How to Hack Someones Instagram Account Without Their Password (2024)

Want to find out how to hack someone’s Instagram the easy way?  Need to see their password and account details? Great, in this article I will show you how and discuss a few other ways to spy on Instagram use.

Some methods are incredibly complex but thankfully there is a simple way that anyone can manage.

This is part of my series – Ways to hack Someone’s Phone – looking at the best ways ordinary people can hack cell phones and devices in 2024 – without having to be a computer whizz!

It can be very easy you know.

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how to hack someones instagram account ethically
Quick Answer:

People are interested in hacking into someone’s Instagram account for a variety of reasons, including keeping an eye on their kid’s accounts. The easiest and most reliable way to do this is by using a phone monitoring app like mSpy or FlexiSPY.

They can be installed on the target device without the user knowing and will allow you to see all activity on Instagram, even their password! Be wary of online tools that claim to hack Instagram – they are usually just scams to make money.

Why Hacking Instagram Matters?

People have many different reasons for wanting to hack into someone’s Instagram. The best reason I come across on is to keep an eye on kids and what they are up to online.

The real reason people want to learn how to hack into somebody’s Instagram is that it is used as a text messaging app or platform. Kids have moved away from traditional SMS text messages to these more interactive apps.

As sharing is done online there are no text message costs – everything is done using free Wi-Fi or the cell phone’s data plan. Although it can be used on a computer or laptop – we know the internet today for most young people means their smartphone!

Sharing photos and videos is so much easier on apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp. As with all these online apps – it gets difficult to keep tabs on what your kids might be up to online using a phone.

Parents are scrambling to keep up with kids! Nothing new there I’m afraid.

That in a nutshell is why people are interested in ways to hack someone’s Insta – as the kids say!

Human nature being what it is, some people have less ethical motives for hacking someone’s account. Spying on your husband or wife, or loved ones and catching cheaters is always going to be part of this discussion – just not here!

Please don’t ask me how to hack your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse’s Instagram account.

Remember there are laws protecting people’s privacy for a reason.

Hackers also target Insta as a way into a victim’s devices – to hack cell phones and computers through Instagram. Usually, their reasons are much more threatening – aiming to get access to sensitive information and even the banking details of the user. Serious stuff!

Another reason for hacking is to hijack popular accounts. Some celebrities have been a target – some with huge numbers of followers.

Unscrupulous marketers have taken over their usernames and passwords – and then message and promote offers to their followers.

Celebrity accounts are also a target for compromising photos and information – leaving the victim open to blackmail and unwanted exposure in the press. Many reasons for Instagram hackers I’m afraid.

I have an article outlining how to tell if your Instagram is Hacked – check it out if you are concerned.

If you follow this website you’ll understand that I provide a lot of information about the best phone spy apps – how they work and how to use them.

My main Phone Spy Apps Guide is a good resource if you are not familiar with these phone monitoring apps. I’ve been doing this for years now and have a lot of experience.

More about mSpy for Instagram here

To get your discount just use the link above and it will be applied on your checkout page. This works for all versions of the app.

I do not promote any illegal use of these apps – instead, I prefer to concentrate on ethical ways to use these apps, primarily to help keep our children safe online.

To help keep them safe a growing number of parents are using monitoring apps – if you know what they are doing you are better placed to protect them.

How to Hack Instagram the Easy Way

There are a few ways to perform a successful Instagram account hack – all with varying degrees of difficulty and chances of success. There is an easy and reliable way – my preferred way and when used responsibly it is very effective.

It will work on most types of phones including Android and Apple iOS.

When you search online you need to be aware of some of the scams … so keep reading.

Hacking an Instagram Account With Instagram Spy Apps

Using a phone monitoring app is the easiest and most effective way to hack someone’s Instagram password and account – to see all activity. It is safe and reliable and can be done without the user knowing. A great way to protect your kids online.

I only recommend a small number of spy software programs on this website – based on actually testing and using them over some time.

You need to be aware that there are many programs available online – but only a few are any good, and some are outright scams! Do your research before making any purchase.

For hacking someone’s IG account I can recommend the following programs:


This best-selling program has been around for years now and consistently adds new features regularly. It will allow you to see everything that happens on Instagram – photos, videos, contact lists, and direct messages – everything!

The keylogger feature will also allow you to hack the user’s Instagram password!

mSpy will report all media stored on the device and has a wide range of other services that can be monitored – WhatsApp hacking, Snapchat Hack, Viber, and many more.

Of course, there is a whole range of other spying features available – not just these messenger-type apps. From GPS tracking to seeing every text message sent and received. It is a specialist parental control app.

Have a look at my main mSpy Review for lots more detail about the mSpy app.

Instagram hacking with mSpy is available for the iPhone (and Apple iOS devices) and Android phones and tablet devices.

I have tested this in detail and it works well – one of the best programs in my opinion. Easy to install on the target device and easy to use!


This is another good quality cell phone spy program that offers Instagram monitoring capabilities. Like mSpy, you will get access to all activity on Instagram.

FlexiSPY boasts the largest range of monitoring features for messenger / social media apps – covering most of the popular platforms.

You can spy on Skype and Facebook as well on the target device – which covers Apple iOS and Android.

Again these features are only a small part of the overall monitoring packages available. The FlexiSPY app is also notable for its call recording features – check my review –  main FlexiSPY guide to see what you think.

Have a look at FlexiSPY here – see what you think.

It is the most expensive program …. but it has the most features if you need them.

How Monitoring Instagram Works with Spy Apps

You simply purchase the software license online, download and install the application onto the cell phone or device you want to hack or crack, and then all reporting takes place using an online dashboard or control panel.

You then log on from anywhere with an internet connection and you’ll be able to see all activity on the device.

instagram screen

The big advantage of using any of these spy app programs to hack into Instagram is that it is done without the user’s knowledge and once the software is installed onto the target cell phone all reporting is done remotely.

How to Hack Someone’s Instagram on iPhone

Apple devices including the iPhone and iPad are generally more difficult to hack due to their closed operating system (iOS). But modern spy apps have ways around this.

Programs like mSpy and FlexiSpy can be installed on Apple phones if they have a Jailbreak.

mSpy also has a system for hacking any iPhone without a Jailbreak. I explain this in detail on the main review page – it monitors the user’s iPhone backups and reports all activity.

This means you can easily hack their Instagram on any iPhone or Apple (iOS) device.

Hacking Instagram Messages on Android

The Android operating system is much more open to third-party apps – making it easy to install spy apps to monitor Instagram. To hack someone’s Instagram on an Android device all you need to do is install one of the cell phone spy apps.

Can You Hack Someone Else’s Instagram Password?

It is possible to see someone’s Instagram password if you use one of the recommended spy apps above. They have a keylogger feature that reports all keystrokes made on the phone keypad.

This will allow you to see their username and password details. Then you can log into someone’s Instagram account. This is a great feature for worried parents and allows them to log in to their kid’s accounts and see everything they have done.

Can You Hack Someone’s Instagram Without Them Knowing?

For most parents, they want to see their Instagram activity without their kids knowing they are being monitored. Good quality apps like mSpy and FlexiSPY are very well hidden and the user will not know they have been hacked and are being monitored.

How to Hack Someone’s DM on Instagram

Can someone else actually see your DM’s on Instagram? Direct messages on Instagram are supposed to be totally private between you and the recipient on the platform. But if your account is compromised then these direct messages can be seen.

Using spy apps will give you access to everything that happens on their Instagram profile. This means you can essentially hack their DM’s.

Don’t get fooled into trying online hacking tools – I explain why below!

Instagram Hack Online Tools – Free Without Survey?

Well, for free is always a bit suspicious in my mind! Maybe that’s just my online experience.

Searching online will usually show you some Free Instagram Hacking tools – just enter the username you want to hack and this magic free Insta hacking online tool will let you download the user’s password and everything in their account. Sounds too good to be true?

Well, I can tell you – I have tried several of these tools (in the interests of research … selfless!) and not once have I had any success. I tested my own accounts, my husband’s and my kid’s … fail! They do not work.

instagram image

So why do they exist and why are they there in the first place?

It is a simple scam to make money and works very well – which is why the owners go to the trouble.

They know that people searching for an Instagram hack tool are usually desperate – driven by emotion. This drops their guard.

The same sites usually have other “tools” to hack Snapchat and hack Facebook – some cover loads of apps.

They ask you to enter the username of the account you want to hack – and then they usually have a screen showing the progress of a hack – it’s just a fake showing some scrolling code. Enough to reassure you that your hack is working.

Then comes the money shot! To get access to the password and account data you need to verify you are a human. Just enter your email, complete a survey, click on three ads, or share with 5 people you know. Other scams are available!

I have gone through with these (taking care) and guess what – in the end, you get nothing. The best result was a notification screen saying that there was an error in delivering my data. The worst just redirected me back to click on more ads in a never-ending loop.

You see, they get paid for every email, add click, or survey submission. It is extremely lucrative … and an old internet marketing trick.

Don’t believe me? Try one for yourself but don’t use an important email address or share your friend’s data. You should also check out the select fake comments at the bottom of the website pages – what a great tool!

Online Instagram hacking tools do not work – no matter how much you really want them to – move on.

Other Ways Your Account Can Be Hacked

Phishing Hacks

You may have heard of phishing attacks online – they are real and are a serious threat. I’m not going to be going into great detail on how to carry out a phishing attack to hack Instagram or anything else. I will explain what it is about.

Phishing is illegal and involves fraud and copyright abuse. It is also quite a complex process involving setting up fake websites and a data collection application. Not something the average person is going to want to do to see their kid’s Instagram pictures!

Fake websites are set up to look like the account login page from Instagram. They can be targeted and sent to the victim’s email usually prompting them to update their password.

instagram spy

The victim then goes to the fake web address and enters their username and password. The account is now compromised and the hacker has access to their account.

Phishing hacks are usually targeted at getting financial data and are a serious problem. They are not really a viable option for hacking someone’s Instagram.

Professional Hackers?

I write quite a bit about online security and spy software issues – I have some experience here.

There are people with the skills to hack almost anything these days – you’ve seen the headlines of government agencies getting hacked by kids in their bedrooms on a laptop!

Could a pro hacker hack into your Instagram account – no doubt! But think logically about this. How would you find someone with these skills? How much would it cost? Legal issues?

There is a new scam going around – fake hackers are advertising on the web that they can hack this that and the other platform … just contact this email – somedodgyhacker@gmail.

I had to close the comments on my hack-related articles because I was getting spammed by these clowns. So – you contact the email – they tell you a price – you pay … then guess what? What could go wrong?

Seriously, just don’t go there – I hear stories of people getting ripped off every week.

Hackers and online hacking tools are just going to rip you off and leave you frustrated.

In The End

If you don’t have access to your kid’s Instagram account – you really should. Their safety is your responsibility as a parent. For some, using a spy app is the best option …. consider it.

If your main aim is to keep your loved ones safe online consider the range of features available from a spy software app. If you want to know how to hack someone’s Instagram or find a reliable Instagram password hack – try an Instagram spy app.

Don’t look at just hacking Instagram – a good spy app lets you hack their phone and monitor all activity. Know what they are up to and you can protect them.

Thanks for reading and good luck.

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