The Best WhatsApp Spy Apps 2024 – Tried and Tested

You are looking for the best WhatsApp spy app, that’s why you are here. I’ve been in your position and I know how confusing it can be – so many sites making claims about what their spy app can do.

Are they real or are they fake?

The good news is that I have done a lot of testing – I know which spy apps work and more importantly which ones don’t when it comes to spying on WhatsApp messages.

So your child or employee has installed WhatsApp on their phone but your current spy software cannot hack it or you don’t even have spy software installed on their phone and who knows what they are talking about?

Today, I will recommend and tell you about my three favorite spy apps for monitoring WhatsApp which I have tested on Android and IOS (Apple).

So let’s get into it, shall we?

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My Recommended Apps

Let’s get straight to the point – here are the only apps I would recommend right now. Check them out for yourself and read my main reviews. Down the page, I’ll explain some important things to remember when choosing a spy app for WhatsApp.


Best social media monitoring

All iPhones supported

Best tracking features


Call listening and recording

Advanced feature list

Cheaper plans now available


Good feature list

Good support for beginners

Best for a tight budget

Why Not All Spy Apps Can Monitor WhatsApp

You may be wondering why you can see regular SMS text messages sent and received but not WhatsApp messages and there is a reason.

All spy apps can monitor regular text messages – these are sent through the phone’s native messaging system. This is true for Android phones and iPhones. Spy apps are designed to be able to record and report these types of messages.

WhatsApp is an external third-party app. Messages sent and received through it are not automatically reported by all spy apps. In fact, many spy apps do not report any messages, calls, videos, or images sent using WhatsApp.

This is obviously a problem if you are trying to monitor your kid’s use of the WhatsApp messenger app. You should also check out my main guide on how to hack WhatsApp – use it alongside this article to get as much information as you can.

Luckily the three apps in this article can spy on WhatsApp reliably.

They can also spy on many other messaging apps as well as provide a wide range of monitoring features perfect for parents wanting to monitor their kid’s phone use.

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Out of the three, in my opinion, Mspy is the best WhatsApp spy tool. There are new spy software apps popping up all the time but why would you take a risk on a new untested app when mSpy has been around for years?

I have personally tested mSpy over the years and it is the most consistent spy app, not just for WhatsApp but for other apps like Instagram, Facebook, and more recently Snapchat hacking.

What Mspy Can Monitor on WhatsApp

Like most messaging and social media apps, WhatsApp has a messaging service but you can also share videos, and photos, send voice messages, make video calls, and share files. You can also use their group chat feature with up to 256 people so it’s clear to see why so many people use it, it has a bit of everything all in one app.

With mSpy you will be able to see the messages, images, videos sent and received, see who they called, who called them, and at what time and date.

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You will also be able to view all the group chats they are in which is getting very popular amongst kids these days. You won’t be able to listen to any voice messages sent or received or listen to any calls.

In terms of the price you’ll pay and the features available – mSpy is certainly the spy app I would recommend first, not just for spying on WhatsApp but for all the apps your child may be using to communicate online.

mSpy is a great WhatsApp spy app for Android phones but it is also great for iPhones with its No Jailbreak version. This overcomes the problem of Jailbreaking the latest iPhone models.

Using the no Jailbreak method it is actually possible to see someones WhatsApp messages without having the phone and without them knowing. Just remember the legal requirements.

FlexiSPY for WhatsApp

FlexiSPY is another great spy software app that, like mSpy, I have tested over the many years it has been around. FlexiSPY covers most things you would want to see on your children’s or employees’ phones.

It has spy features covering many messaging apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and many more. It allows you to read someone’s Facebook messages and even hack someone’s phone gallery pictures – extremely powerful features.

However, it does not yet have a hack for Snapchat which is especially popular among teenagers.

What Flexispy does have that mSpy and MobiStealth don’t is the ability to listen and record any phone call, whether it is on WhatsApp or any normal phone call.

Messenger apps that allow voice calls such as WhatsApp and Skype use VOIP – voice over Internet protocol. Basically, they use the internet connection to make the voice call.

FlexiSPY is the only spy app that can listen to and record VOIP calls. If you really need this feature they are your only choice.

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This is quite an advanced piece of software and so it is more expensive than mSpy and MobiStealth. If you feel the need to listen to the phone calls your child or employee may be having then I 100% recommend spending the extra money as this spy tool works very well.

If you are only looking to read messages and look at images then go for mSpy as it is the better general spy app. If you’re willing to pay the extra money be reminded that the only extra feature you are getting is the ability to listen to phone calls and record conversations.

Umobix WhatsApp Spy App

The third and final WhatsApp spy app I will talk about is Umobix. This is another good program and is the cheapest out of three however with Umobix you won’t get as many features as on the other two recommended apps.

You will still be able to spy on WhatsApp and a few other messaging apps but won’t be able to hack popular ones like Snapchat and Twitter. Despite this, for the services that are provided, it is a consistent spy app and still one of the best on the market for what it does.

Using Umobix WhatsApp spy features you will be able to read all messages, and view all photos, videos, and files sent and received. See my guide to finding the Best Spy Apps for a great comparison of all features available.

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Other WhatsApp Spy Apps and Tools?

Here you need to be very careful, there is a lot of conflicting information online. I have had many reports of spy apps claiming to spy on WhatsApp that don’t work. I have experienced this firsthand.

WhatsApp has always been more difficult to monitor than apps like Viber or Skype – mainly due to the app permissions and its encryption features.

It seems that some apps just list it as covered by their program – even when it isn’t.

If you specifically need to spy on WhatsApp – stick to my list of the best WhatsApp spy apps. I only list a few because only a few are really worth it!

Thanks for reading.

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