How to Send GIFs on Facebook Messenger the Easy Guide

If you’d like to send a GIF in your Facebook Messenger but don’t know how, don’t worry. I’ve got your back.

A few years back sending a GIF in FB Messenger was not easy. However, since they updated and added the GIF functionality, sending GIFs on Messenger is super easy.

This guide will show you everything you need to know about how to send a GIF in Messenger like a pro!

First I’ll get straight into how to send GIFs on Messenger – that’s why you’re here. Then I’ll try to impress you with some extra information. So read to the end!

It might be a good idea to learn what the different symbols and icons mean on Messenger before you start – see my guide.

Let’s get into it right away. If you prefer, you can skip down to the video version.

how to get gifs on messenger

Steps to Send GIFs with Facebook Messenger

Quick Answer:

Sending GIFs on Facebook Messenger is super easy! All you need to do is log into the web browser or messenger app, select the conversation, click on the ‘GIF’ icon, and then search for a GIF you want using keywords. When you click it, it will be sent immediately to your recipient.

You can also create your own unique GIFs from websites like Giphy and Tumblr and share them with your friends. Now there’s no excuse not to get creative with your messages!

On Facebook Messenger Desktop

  • First, log in to Facebook via the web browser
  • Click on the “Messages” icon on the navigation bar or open the chat window
  • Select the individual or group chat
  • On the menu bar at the bottom, click on the “GIF” icon
  • You can either browse through all the GIFs or search for a specific GIF you need using the keyword
  • When you click the GIF you want, it will be sent immediately to the person or group

Now it doesn’t get much easier than that!

how to send a gif in messenger

Next up how to do it on your smartphone.

On Messenger Mobile App – Android and iPhone

  • On your Android or iPhone, open the Facebook Messenger app
  • Select the individual or group chat
  • On the menu bar at the bottom, click the “+” icon and choose the “GIF” tab or in the text field, click on the smiley icon and choose the “GIF” tab
  • You can either browse through all the GIFs or search for a specific GIF you need using the keyword
  • When you click the GIF you want, it will be sent immediately to the person or group

Things to Remember

The 2 important things to know about sending GIFs on Facebook Messenger are that once you click on the GIF, you will not get any message confirming whether to send it or not, the GIF will be sent immediately.

send gifs on messenger

So, you must be sure that you want to send the GIF. Also, once you send the GIF or any message, it cannot be canceled or retrieved. If you are having problems sending GIFs on Messenger see my guide – why can’t I send Gifs on Facebook Messenger – You’ll soon get them working again. It will show you how to fix Facebook Messenger GIFs.

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What is a GIF?

A GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) is a file extension for a bitmap image format. It was introduced by the company Compuserve in 1987, has long been used on the Internet, and has become one of the most popular formats for images.

A GIF is used mainly today on Internet sites as a format for animation or short videos that can easily be shared online. GIFs are supported by all major browsers and have been since the early days of the web. They work in almost any web browser, whether it be Safari on an iPhone or Firefox on a PC.

GIFs on Facebook

Today, Facebook is one of the main social media platforms where GIFs are used. Users can share GIF files directly on Facebook by uploading files or by using a URL link to a file on another site or server.

A few years ago, they added some Facebook Messenger features including GIF support for comments. You simply tap on any GIF to see it in action. If somebody posts something cool, you can also re-post your own comment with a reaction emoji and a direct link to the animated picture.

The GIFs are also supported by the Facebook Messenger platform and Instagram. That’s why you can post them in comments on statuses or images. On the Messenger app, the feature is available only via chatbots for now. It works both with links to external files or GIFs sent in the text.

GIF Resources – How to Get GIFs For Messenger

There are loads of websites that allow you to upload GIFs and share them with your friends via links or embedded into chat messages. You can easily create your own – see below.

With today’s social media, there is no shortage of sources to find new animated GIF images. Some websites even allow you to create your own short videos by cutting them into several parts and then editing them together. You can share your best creations on Facebook or other social networks after that. Creating your own unique messaging style has never been easier!

If you search online for GIFs, you will find many websites that provide thousands of images of different categories and styles for any taste. You can use them on Facebook to show how excited are you about something or just post something really cool on your wall. We all like to look cool!

Some of the most popular GIF search engines include Giphy, Tumblr, and You can use any of them to find something you like and share on Facebook. Giphy is probably the most popular right now.

GIF Questions

Are gifs free on messenger?

Yes, all GIFs available on Facebook are free to use as you like.

What types of GIFs are available on Facebook Messenger?

There are lots of GIFs available on Facebook Messenger, ranging from funny videos to reaction clips.

How do I use the Giphy feature in Facebook Messenger?

Giphy can be accessed by clicking the smiley face icon in the bottom left corner of the messenger window, which will open a library of GIFs and stickers for you to choose from.

How can I save GIFs from Facebook Messenger?

You can save GIFs from Facebook Messenger by tapping on it and then selecting “Save” from the options menu that appears above it.

Is it possible to send animated stickers through Facebook Messenger?

Yes, it is possible to send animated stickers through Facebook Messenger – simply click on the sticker icon at the bottom right corner of your message box and select your desired sticker!

That’s All

Sending GIFs in Facebook Messenger is straightforward and easy thanks to the updated GIF functionality. With this guide, you can easily send a GIF on both the desktop and mobile Messenger app.

Remember that once you click on the GIF, it will be immediately sent so choose wisely!

Now you know how to send GIFs on Messenger like a pro! I hope you’ve also learned a bit more about the GIF format and what else you can do with them. Don’t forget to check out some of my other posts on tips to get the most out of Facebook.

So why wait? Get started right away and have some fun.

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