How to Download WhatsApp Profile Pictures of Your Friends

We all have those moments when we look at the WhatsApp profile picture (it was called a display picture (DP) back in the day) of someone on our phone and want to download and save it.

Well, you are not alone in that. It can be done with the world’s simplest pressing of a few buttons.

This guide will show you everything you need to know quickly and easily. I’ll cover a couple of different methods and add in a few extra tips.

So let’s get to it!

whatsapp profile picture download
Quick Answer:

Want to download someone’s WhatsApp profile picture – DP? It’s easy! Just open the chat window of the person whose picture you want to save, click on their picture, take a screenshot, and crop out the black edges.

If you want higher quality, use a computer or an app like All Status Saver Download. Remember though that WhatsApp is vulnerable so be sure to check your security settings too.

WhatsApp Profile Picture Download Has Changed

Back in the day, WhatsApp would let you download these display pictures directly. But in their infinite wisdom, they changed things.

If you had noticed when you opened the app and the chat window of the person whose picture you wanted to save.

If you tapped on the picture, you would see a button on the right corner of the screen and you could save the image. So easy right?

Unfortunately, after one of its upgrades, WhatsApp gave us a bunch of new features but also took this one away.

Not to worry I have a simple solution. So, here’s all you can really do now.

How to Download a WhatsApp Profile Photo Today

Here is a quick way to download a WhatsApp profile picture that works well – for any type of phone or device – Android and iPhone:

  • Step 1: Open WhatsApp.
  • Step 2: Open the chat window of the person whose picture you want to save.
  • Step 3: Click on their picture and it will show up in a circle.
  • Step 4: Click on that again and you will enter it full screen.
  • Step 5: Take a screenshot of the picture.
  • Step 6: Crop the black edges and you have the full-sized picture.

The process is the same for both Android and iPhone users. No exceptions are made here.

Of course, there is also the other downer for you to remember. Because it is a screenshot, the quality can suffer. You will have the picture but if you try to zoom in, it will pixelate (and how!).

I have a tip for a better-quality WhatsApp profile picture download.

A Tip for Better Quality Profile Picture Downloads

To help when you want a better quality image you can open WhatsApp on a desktop computer (or MAC). Take the screenshot in the same way. The image should be on a higher resolution due to the larger screen size.

For best results, you can edit the image using Photoshop to make it as sharp as possible.

Using an App to Save a WhatsApp Profile Pic Online

Now, there are some other alternatives like the All Status Saver Download app.

Android users can get this for free on Google Play. This app is a pretty great way to download pictures from someone’s status message.

But the obvious flaw in this plan is that you have to hope that they upload their picture as a status message too. If you are lucky and they do, well, then you can get that high-resolution profile picture downloaded without any problem.

If you want to be sneaky about it, just tell your friend to upload it as a status message because that’s what everyone checks.

A Note About Security

Here on, I have a lot of articles about security and hacking concerns. WhatsApp like other messenger apps is vulnerable. Check out these to see what is possible:

How to Hack WhatsApp Messages – shows how easy it can be for someone to monitor everything you do on the app. My guide to the best WhatsApp spy apps is a good one if you need to monitor your kids on the app.

Common Questions:

What is a WhatsApp DP?

WhatsApp DP stands for WhatsApp Display Picture. Now most people refer to this as your Profile Picture.

Can I download a WhatsApp DP online?

Yes, there are a few online tools that allow you to download your friends’ DP Display Picture.

How to View WhatsApp Profile Pictures of Your Friends?

To view the profile pictures of your friends on WhatsApp, simply open up their chat and tap on their name at the top of the conversation to view the profile photo.

What is the Best Way to Save WhatsApp Profile Pictures?

The best way to save WhatsApp profile pictures is to take a screenshot or use an online tool such as the All Status Saver Download app.

Parting Thoughts

Whatever your reason for wanting to download someone’s WhatsApp profile image (or DP Display Picture) you now have a couple of tricks that really work.

Did you know you could use the image to find someone’s name – I have an article about that. Here are a couple of interesting articles covering WhatsApp:

Hopefully, this post gave you some clarity on how to download WhatsApp profile pictures. The bottom line is that you can no longer save them with the tap on a button but screenshots are always an option.

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