Remote Install Spy Software – Always a Scam?

This question just will not go away – Can you install phone spy software remotely – without having access to the target cell phone? I’m going to explain in detail why these claims are scams and how you can spot them and avoid getting ripped off!

Remote-install spy apps are usually fake … I will explain why.

You’ve probably seen them, claims that spy apps can be installed remotely by sending a mysterious text or simply by entering the number associated with the target device.

Plus the best part is, this all comes at a low fixed price – or so they claim!

Is this too good to be true? Well, if you’re curious about the truth behind all these claims you may want to read on further.

Remote Cell Spy Scams

There are many reasons why any software that’s being marketed online with claims that they can be installed remotely should set off red flags. For starters, whenever people contact me about these remote install spy software apps, 9 out of 10 complain that they’ve been ripped off.

In some cases the software doesn’t deliver on its claims and other times they are simply non-existent – they’ll send you a fake and potentially harmful file. Scary, right?

If “Remote Installation” is a part of the slogan for the software you might want to turn the other way instead of setting yourself up for disappointment.

Now this is not to say that every spy software you come across is a SCAM. mSpy , MobiStealth, and Flexispy are legitimate mobile monitoring software programs on the market that I have reviewed personally – I recommend that you go check them out!

If nothing else you will quickly see what a legitimate spy company website looks like.

spy without access

How to Install Spy Software on Cell Phone Remotely – The Truth

Some companies are using a play on words to trick you. You can’t Install spy apps Remotely – FACT. There are spy apps that can potentially spy on a cell phone without having it physically. But there is no Installation of a spy app in this case. I explain more below.

Many of these new spy phone apps are claiming they can magically grant you access to your target device without you even touching it. In truth, all legit mobile spy apps will require that you have access to the target device at some point.

So, if you don’t have access to your target device then you have a problem.

However, is it possible to bypass this and spy on a password-protected phone without it EVER BEING IN YOUR POSSESSION? Can any of these spy software deliver on this claim?

Think your phone is hacked? I have a very detailed guide about that very subject – check it out!

Somewhat – There’s An Exception

Some spy apps now offer an alternative way to spy on an iPhone  – without Jailbreaking and without having the phone in your possession – possibly!  No software is actually needed on the target phone hence no Jailbreak is required.

They work by gaining access to the user’s backups in iCloud and reporting the changes. mSpy for instance carries a No Jailbreak version allowing you to see WhatsApp messages without access to the phone for example.

I go into more detail about these methods in my guide – mSpy Without Jailbreaking Explained – have a look there.

But of course, this is entirely different from what scammers are claiming their software can do.

This solution simply allows you to monitor data Apple users may have stored on iCloud as a backup and provide you with a report. It does not use actual software on the target device. Reports are generated by online access to the iCloud backups for the device – all done in your web browser, without any software being installed.

In fact, the features are generally limited when compared to proper phone spy apps. And there are limitations.

This system requires that you have the Apple ID and password associated with the target device and this is not always possible. I cover this in more detail in my full review of mSpy and my article about the best hacking apps for iPhones.

Also, remember that this is completely different from what scammers are claiming their software can do. Check out my article – can someone hack your iPhone remotely?

Legal Note – the same legal guidelines apply to hacking a phone using this No Jailbreak method.

remote install spy scam

Now, Let’s Get Back To The Remote Install Spy App Scams!

It doesn’t matter what your motive is. Whether you’re trying to spy on your significant other, or employees during work hours, or carry out a malicious act (God forbid!), purchasing software that can be installed remotely is almost unbelievable. And that’s because it usually is.

Any software developer making these claims is typically out to scam people by telling them what they want to hear and luring them into purchasing junk software. Of course, these spyware apps are generally the most tempting but they also should set off the most red flags.

It is not unlikely for a situation to arise that forces you to drop your defense. A lot of the times people contact me to express their concern about their kids’ safety – and this is when these scam software are more tempting.

However, it doesn’t matter how much you go in hoping that it delivers on what it claims it can do – it usually won’t. Save yourself the trouble!

I’ll explain more about why you shouldn’t fall into these traps.

Can I Spy On Someone with Spy Apps Without Access to Their Phone?

To cut to the chase – absolutely not! You simply won’t be able to spy on someone unless you have the opportunity to install software to their phone manually. If remote installation was possible then all the older spy software developers would be out of business already – or offering it as an option.

Remote installation of spy apps is simply NOT POSSIBLE. If it were it would be ILLEGAL. The best spy phone software companies have been around for years and do not make these claims – they are legitimate businesses selling real software that is legal and works!

Bluetooth Spy Misconceptions

Many claim remote installation is possible using the ploy that everything can be done using Bluetooth technology. There are several huge problems here.

For starters, on any Apple device (iPhone iPad, etc.) – unless you jailbreak the target device, you won’t be able to install any programs that are not approved by the Apple Store.

It does not matter how the installation files are sent to the target device – No Jailbreak means no installation.

If the phone is jailbroken, they will claim you’ll need to connect to it using Bluetooth as opposed to downloading directly onto the device.

remote cell spy

The problem is, to set up a Bluetooth connection both devices will need to have Bluetooth wireless technology and the target user will need to accept a request to connect with the other device. Plus it gets more complicated.

Both devices will need to be within a specific range (usually within the same room) to establish a connection. At best you can get a working range of about 20-30 feet!

It’s simply not possible for you to just call someone in a different location and begin spying on them – this is just not practical and just too good to be true.

They will need to accept a request to pair with your device via Bluetooth and be within range of the device.

Even then – if all that did miraculously work – monitoring would only happen within the small range of Bluetooth connectivity.

When you decide to use a phone spy app that claims to offer remote installation you’ll just end up with junk files and sometimes these may not even be suited for your device.

The vast majority of these developers are actually distributing outdated files that can no longer be opened, let alone come through on remote installation. Pure spy software scams!

Can a Spy App be Installed Remotely by Sending a Secret File?

This is a tagline used by many spy app companies making this claim and while I hate to sound like a broken record – it’s always a scam; not to mention illegal – if it worked!

The usual claim is that you can send someone an innocent-looking file as an attachment – and when they open it, the spy app will secretly install on the target device. After all you hear the warnings about viruses and phishing scams working like this – and how you should never open suspicious attachments.

So that could work … right?

Well, no. Remember these companies are openly selling this software online. Do you ever see a company (or individual) openly selling viruses, Trojans, or malware online? No – because it is illegal and they would face prosecution.

The irony here is that it would appear that it is okay to advertise false claims and sell bogus products that do not work. But if the spying software did work – the seller would be prosecuted and closed down. The authorities need to act to stop these false claims!

I can’t say it enough… any spying app that promises remote installation is a scam.

Throughout this article, I am referring to spy apps and their remote installation but remember there are illegal hacking methods that can present a real threat to your online security. See my article – Can Someone Hack My Phone by Texting Me for a detailed explanation of these hacking methods.

Remote Cell Spy Reviews – Trust Google Sometimes

Google is always a good place to go seek answers if you are thinking about investing in spy software. If you think the software may be a scam go to Google search and enter the name of the software along with the word “scam.” You should find real reviews from people who have used the software and are in a position to confirm if it’s a scam or not.

Also, fair warning, be on the lookout for reviews claiming this software to be AWESOME. Many software developers will go as far as to hire writers to write positive reviews about their software without even using it.

Many of these reviews are written by freelance writers who know exactly what to say to convince prospective buyers that the software is magical. They know nothing about the software and are simply doing their job to get paid regardless of the fact that it’s not the truth.

And once Google gets flooded with actual reviews calling out the product as a scam then they’ll simply rebrand it and start the process all over again.

I won’t go into all the scams (they keep changing their brand names anyway) but there is some stand out offenders:

  • (also called Easyspy) – Just search for remotecellspy reviews and have a look. Would you buy that?
  • – Look for some of the SpyWhizz reviews!!
  • Cell Spy Stealth – scam
  • Wireflex spy software
  • Phonespector – check out the Phonespector reviews

The point is, that none of these programs will work. Here’s how you can make sure that you do not fall into their traps.

Red Flag Warning Signs – Spot the Fakes

Once a company claims that its software can be installed remotely, your instinct should be to turn the other way. No legitimate company will release this sort of software online and put themselves in legal trouble.

In addition to the false claim of providing remote installation, they’ll also use tag lines such as no monthly fees, free upgrades, and one-time payment. The problem is that they already know that you won’t want an upgrade – by then you would have figured out that they are scammers.

scam warning

They make it seem like you are getting the best deal ever by offering a number of bonuses with the software. Most of the time these bonuses have nothing to do with the software that they are offering and most legit companies will not do these things.

You may also want to compare the same website to that of a legit company. Legitimate companies would typically have different content on their website; with professionally written and informative articles.

Scam websites typically feature less written content and generally carry more videos and reviews calling the software “AWESOME.”

You can usually spot them without even looking too hard.

If the price is too low, be on the alert. Of course, some legit software companies will offer their products at an affordable rate. However, any software that could actually provide you with remote access to a phone wouldn’t be cheap – not with the legal risks. It should raise a number of red flags.

You might also want to look at the payment options offered by the business. Most businesses that have nothing to be afraid of will offer PayPal as a payment option so that buyers can file a dispute if they wish.

This is not to say all legit businesses use PayPal but scammers will generally stay away from these payment options.

There are a number of other red flags that you can be on the lookout for. Not just for spy software but most things you purchase online. They say “Things aren’t always what they seem,” and with good reasons.

In this aspect, take everything you see online with a grain of salt. Do your research before investing your money. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

So What About The Government? Do They Have Remote Phone Spy Software?

I get tons of questions and theories that I’ll have to keep to myself about how different organizations, companies, and individuals are supposedly targeted by the government.

I never discuss illegal actions on this website – but some of the things people ask is quite amazing!

And if you have not been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you may know about NSA monitoring systems and all of the scandals surrounding how everyone is spying on everyone else! It seems to be big news recently.

The fact is, the government would not be spying on you or any organization with software sold commercially for $29.99 !

Also in all honesty, if the government or any major organization was monitoring your phone, you would never know about it much less be able to prove it.

The government might have their own methods but rest assured that your crazy exes have no means of installing spy software on your phone remotely. Of course, you may want to keep your distance from them to prevent them from ever getting your phone in their hands. Or at least don’t leave your phone lying around.

Laws Are There To Protect You

Remotely installing cell phone spy software – if it could work – would be highly illegal. This is ultimately a good thing, and important. Imagine a world where anyone could view all of your phone and online activity just by entering your phone number into an app. Not good.

It is bad enough to know that some people will use regular, legitimate spy apps to spy on others in illegal and unethical ways. But at least in these circumstances, you can take steps to protect your devices – and to detect spy apps on your phone. There are also easy ways to unhack your phone and remove all spy apps.

The kicker is that most companies offering these bogus remote programs – just make these false claims and sell you a program that does not work or even exist. Incredible!

Be Smart

Stay away from any spy software that claims to offer remote installation. Even if you find one or two reviews praising the product online, you shouldn’t let your guard down – the company is probably behind the review.

The companies doing this build their revenues by making false claims rather than providing a working product and they should be prosecuted.

I have NOT come across a single case of remote install phone spy software actually working as claimed!

And I have tried a few just to find out. In fact, my email is crowded with angry comments from people calling these companies out for their fraudulent acts – try not to fall into these traps.

Trust your instincts and pass this article on to your friends.

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