How to Find Out Who Blocked You on WhatsApp

Are you worried that someone has blocked you on WhatsApp because you can’t seem to get through to them? It happens. You start to feel paranoid! Maybe they have blocked you or maybe not. You need to know for sure.

The good news is I have some useful ways to check if you really have been blocked. I am a WhatsApp Block Detector!

If you want to find out who has blocked you on WhatsApp, read through some tips listed here and test them out.

They work!

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Look at Their Last Seen Status

As a starting point, open a chat window with the suspected person and see if you can see their ‘last seen’ status. This should be in the form of a timestamp right beneath their name.

If you cannot see the person’s ‘last seen’ status (that is, if nothing is visible under their name), it might mean that they have blocked you.

However, remember that this is not a foolproof method of knowing. This is because WhatsApp allows users to change their settings in which they can choose to turn off their ‘last seen’ status. This means that it won’t be visible to anyone.

If the person you want to know about has turned off their ‘last seen’, you can’t be sure if they have blocked you or not. Therefore, you should always test this out in tandem with some of the other methods listed below.

Can You See a Profile Photo?

The next step for you would be to check if you can see the person’s profile photo. If the person has blocked you, you will not be able to view their profile picture.

Once again, you must remember that this method will not guarantee that they have blocked you. Many people choose not to display their profile photos at all or may choose to remove them temporarily. This means that you won’t be able to tell for sure if your contact has blocked you or not.

Try to combine this with other methods to get a definite answer.

On the subject of profiles – I have an article about downloading WhatsApp profile photos. Might be your sort of thing.

Single Tick – You Could be Blocked

Next to the messages you send, single, double, or double blue ticks appear to indicate their delivery status. They can indicate whether your message has been sent, delivered, and read.

If your contact has blocked you on WhatsApp, however, you will only be able to see a single tick next to all your messages. This is because your contact has blocked your messages from being delivered to them.

For this method, make sure you try it multiple times to ensure that none of your messages are being delivered to the person. In some cases, if the person is not connected to the internet, the messages may not get delivered either.

For this reason, you must verify it a few times or in combination with another method.

Try a WhatsApp Voice Call to See if You Are Blocked

WhatsApp provides you with a voice calling option. In order to check if someone has blocked you, you can try calling them through this method.

If they have blocked you, you will not be able to see that they are online. Additionally, you will receive a message later saying that your call was unsuccessful and could not go through. Typically, this means that the person has blocked you.

This is usually an effective way to tell that you have been blocked. Sometimes, however, it may simply be that the person is not currently available. In such a case, you can try this method again at a later point.

Set Up a New Group Test

Another technique that will give you definite clarity about finding out who has blocked you is creating a new group on WhatsApp.

In this new group, try adding the person that you suspect has blocked you. If they have not blocked you, you will be able to add them easily to the group without facing any issues. If, however, they have blocked you, then you may not be able to add them to this (or any) group.

In this case, you will get a message saying that you are not authorized to add them to the group. This will clear all your doubts and give you a solid answer to your suspicions about being blocked by the contact.

Other Tips

In addition to some of the above methods, you can also choose to download external apps like mSpy that will monitor your WhatsApp activity and other social media platforms.

Through this app, you will definitely be able to tell that someone has blocked you. It is basically hacking your WhatsApp messenger.

This app, however, must be purchased. Make sure you go through the price details and other features of the mSpy app before you decide to download it.

In addition, it would be a good idea to try out a combination of all the methods listed above.

This way, you can easily find out if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp. We recommend doing this because simply trying one method may not prove to be entirely accurate.

There are several other factors that determine the reasons behind some of these methods, such as the person being offline or busy. This is why you must use these methods and tips one after the other to make sure.

For instance, after checking their ‘last seen’ status, move on to their profile picture and then to voice calling or trying to add them to a group.

How Can I Contact the Person Who Blocked Me?

If a person has blocked you on WhatsApp, you will not be able to contact the person on that app. However, you can try to contact them on other messaging apps or social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and others or simply by texting or calling them.

It might be possible that the person may have blocked you on these other messaging or social media platforms as well. In this case, it might be difficult for you to be able to contact them virtually.

Can I Unblock Myself on WhatsApp?

Unfortunately, there is nothing much that you can do to unblock yourself if someone else has blocked you unless you directly try asking the person.

Make sure you do not go overboard to find out who has blocked you, as it might result in the person blocking you everywhere or reporting you. This could lead to you losing access to some features on your messaging apps or social media platforms.

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The Final Word

In this article, you have been introduced to different methods, tips, and tricks to find out who blocked you on WhatsApp.

The main methods include checking the person’s ‘last seen’ status, checking if you can view their profile picture, trying to make a voice call to them, and trying to add them to a group.

If most or all of these methods check out, then you can know for sure that your contact has blocked you on WhatsApp.

If you still want to make sure, you can also download apps like mSpy to find out.

Apart from this, WhatsApp will not be able to give you a more direct method to let you know that someone has blocked you. This is something that WhatsApp has set up in order to protect the privacy of the person who chooses to block someone.

You can also try contacting the person through other apps to get some clarity.

Now that you know how to find out who has blocked you on WhatsApp, go ahead and try out these methods. Now you are a WhatsApp Block Detector! Make sure you try all of the main tricks to receive a definite answer.

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