The Best Private Instagram Profile Viewer That Works

Have you ever wanted to see someone else’s private Instagram? It’s so frustrating when you want to view another person’s private account on Instagram, but can’t! The only way is if they follow you back or accept your request.

But what happens if the other person doesn’t even know who you are? Or maybe they have blocked your account.

If you want to know how to see someone else’s private Instagram profile and content, I can help.

I’ll cover the best method by far and then talk about some other Instagram profile viewer tools you might have heard of (and why they might not be a good idea!).

This guide will show you step by step how it all works and what tools are needed. It doesn’t matter if they have a public or private account – there is a method that really works.

private instagram viewer that works

Why You Might Need to View Someone’s Profile?

Instagram is one of those social media platforms that allows users to keep their account entirely private. Unless they approve your request, you won’t be able to see anything except the bare minimum which is the profile name, picture and bio.

You may have any number of reasons to want to view someone else’s Instagram profile and content – possibly without them knowing. You could just be nosey!

One of the main reasons I get asked to help with this is to see what your kids are up to on Instagram. I have a series of articles aimed at helping parents monitor or hack their kids Instagram accounts. Don’t worry it is legal and easy to do.

You might also like my article on how to see someone’s Instagram activity it covers a few tips and tricks to help. I also have a guide on viewing old stories on Instagram. Check them out!

The best method that really works is to install a monitoring app. These apps can then monitor everything that takes place on their Instagram account. You can view their profile, photos, messages and everything they do. You can even use it to help recover deleted Instagram messages – see my guide.

Now I’ll tell you about the monitoring app that works best for me. Then I’ll take you through some other tools and methods (some are not all as they seem!)

One thing to remember is that using spy apps is only possible when you can get access to the phone of the Instagram user you want to monitor.
It can’t view a complete strangers account.
But some other tools below might help here.

Using mSpy as an Instgram Viewer

This is an app that allows anyone to track an Android or iPhone user anywhere online. So, it most definitely gives you access to an Instagram profile even if it is private.

There are a number of spy or monitoring apps out there but mSpy is one I recommend especially when it comes to Instagram.

Using mSpy as a private Instagram profile viewer is easy and very effective. Once installed on the target phone you will have access to everything they do on Instagram. No other solution gives you so much information!

This app is great to monitor all kinds of online activity. But it does go beyond that giving you access to the target’s location, texts and more.

Who It’s For: Parents who want to keep an eye on their children’s activity.

What You Need: Must install it on the target’s device.

What You Can Access: Shared media, messages, location.

How It Works

Once you install it on the target’s phone, you can go to the Control Panel and look for their activity on the internet and of course Instagram. There is a tab that tells you about their recently accessed websites which is an easy way to keep tabs on what websites and apps they are using.

Online Instagram Viewer Tools

Spy apps like mSpy will only work for viewing the Instagram profiles of people you know and have access to their phones (such as your kids). There are some online tools available if you don’t have access – to view strangers Instagram.

Who It’s For: Those who know the Instagram username of the profile they want to check out.

What You Need: You must fill out a few online surveys.

What You Can Access: Basic account information and maybe photos and videos.

Here is a look at some apps which may give you some amount of access to private profiles. Here’s all you need to know about them.

To be honest, these online tools are mostly scams. I talk about similar tools in my guide to Snapchat hacking and these work in the same way.

They promise to show you everything for Free! You enter the Instagram username then get directed to a survey page or add page of some sort. Here they need your email (which they abuse to sell on to other marketers). In the end you get nothing or at best very little Instagram information.

I strongly recommend you avoid these tools! I have listed a few so you can have a look and make your own judgement. But please use a disposable email account if you don’t want to be spammed to death!

Private Insta

This is widely promoted online. According to the website you just need to copy-paste the username into the interface and click on ‘Submit’. The app will then search the account and ask you to complete a survey before showing you the results.

I tested this one myself and did not get any results – nothing at all!

Instagram Stalker

Our second private Instagram viewer is Insta Stalker. They claim you can use this on any device and all you need is the username of the person whose account you’re trying to access.

Just confirm what you have entered and select what you want to see. Once you do, you will get the inevitable survey – followed by another survey. Then hey presto – nada, no results.

Insta DP

This is another app that lets you view private Instagram accounts and it actually has a very easy interface. Enter the username of the profile you are trying to view and click on the search button.

Then you will have to answer some questions (as you would in a survey) and once you are done, you will have access to the profile. You will be able to see all their posts.

Really? Nope just like the others I had no luck with this one! It all sounds great but it did not work for me after several attempts with different profiles.

If You Don’t Want to Be Sneaky

You might not want to be as sneaky as some of these apps let you be. While that’s a good thing, it limits your options in terms of viewing a user’s posts and stories if their account is private. But limited options does not mean there aren’t any at all.

Who It’s For: Those who don’t want to use third-party apps because it feels like hacking.

What You Need: Permission from the user you are targeting.

What You Can Access: Photos and videos posted on the account.

Ask the User

The easiest way to gain access to a private account without using a third-party looker app is to ask the user directly by sending a request to follow.

You can find a button for it on their profile and that is the way both Instagram and the user intend for you to gain access to a private account.

You also have the option of sending a private message if you think a simple request might not work.

This is for anyone from strangers to those who have strained relationships. It is honest and straightforward. Certainly better than sneaking up on them.

Make an Account with an Alias

If you want to check out someone’s private account but are not sure that they will approve your follow request, another way is just create an account with a username the target user won’t recognize.

Make sure you don’t look like a bot and you should be fine.


There is no doubt that of the list of apps available, mSpy is your best bet. The only drawback might be that you will have to have access to their phone. You’ll also have all the other monitoring benefits of a fully fledged spy app.

When it comes to viewing a strangers Instagram profile and content it’s best to reach out if possible and be upfront. If you are really desperate you could try one of the online viewer tools with a throw away email address.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

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