How To Spy On An iPhone With and Without Installing Software

I cover a lot of information on this website about various cell phone spy apps but I wanted this section to be aimed solely at how to spy on an iPhone. iPhone spy programs have several important things to think about – different to Android spy solutions.

I’ll explain what you need to do and how things work a little differently with iPhone monitoring. I’ll cover how you can spy on an Apple device with and without access in some cases.

Not long ago it was nearly impossible to monitor iPhone users with a spy application. Mobile spy software programs were first made to target Blackberry and Android smartphone users.

Today, a spy software is not considered to be good unless it can spy on iOS devices – be it the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Now let’s look at your best options and learn how to spy on an iPhone.

iPhone spy software

How to Spy On an iPhone – 2 Ways for iOS Users

Let’s make a few things clear before we move on to the meat of the matter. Currently there are only two effective ways to spy on an iPhone or iPad etc. – iOS users.

When I refer to an iPhone spy – just take it that this also covers any internet enabled iOS device such as an iPod, iPad or iPhone.

Now on to the 2 main methods that really work.

1. Using Full Version iPhone Spy Apps

That’s legitimate spy programs that have to be installed through physical interaction with the device – not like those fake software programs being marketed with claims of remote installation.

I’m referring to reliable spy apps, like those I’ll discuss below – and are reviewed on this website. See my list of recommended spy software apps – it gives a full breakdown,comparing features and prices.

These have to be downloaded and installed on to a target device that has to be Jailbroken first. There’s only one way to get around Jailbreaking the target phone – that’s by using an entirely different product that does not have to be installed at all.

Confused? Read on to learn more.

Think your iPhone might be Hacked? – check this guide out to find out for sure, it covers everything you need to find out if your iPhone has been hacked.

Use a No Installation iPhone Spy App

I chose my words carefully just now to make it clear that this option is NOT the same popular full version iPhone spying app software. No software is installed!

In fact this option is still fairly new and only offered by a limited number of companies. These monitoring products do not need you to install anything on the target device nor does it have to be Jailbroken.

And before you jump the gun, let’s make it clear that this is not the same thing that those scamming companies are claiming that they can do.

To monitor a device with one of these products, you’ll need the Apple ID and password for the device you intend to monitor and iCloud backup must be enabled. Having their iCloud credentials is absolutely necessary.

These products generally do not offer the wide range of features that you’ll find on full software programs. If you’re looking for unlimited monitoring features you’ll need a full version spy software program.

The good thing is that most of these companies are now offering a no Jailbreak version along with their regular spying program. Read on for more on this.

No Jailbreak iPhone Spy Software

This is the newest way for spying on iOS users – without Jailbreaking the device. Jailbreaking has always been a turnoff for people who are interested in using a cell phone spy app.

Some are afraid that it will damage their phone while others believe it’s too complicated for them.

Well, a couple of companies heard a lot of their complaints and responded by creating this no jailbreak option. mSpy, XNSpy and MobiStealth both offer this service right now.

Currently mSpy is winning with its No Jailbreak Version

mSpy offers one of the best solutions for you to hack an iPhone without having to go through the whole Jailbreaking process.  While it’s a good option for people who don’t want to jailbreak the device – it does have a few limitations.

iphone monitoring apps

To use this method – you will need the Apple ID and password associated with it – the target phone iCloud credentials. Also iCloud backups have to be enabled. It’s a good option if you’re just looking to monitor your children’s iPhones.

If their phone is not set up to backup information on the iCloud service, you will need to do it for the program to work. Other than that you won’t need to come into physical contact with the phone.

Using your mSpy login you’ll be able to view reports sent from the user’s iCloud backup interface to mSpy’s Online Dashboard – no software is involved. A downside is that reporting is not done in real time.

You’ll have to rely on information sent to iCloud’s backup, be it call logs or messages sent from the device. See my article about the no Jailbreaking version of mSpy for a full run down of how it works and what it covers.

With the current version you can review text messages, online activities, call logs, contact list, apps installed, and mobile message apps like Instagram, Line, Skype, SnapChat, Viber and WhatsApp.

You can even hack into someone’s Facebook account and see their FB messages – not bad if you ask me.

The Price

mSpy no jailbreak iCloud version comes with the same price tag as the regular version – see my review page for a special discount !

MobiStealth No Jailbreak Version

They have recently released their No Jailbreak version to compete with mSpy. It works in the same way and offers a new alternative. See my main review for all the details.

XNSPY No Jailbreak

XNSpy are one of the newer spy programs to offer a No Jailbreak iPhone monitoring app version for iCloud. It is very similar to mSpy and what I like about this one is their well designed Dashboard – where all the reporting takes place.

They have done a good design job making it easy to use.

Now let’s look at Full iPhone spy software programs (installed versions).

Full Spy Programs For iOS users

The full spy programs that I’m referring to are those that have to be installed manually and require that the target phone has been Jailbroken.

The three most reliable spying programs on the market that fall under this category are:

They are all good and offer some great unique features for iPhone (I encourage you to read my full reviews on each). So, it’s always best to look at the features offered by each program and determine which is best for you.

Maybe you’re looking to improve productivity at your company by ensuring that employees spend less time on Instagram. Or you could just be a concerned parent that’s looking to monitor your children’s online activities.

Of all the software that I have reviewed and recommend, I can honestly say that none is better – it all depends on what each individual user perceives as “better” for them.

Why Is Jailbreaking A Must For Regular Software?

Apple tends to make things a lot more complicated when it comes to installing new software. In a nutshell, if the software is not approved by the Apple Store then it’s almost impossible to install it – without jailbreaking the phone that is.

Needless to say, these spy programs we’re referring to are not a part of the Apple brand.

For this reason, it doesn’t matter which program you choose to use – be it mSpy, Flexispy or MobiStealth, you’ll need to jailbreak if it is an Apple device.

You may think that you’re not savvy enough to jailbreak a device but it’s not as difficult as it sounds. The main thing to keep in mind is that you will not be able to install the spy software until the phone is jailbroken.

Also, the software will need to support the target device’s operating system i.e. you have to download a software that matches the OS version that you are using.

Keep in mind that Apple updates their OS very regularly – think of it as a way to stick it to their competitors. Once Apple updates the operating system, most companies will develop a new jailbreak for that specific system and update the spy software accordingly.

how to spy iphones

It might sound like a lot to keep in mind, but trust me – it’s easier than you think. I myself am not the most tech savvy person but I’ve managed to do it multiple times over the last few years – and I hate iPhones!

Once you download the software that suits the current operating system on the device then you should not have any issues.

If it all seems too much – FlexiSpy and mSpy now offer a full installation service. For a few extra dollars they will have a tech support Jailbreak your device and install their software for you.

So now that you understand the importance of jailbreaking your device, and you know about matching it with the OS version of the phone, now you just need to know how to find the best software for YOU.

Let’s start by taking a look at the three most reliable iPhone spy programs – which I mentioned earlier.

mSpy Full Version for iPhones

mSpy regular version for iPhone is giving Flexispy a run for its money by offering many of the small features at a lower price. While they still do not offer live call interception like Flexispy, they do offer some amazing features.

mSpy has built a name for themselves in the market pretty quickly mainly because of the innovative approach that they took to making the software as user-friendly as possible.

They currently have over 1 million users – they must be giving customers what they want.

Their regular iPhone version gives you all the standard features in addition to a few advanced features covering mobile message apps and social network monitoring. 

You can set up email alerts, block specific numbers, and prevent some apps from being downloaded to the target device. Plus you can monitor activities on the phone from the reports dashboard. It will report all call and text logs accurately. It is one of my recommended iMessage spy apps.

Additionally, mSpy is one of the most reliable companies when it comes to customer support.


mSpy now offers only their Premium product for iPhone and Android. This includes their No Jailbreak soulution that works on all iPhone versions.

The Premium is offered for $69.99 per month and up to $199.99 per year. But you can save big with my exclusive discounts on my review page!

Read the full mSpy review.

FlexiSPY for the iPhone

FlexiSPY is very much the top end of the mobile monitoring industry. Their  software is always up to date with the latest iPhone OS versions and they offer some of the most advanced spy features that you can find today.

Basic Features

It offers all basic features including monitoring for call logs, text, images, videos, contact list and real time GPS tracking and reports.

FlexiSPY Extreme Features

FlexiSPY advanced features include mobile messaging app monitoring (e.g. Skype and WhatsApp), social media monitoring, password cracker, and live call interception. Users can also activate the microphone on the target device remotely and activate spy camera.

It’s hands down one of the most advanced spy software for iPhone offering features such as live Spy Call, which allows you to listen in on conversations and record them. No other companies currently offer this feature.

They also have a full 10 day money – and they do honor it!

The only downside to this device is its price tag – for the Extreme version that is.

The Price

FlexiSPY offers two versions: Extreme and Premium Flexispy. Premium is available for $68 monthly or an annual payment of $149 in full.

The Extreme version is priced higher at $199 for 3 months and up to $349 per year. As you might have guessed, you will need the Extreme version to access most of the advanced features.

They also offer installation services for a fee.  With this a member of their support team will guide you through the entire installation and iPhone jailbreaking process. If you’re not sure  if you can get through the installation process without help, you should considering using this service.

If you’re looking for advanced features, then cost should not matter to you – FlexiSPY is a win.

Remember to check out my full Flexispy review.

MobiStealth Regular iPhone Monitoring

MobiStealth also offers a regular iOS spy app that will require that you Jailbreak the iOS device that you intend to install it to. They may not be just as successful in the industry as the other two, but they’ve made some impressive recent improvements – the sales speak for themselves.

They may not be as well-known as the programs mentioned above but they seem to be doing some things right. Their software offers all of the standard features that you would expect and they’ve recently released a no jailbreak version – as mentioned above.

The Cost

MobiStealth also offers several packages covering their iPhone spy app. The Lite package and the Premium package. The Lite package is offered for $49.99 for three months and up to $99.99 annually while the Pro package is available for $79.99 for three months and up to $139.99 per year.

The company has been working really hard to improve their credibility – and have a reliable program. I suggest you check them out.

Check out my full MobiStealth review.

Ultimately It Boils Down To What You Want To Monitor

The three spy programs I mentioned above are definitely not the only ones on the market. However, from my experience they are the most reliable and you can rest assured that you won’t be ripped off.

Of course I don’t review every program. I figured that I’d sort out the bad apples and review and recommend only the best.

They all have something to offer – Flexispy live call interception, mSpy amazing tracking features, and MobiStealth’s affordability. It all depends on what you’re looking for – I honestly can’t tell you which one to buy.

Ensure that you read my full review on all three software programs to figure out which one will help you to achieve our goal, fit your budget, and is compatible with your iPhone’s OS system.

Check my main Spy Apps Guide to learn all about how these programs work.


You now have options when you want to spy iPhone products – and hopefully this guide has explained the most important points!

Remember that the No Jailbreak monitoring versions will cost you as much as the Jailbreak versions. I suggest you try the Jailbreak version then revert to the non-jailbreak version if it fails (highly unlikely). This way you will have access to the most advanced features.

If you’re still not clear on everything then feel free to leave me a question below – and remember, it’s always good to follow the law when using these apps!

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