Can Someone Hack Your iPhone Remotely?

Apple has made great strides when it comes to beefing up the security of its mobile devices. However, many people are still worried that their iPhones could be hacked remotely.

It’s a common question that comes up regularly and in this article, we will focus on whether an iPhone could be hacked remotely.

Before I carry on let’s clear up what remote hacking actually means. To me, the true definition is that someone could hack into your iPhone without having access to it at all.

This true remote hacking is possible but as I explain below very unlikely.

Now consider the case of some spy apps. Some claim you can remotely hack an iPhone using their services. This can be true … sort of, with certain limitations.

Firstly some make these claims based on the fact you can monitor the phone activity remotely – once the software is installed on the phone. Well, you can but I don’t believe this is what most people think of when they hear about remote hacking!

Most think this means you can remotely install spy apps – which you can’t!

Secondly, there is a method to spy on someone’s phone using a so-called no jailbreak method. mSpy without Jailbreak is a spy app service that offers the possibility of remotely hacking an iPhone through its iCloud backups. See my guide looking at iCloud Hacking for more details.

These do work and in some cases, you would not even need any access to the target device. But again you need to look into the details of how they work.

You must have the user’s Apple ID and Password and their phone must be set up to use iCloud backups. They must also have two-factor authentication turned off.

As you would imagine this is all great if you need to monitor your child’s iPhone but is hardly likely to be a practical remote hacking method on some stranger. Which would also be illegal anyway!

With all that in mind let’s continue ….

can your iphone be hacked remotely?

So, Can It Be Done?

This might surprise most people, but you should know that remotely hacking an iPhone is quite possible, and can be done. But, the chances of it happening to an ordinary person are very low.

Why? Here are a few reasons that might put things in perspective for you:

True Remote Hacking Is Incredibly Expensive

While there have been a few cases in the past where iOS devices have been hacked, you need to understand that remote hacking isn’t something that you can do while sitting on your computer.

Several systems could technically pull this off – using a Stingray for example.

The equipment required to pull off a true remote hack is incredibly expensive, costing upwards of $100,000. So to justify this level of spending you would need to be someone with a lot of value.

Obviously, most of us aren’t considered “high-value targets,” per se. As a result of that getting remotely hacked is not something that you need to worry about. It is quite rare for hackers to be able to afford this kind of software and go to such extremes.

As a result, hackers will simply not bother hacking an iPhone device using these remote methods.

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remote hacking is expensive

Vulnerabilities in iOS Are Patched

Apple has a very strict policy to ensure that their devices remain safe, and the company does an excellent job of upholding it. As soon as a vulnerability is detected in its operating system, the company patches it up right away.

More importantly, there is a separate department that is constantly assessing risks and patching up any vulnerabilities that might arise.

As soon as a vulnerability is detected, it is fixed almost immediately. You might have noticed that security updates are released by the company quite often and that’s simply to patch up any kind of vulnerability.

This is one of the best benefits that you get for choosing an Apple device over an Android one simply because the company regularly runs security updates. Google usually rolls out one big update for different kinds of devices.

Those Who Claim to Offer Remote Hacking Usually Lie

Another thing that you should know is that many people who claim to offer remote hacking usually fail to do so. Remote hacking, as we have talked about, costs a considerable amount of money.

If you are thinking of downloading an app that costs $5 and that could be used for remote hacking, you should know that it’s not going to work.

Most people nowadays use two-factor authorization with their Apple IDs, so it’s going to be virtually impossible for someone to remotely hack your device without using highly sophisticated equipment.

This is perhaps one of the main reasons why so many people end up getting defrauded; they buy useless apps and software programs that simply don’t work. You should avoid buying such programs because they are just plain useless.

What Steps Can You Take to Protect Yourself?

As mentioned, the risk of being hacked is considerably low (remotely), but there are a few additional steps that you can take to protect yourself even more.

You should always have a good sense of security around your phone. Simple things like keeping it locked and away from strangers. Check if your iPhone has spyware on it – I have an article about how to detect spyware on an iPhone – follow that guide for some useful tips.

I also go into more detail in my article how to detect the WebWatcher app on an iPhone. It uses the so-called no Jailbreak method.

If you think you have been hacked using some spyware see my article on how to remove spyware from your iPhone – lots more information there.

But of course, prevention is always better than the cure – so see how to stop someone reading text messages on your iPhone for a great guide.

Here are a few steps that you can take to ensure that you never leave yourself exposed.

Install Powerful Anti-Spyware

There are a bunch of powerful software programs that are designed to detect spyware on your device and protect your phone from external hacks. Hackers are likely to use a variety of different methods to gain access to your device but installing a powerful anti-spyware program can add another layer of security to your device.

There are plenty of powerful anti-spyware tools that offer live monitoring and protect you from harm.

Add Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication, also known as 2FA, is one of the best ways to beef up security. It is one of the best things that you can do to protect yourself and adds a pretty robust layer of security to your account. Just be aware that 2FA isn’t always safe from hackers – read this to see what I mean.

Even if someone figures out the password to your Apple device, they won’t be able to access it if you have two-factor authentication enabled on your device.

use strong passwords to protect from iPhone hacking

When they add the password, another security code will be sent to your mobile device or another email. As long as you don’t add that in, the hacker will not be able to gain access to your device.

All Apple devices now support two-factor authentication and you can even add extra security questions to beef up the security of your device.

Think you need extra help with your cell phone security? I have a Premium Security Guide created to help you detect any spy software on your device for sure. It also has advanced steps to remove any spy apps and spyware plus great tips to stay secure. You can check it out here:

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To Sum Up

Keeping your iPhone safe and secure is not really rocket science. You just need to be a bit particular about how you use the device and prioritize security above all else.

For instance, when setting up a password to your Apple device, make sure you use a few symbols, upper and lower case letters, and of course numbers. Better still use a secure password app or fingerprint password.

This will ensure that your device remains safe and secure and even brute force won’t be able to hack your passwords. Apple has also released a comprehensive list of steps that you can take to secure your device.

In case you lose your phone and find it after a while, there is always a risk that someone might install spyware on your device. If that is the case one of the best things that you can do is carry out a complete factory reset.

It is going to get rid of all the applications on your phone and return it to its original state. A factory reset is a simple way to remove a hacker from your iPhone.

These are just some of the simplest ways to protect yourself against hacks, both remote or in person. As long as you take these steps, you won’t have much to worry about when it comes to hacks.

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