenshot of someone’s Snapchat without them knowing. You can use an app like mSpy and have a complete monitoring solution. But if you don’t need that much control then using screen recording or screen mirroring can work.

You’ve got some options for the iPhone and for Android phones – so you are bound to have something that works for your needs.

Although it is not illegal per se, taking screenshots of private messages without permission could lead to legal issues so be respectful and stay within the law.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

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