Snapchat Statistics – Some Facts and Figures

Interested to know some fun and hopefully interesting Snapchat statistics? I thought we could take a look – I have to admit some of these facts and figures blew my mind!

I’m of an age where I sort of missed the whole Snapchat thing at the start. But … I have kids and you know, you have to try to keep up.

If you follow you’ll know that I cover lots of information around spy software and keeping kids safe online.

That also got me interested in this whole Snapchat thing.

I have an article – Snapchat Hack – How to Spy on Snapchat – give it a read!

Then on to the stats:

Background … History … Numbers

Snapchat has only been around since 2011 and in the intervening years has grown as a major social media platform. Its main objective is to share images and videos and to date has over 300 million monthly users.

In 2013 Mark Zuckerberg attempted to buy Snapchat for a reported $3 billion dollars..but he was turned down. He could see where this new app was going and he wanted a share of it.

Did you know he succeeded with buying Instagram? Yes – Facebook owns Instagram … makes me glad they didn’t get Snapchat!

By 2014 40% of American adults were using Snapchat on a daily basis and by the end of January 2015, 75 million people were using Snapchat.

In May of 2016 Google offers to buy Snapchat for 30 billion dollars, 10 times what Mark Zuckerberg offered only three years before.

In July 2016 Snapchat now had 150 million daily active users and it keeps on growing. In 2019 it has 190 million daily active users.

Not bad growth in eight years!

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Top Influencers – Who to Follow on Snapchat.

Search the web and you can come up with multiple lists of who to follow be they celebrities, actors or what is now known as an influencer! This is now a job title!

But, a social media influencer with 3-7 million followers can earn around $75,000 for a Snapchat post. Even someone with 50,000 – 500,000 followers can still earn $1,000 per post.

So now for the list with usernames for Snapchat:

  1. Chino -@turbanchino
  2. Ariana Grande – @moonlightbae
  3. Kim Kardashian West – @kimkardashian
  4. Chrissy Teigen – @chrissyteigen
  5. Kylie Jenner – @kylizzlmynizzl
  6. Gigi Hadid – @itsgigihadid
  7. Bella Hadid – @babybellz777
  8. Naomi Davis -@love.taza
  9. Shaun McBride -@shonduras
  10. DJ Khaled – @djkhaled

As you can see there are more women on the list but I suppose this is more to do with who uses Snapchat, young teenage girls.

Even More Interesting Snapchat Facts and Figures

Snapchat was originally called Picaboo and was a group project for the founders when they went to Stanford University. The idea came about when Reggie Brown told Evan Speigel and Murphy how he wished there had been an app that automatically deleted photos after they had been sent.

  • The Snapchat logo is called “Ghostface Chillah”
  • In 2017 Snapchat revenue was $825 M with an average revenue per user at $1.53. With the unskippable ad feature companies advertising on the platform is expected to grow.
  • Snapchat CEO Evan Speigel was the youngest billionaire in the world in 2015, he now has an estimated net worth of $2.6 billion.
  • It is the 3rd most popular app for iPhones but only 9th for android apps!
  • As of October 2018 Snapchat is the second most popular messaging app in America with 48 million active monthly users, this falls below Facebook Messenger which has 104.9 monthly users.
  • Monthly users 300 million+ globally
  • Daily active users 190 million globally
  • Number of Snaps created 3 billion
  • Average time spent on Snapchat is 30 minutes daily
  • 75% of users are under 34
  • 90% aged between 13-24
  • 70% of users are female
  • 60% of active users create new content every day with over 400 million stories created every day!

To Sum Up

As you can tell Snapchat is a popular messaging app and will continue to be part of social media for a long time to come. Make sure to check out some of my Snapchat articles to learn lots more. See this one – on how to open a Snap without the sender knowing it has been seen.

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