How to Root Your Android Phone – the Simple Guide

Rooting your Android – sounds techie and complicated but it can be easy if you follow this simple guide. You don’t need to get bogged down in details you just need to get it done – right?

This article explains the easy way to Root your Android device – for everyone!

I’ll explain what Rooting an Android means, why you might want to do it and then a step by step guide to show you how to root your Android phone with as little fuss as possible.

Rooting can be done on devices running the Android Operating Systemcell phones and tablets.

What is Rooting and Why You Need to Know?

Technically, Rooting refers to hacking or adapting the phone’s Operating System to allow apps and software – Root permission or Root Access. If that sounds a bit foreign, all you need to know is that by running a small software program, you can allow certain apps to work freely on your phone or Android device.

Rooting is similar to Jailbreaking an iPhone and allows all sorts of modifications – if you are tech minded.

Most people only consider Rooting when they need to, in order to run a specific app.


Certain apps and software programs need this Root permission in order to work properly. If you want the freedom to install and use the software you choose, you will need to Root your Android.

This website is mostly about different types of Phone Spy Apps and if you want to get the most from some of these programs you should consider Rooting your phone.

To use programs like MSpy and the Flexispy app you don’t need to Root the phone – but some of the advanced reporting features will not work unless you do.

Features such as hacking WhatsApp, Snapchat Hack or how to hack Instagram – Gmail and most social messenger apps – all need the phone to be Rooted.

As I said, it is not necessary for most features to work but in my experience you should Root your phone to get the best results – plus it’s really easy, once you lose the fear! A Rooted phone may be a sign that your Android phone has been hacked.

Mspy and Flexispy both have installation services available to make things really easy. They will Root your device and install the spy app professionally for a small fee – well worth it if you are not confident!

how to root android

What are the Risks with Rooting?

If you take care and follow the instructions there are none. When Android first came out, Rooting was a very complicated procedure but with time it has been simplified and the modern Rooting Apps are safe and easy to use – even if you are not very technical. If you follow the instructions and Backup your device, you will not Brick or harm your phone and remember it is totally reversible.

Before You Begin

Backup your Android Phone or device. Do not skip this step. It will keep all of your data on the phone safe but more importantly, this backup will allow you to restore your phone operating system if something was to go wrong during Rooting.

I have put together some easy to follow guides to help you with the backup and restore process for Apple devices and Android devices – works for phone and tablets :

How to Backup an iPhone

How to Restore an iPhone

How to Backup Android

How to Restore Android

It’s up to you how you make your backup – some phones have PC software suites allowing backup, some people use Google Sync – check out this article if you are stuck – Android Phone Backup Guide.

Make sure your phone battery is fully charged before you begin – it matters!

One last thing – you need to enable USB debugging on your phone. On your phone go to Settings – Applications – Development – and make sure Enable USB Debugging is checked. See the screenshot.

Rooting App Downloads

The app I’m going to be showing you in this guide is SuperOneClick. I have tried some of the others but SuperOneClick is the easiest to use and it supports the biggest range of cell phones and OS versions. Try it first and if it doesn’t work you can try one of the others.

Click on this link to download SuperOneClick to your computer.

The download is a Zip file – if you don’t know how to open Zip files go to my article How to Jailbreak your iPhone – it has instructions on how to open this type of file.

Alternatives to SuperOneClick – EasyRoot, Unrevoked, Z4Root and Universal AndRoot just Google them for the downloads.

Get Rooting!

Your phone is fully charged, you have backed it up, enabled USB debugging and downloaded and unzipped SuperOneClick.

If you have a SD Card in your phone unmount it or remove it before proceeding.

Now connect your phone to your PC via USB cable and make sure no other programs are running. Double click on the SuperOneClick .exe icon and the program will open – check the screenshot below.

Rooting with SuperOneClick

Rooting an Android Screenshot

Click on the big button that says Root. The program will take a few minutes to run – showing progress as it goes – something like the screenshot below. Give it time – it may pause a little as it runs.

When completed it will say OK. That’s it – your Android is Rooted – I told you it was easy!

Power off your phone and then restart. You should see an app called SuperUser on your phone if everything has been successful.

SuperUser rooting icon
SuperUser Icon

If you later decide to remove Rooting – you can do it through SuperOneClick. Connect your phone and hit the Unroot Button.

What Now?

That’s it – with the SuperUser app installed, whenever you install an app or software which requires rooting it will prompt you to Allow Permission.

Now you are free to install any app you want, modify and personalize your Android phone and of course get the most out of your spy software program.

Rooting Android Resources

If you have any problems finding a Rooting App that works for your specific phone go to this website and try searching for your phone by name.

A great Forum for more advanced users or if you have any questions

The developers of SuperOneClick  –

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