How to Find New Friends on WhatsApp – Find WhatsApp Numbers Now

Looking to find new friends on WhatsApp and find their numbers? It’s not as easy as you’d think. Most of us use WhatsApp to communicate with people we already know. But it can be a great place to explore and find new people and groups.

Making friends on the internet has become quite easy thanks to the total tonnage of social media that we have had access to in the last decade or so. It is a big part of our lives.

But we all seem to keep coming back to that green-eyed monster on our phones. Yes, we are talking about WhatsApp.

If you are looking to find new contacts for your WhatsApp interactions, well, this is a good place to start. Below I’ll cover some great ways to find numbers on WhatsApp and lead you to a few tips along the way!

how to find new friends on WhatsApp

Finding WhatsApp Numbers Using Facebook

We can’t possibly talk about social media without touching upon the giant itself, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook. There are quite a few ways to find contact numbers on this social media platform.

It is also one of the easiest places to find contacts for WhatsApp to start new conversations. And luckily, the way to do it is easy.

Step 1: No matter which country you are in, just login to your Facebook account.

Step 2: In the search bar, type ‘WhatsApp’. Then click on the tab ‘Groups’ and there you have it.

Two simple steps and you will find plenty of groups that are all meant for you to find contacts and start conversations on the app.

Whether you are looking to make a friend or want to be part of a group that tosses funny videos around, you will find them all right in front of you.

Once in a group you can then interact with individuals in the group as well. New friends to go!

Finding New Friends Numbers With the VibeMeApp

There’s more. This is another easy way to find WhatsApp numbers. That is through the Vibe Me app.

It is a free application that was specifically designed to find Viber and WhatsApp contacts numbers online. All you need to do is go on their website and enter your name and phone number.

This makes you visible to the others who are also online. You will see their names and phone numbers. Just add them to your contacts and start a conversation.

You can also use the filters to select the country and age group of people who want to talk to.

Find Numbers on Meetic

Now, if you are looking for romantic options and none of the dating apps are really doing it for you, here’s a way out. Meetic is a globally popular dating website and has a neat little chatting system.

You will need to give your name, password and fill out a few other details to sign up for it. Fairly simple. You will need to create a profile and perhaps add pictures and describe what it is that you are there for, not uncommon for a dating website.

This works like a search engine in the sense that it looks for people near you.

But it also looks for people who have interests similar to yours. In that list of people, you can send anyone what is called a “crush” to tell them you like their photos. You can also just send a private message.

You can decide what information you want to share with people because Meetic puts a premium on privacy. So, no need to worry about who is accessing what data. The demographic of Meetic is vast and hard to describe.

What they suggest is that you send an email to the person you are interested in, get their WhatsApp number and take it from there.

Find Numbers on Mingle2Days

If Meetic doesn’t sound like your thing, here’s another safe option. Mingle2Days is another dating service for local singles to meet online. It also has an internal search engine that can help you look for someone nearby.

There are advanced search features that let you filter the candidates out based on your interest. Mingle2Days lets you invite someone to a WhatsApp conversation through a private messaging system.

Other Ways to Find New Friends on WhatsApp

Then there are also other apps like Whats Tracker which will help you locate WhatsApp users nearby. For this, you need to download the app and enter some information like your name, number and the country you live in.

Once you enter the app, you can select a distance range and the app will show you WhatsApp users in that distance range. You can see them as a list or as dots on a map.

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Be Careful With Your Information

I write a lot about online security here on and about hacking and spying. Sometimes getting in touch with random strangers online might not be a great idea.

It’s good practice to be careful where you share your personal information. Think carefully before reaching out all over the place!

To see just how vulnerable you could be regarding WhatsApp have a look at some of my articles – WhatsApp Hacking Guide – see how easy it is to get hacked. Then – the Best WhatsApp Spy Apps – shows you how widely used these tools are. It pays to be aware of what’s out there.

The Bottom Line

There you have it, these are a handful of ways in which you can find new friends on WhatsApp and find WhatsApp numbers. Try all of them and see which one works the best for you.

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