The Best Hacking Apps For Android Phones – They Really Work

So you have been surfing the web for the best android hacking apps but are struggling to find a legitimate one and I know why. You have probably been looking for a free one and they don’t exist. The ones that claim to be “the best free android hacking apps” just want clicks.

Once they have you sucked in they will ask you to fill out a survey which requires your email and once they have your email you will get bombarded with ads for things you really don’t want.

Or they ask you to install every last app in the play store to get your “free android hack” and then if you do install these apps that aren’t useful at all you won’t even get the desired android hack.

So now that I’ve saved you any further hassle of these fake articles I’ll get into the ones I’m going to tell you about in around the next thousand words, sounds simple right? It is.

I’m only going to mention three apps that will help you hack an android but I have a reason …. Reliability.

I have tested these apps multiple times on multiple phones and they are by far the most reliable out of all the others I’ve tried so you may be paying a little more for these apps but don’t worry I guarantee you that it is worth the reliability.

I also have an article covering the best iPhone hacking apps aimed at iPhone users and of course you must read my main guide on hacking someone’s phone – all laid out in easy to follow instructions.

So without further ado, let’s get started…

best android hacking apps

My Top Picks


Best social media monitoring

All iPhones supported

Best tracking features


Call listening and recording

Advanced feature list

Cheaper plans now available


Good feature list

Good support for beginners

Best for a tight budget

Quite simply these three have everything you need. I’ll explain why below.

Android Hacking App from mSpy

The first android hacker app I’m going to talk about is mSpy and it is probably the best on the market for you. The biggest difference in these hacker apps and mSpy is the amount of social media apps you get access to. We all know how much time people spend on their phones to the part where it is almost a third arm for most.

The most popular apps like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook messenger are all available to access with mSpy as well as others like WhatsApp and Twitter.

You will be able to see all videos and photos sent and received on these apps as well as messages in private chats and group chats which are getting very popular amongst groups of friends. Find out how to open Snapchat without them knowing by using the mSpy app in this guide.

If there any apps you find mSpy doesn’t cover, that the person whose android you are hacking is using, mSpy has a solution for that.

The Keylogger feature.

The keylogger enables you to view the keyboard on someone’s android and it highlights what they have typed in which is especially handy for getting passwords for accounts that mSpy doesn’t have a hack for yet.

You will also have access to a live GPS system that allows you to see the phones location at all times. You can also set a perimeter on that GPS and if the phone goes out of those boundaries you will get a notification that tells you.

If you want more detail about mSpy and prices for their services then I have a Full mSpy Review.

mSpy also came top in my look at the best Facebook hacking tools.

Let’s move onto android hacking app number two…

mspy for android phones

FlexiSPY for Android Phones

FlexiSPY is definitely one of my favourites but the reason it is second behind mSpy is all down to what you need from an android hacking app.

FlexiSPY doesn’t have quite as many social media app hacks as mSpy but still covers the major ones like Instagram, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. FlexiSPY is also a bit more expensive than mSpy but that is for one good reason.

FlexiSPY has a feature that allows you to listen to live phone calls and record them – which is obviously quite advanced and no other android hacking apps have this feature. This is available for Android phones and devices on the FlexiSPY Extreme version of their software.

So it is all down to if you feel it is necessary to listen to phone calls. If you don’t and just want to view someone’s phone then mSpy is better because it has more access to a variety of apps. If you feel you need to hear phone calls then paying the extra bit of money is absolutely worth it.

Have you read online about being able to hack someones phone with just their number? I have written about this and explain why it is fake news!

Like mSpy I have a more in depth FlexiSPY Review here covering FlexiSPY in detail.

Let’s move on to the third and final android hacking app…

FlexiSPY app for android

The Umobix Android Hacker App

If you are looking for a middle ground between mSpy and FlexiSPY because you feel mSpy doesn’t have the live phone call feature but FlexiSPY is out of your budget then Umobix might be the android hacking app for you.

Umobix is just a bit more expensive than mSpy but it has the ability to record phone calls, something mSpy doesn’t. However you won’t be able to listen to phone calls as they happen, something that FlexiSPY does have.

Umobix also doesn’t cover as many social media apps as either of the previous two hacking apps but still provides access to popular apps like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger and Instagram so you will still be able to see most conversations going on.

You will also be able to listen to any conversations in a room full of people without them knowing using their surroundings record feature. This feature basically activates the phone’s microphone remotely and records everything.

You can use this to record business meetings or even hear what is going on in your child’s classroom. I go into the full details of Umobix in my main review.

Read about how spy apps can be used to spy on you through your phone camera – you’ll be shocked!

value android hacking apps

Do I Need to Root Android to Use a Hacking App?

This question always creates some confusion. It is not neccessary to Root an Android for spy or hacking apps to work BUT some of the advanced features do require Rooting.

Most features such as monitoring phone calls and text messages will work without the app having Root access. GPS tracking works as does hacking the phone camera.

Where Rooting is required is usually around monitoring third party appps like hacking Snapchat account activity – most social type apps need the target device to be Rooted. Everything else will work without Rooting.

So there you have it, I told you at the start that it was going to be simple didn’t I? So I hope I’ve helped you on your android hack journey with these three amazing apps.

For more detail about all three then check out my Best Spy Apps article here. Remember to stay legal when you chose a spy app. Here on we only cover legal ways to use spy or hacking apps.

They are very powerful tools and give parents a way to protect their kids online. Used legally they can be a power for good.

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