How to Hide the Cydia App Icon After Jailbreaking an iPhone

This is a question I get asked quite a bit – How to Hide the Cydia App. As this site is mainly about different types of monitoring software you can understand why people might need to hide the Cydia App icon and the fact that the phone has been Jailbroken.

I’ll show you a quick and easy way to get rid of the Cydia icon without removing the program – and help you disguise the fact that the phone has been Jailbroken. The best bit is that it is totally free!

Why Hide Cydia?

If you plan to install cell phone spy apps on to any Apple device – iPhone or iPad, it first needs to be Jailbroken. I cover this in detail with this article about Jailbreaking.

When the device has been Jailbroken it leaves an App on the home screen – the Cydia app. Not so secret if you suddenly have a big new App icon on your screen! If you don’t want the person to know about the Jailbreak, you need to hide this Cydia icon.

Obviously for anyone interested in monitoring a cell phone …. this app can be a big giveaway!

Cydia is basically where you can find all the software apps – not supplied by Apple, a bit like a store. You can’t totally remove it easily without removing the Jailbreak and you don’t want to do that.

hide jailbreak

I have to give credit to this article (and others) for this tip.

Here’s what you do.

Open Cydia and search for an app called “SBSettings” – download and install it for free. This app can do a few things but all we are interested in is that it can hide app icons from the main home screen.

Once it is installed, open SBSettings and hit “settings” – “more” – “hide icons”. You will see a list of all icons on the phone and beside them a slider you can set to ON or Off.

Find Cydia on the list and set the slider to OFF. Off means that the icon will be hidden.

You can also hide the SBSettings app icon – just to be extra safe.

That is it, the Cydia icon will be removed from the home screen but the app is not uninstalled. Hiding the Cydia App takes away the most obvious sign that the device has been Jailbroken and the person will be none the wiser.

This is the easiest way to hide the Cydia icon that I have found and it works every time – Now you know!

How to “Unhide” Cydia and SB Settings?

hide cydia icon
Need to hide Cydia?

So, you have hidden the app icons for Cydia and SB Settings – what if you need to get them back, to change something or hide other apps?

It’s easy – just swipe the staus bar to the right or left (the default activation for SB Settings) and tap “more” then tap “hide icons”  from here you can toggle to hie or show items.

Need to know How to Jailbreak an iPhone? – this article gives you all you need to know and it is easy!

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It is totally different to regular spy software like the FlexiSPY app and is not installed on the target phone – offers more limited monitoring but better than nothing.
I explain more in the main spy app reviews section.

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