mSpy Review – Honest Look at mSpy Monitoring Software (2024)

Here is my Real mSpy review. Have you noticed something strange about most mSpy reviews online? They all repeat the same stuff – like a script!

I do things differently.

You want to know if mSpy is going to work for you? Is it going to help you? Is it easy to install and use? When is mSpy your best choice of spy app?

You’ll also be interested in getting mSpy at the best price – and I have an exclusive discount for you below!

This review is in two parts. First I’ll answer the most important questions. Quickly.

Then I’ll dig into all the details with a full review of the most important features and how it all works. (read this if you need help understanding everything!)

Why Listen to Me?

Did you know that this is the longest-running review of the mSpy app online? I first published this back in 2013 and have been testing it ever since. It has been completely rewritten many times and I still update it every month to reflect any changes. A real review from a real user!

Susan Kennedy

Updated Every Month and now 2024!

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Why mSpy?

There are dozens of monitoring apps online all claiming to do everything you need.
Sadly, most of these make false claims.

Either they don’t work as claimed or they are flat-out scams that will never work!

The spy app market is full of crap products. I’ve been using these programs for over 10 years now and only recommend a small number. Why?

Because if I recommend a phone spy program I want to be sure it will work for you!

Feel free to do your own testing and spend your cash on products that don’t work.

mSpy is the most popular spy app with over 1 million users worldwide. They can’t all be wrong!

Popular doesn’t always mean the best. But with a complex, technical product this means you have much better ongoing support. Safety in numbers.

Smaller spy app companies come and go over time – sometimes quickly. mSpy has been the market leader since 2013.

Do I Recommend the mSpy App?

Yes, mSpy is one of the few apps that I actually recommend. In my view, it is the best all-round tracking app available. It is reasonably priced when compared to apps that actually work!

thumbs up

They have the largest range of monitoring features, ones that are useful!

My recommendation is based on years of using and testing mSpy on my own phone.

It isn’t perfect all the time but it consistently outperforms all other phone spy apps.
Spying apps by their very nature can be quite glitchy due to the technology involved but mSpy is the best at delivering a reliable service.

The company is legitimate and you can be sure you won’t be scammed! I can’t stress enough how careful you need to be when choosing a cell phone spy app.

mSpy Pros:

  • Great list of useful features
  • Works for all iPhone and Android versions
  • Social app monitoring is the most extensive
  • The best app to monitor your child online
  • Easy to Install and user-friendly control panel
  • Long track record of sales online
  • Best-selling spy app – for a reason!

mSpy Cons:

  • No call listening or recording features (only FlexiSPY has these)
  • GPS tracking can sometimes be inaccurate if the phone signal drops

Overall, I recommend mSpy because it is so easy to use, especially if you aren’t a tech expert. Use their mAssistance service to get the complete installation done for you and things are even easier. It is consistent and reliable.

Now let’s get into more detail:

mspy review for android and iphone

Full mSpy Review

Before I do a full review and recommend any product, I test it and use it personally to see just how good or bad the product is. This is the only way to be able to give good advice about any product. covers a range of spy apps with lots of detailed information to help you get the most from these products. I only recommend a small number of tracking apps, ones I have tested thoroughly and can honestly stand behind.

Have you noticed how some spy app review sites recommend every product?

The last few years have seen many new tracking apps come onto the market but unfortunately many are poor quality and some are outright scams.

If you are not familiar with the spy software app market you will not realize that many apps simply disappear or rebrand under a different name as soon as they get exposed.

There are only a few that work as promised and stand the test of time – mSpy is one that I can honestly recommend.

There is a good reason why mSpy has been the best-selling monitoring software program for several years. Apart from the fact that it actually works – it is always ahead of the competition in terms of added features, and useful features that users need.

If you’ve read any of my other reviews you’ll know I don’t just do a full rundown of the features.

For a full list of MSpy features, you should visit their website here.

I will concentrate on what makes mSpy a little different, looking at a few advanced features and trying to give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

This is a pretty detailed article – I hope you read it all, but feel free to scan ahead to the parts that interest you most.

mSpy Price

Let’s get to the point right away – how much is it going to cost?

They used to offer two plans – mSpy Basic and mSpy Premium. Now there is only Premium – available for iPhone iOS and Android. The good news is that with the discounts available it is cheaper than ever.

The Premium plan is as it sounds and covers the standard monitoring features such as text and call logs, web history, GPS tracking, etc. plus all of the advanced spy features!

The price is the same for all versions – iOS, iPhone No Jailbreak, and Android. With my exclusive discount, you can save 50% on their regular price.

  • One month mSpy Premium – $69.99 – with discount = $35.00
  • Three months Premium – $39.99 per month ($119.99) – discounted = $20 ($60)
  • One Year Premium – $16.66 per month ($199.99) – discounted = $8.33 ($99.99)

These prices are the best you’ll find anywhere.

The one month plan is good if you only need reporting for a short period of time or you just want to try the software out. Obviously the longer term plans are better value. It is good to have the choice.

Their pricing structures are simple and clear and offer good value for the features you will get. Only pay for the services you actually need and choose term lengths to suit your needs.

Payment Methods – You can pay safely and securely using Pay Pal or a credit card – no branding from mSpy will show on your bill!

Don’t forget – You can save 50% Off All Plans Now!

What is mSpy?

Put simply … mSpy is THE best-selling phone tracking app on the market. It allows you to spy on another cell phone without anyone knowing. mSpy is completely hidden!

See everything they do with their phone – great for monitoring your kid’s phones and devices!

You can read texts, and emails, and spy on WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and others. See websites visited, all online activity, and even track their cell phone location. More on all the mSpy features below …

Once the app is installed and activated it allows you to see everything remotely – there is no need to have any further contact with the target device.

All activity on the target device is reported directly to a secure online dashboard or control panel that only you have access to.

You simply log on (from anywhere) and you can view all the reports in your private mSpy dashboard. Incredibly simple but very powerful spy software.

Who is Using Monitoring Apps?

mSpy is very popular with parents needing to keep an eye on what their kids are up to on their phones. Modern smartphones can expose our children to all sorts of threats online.

From visiting explicit websites to online bullying. Monitoring apps give parents back some control over their kids.

Parental control is THE main reason to consider using the mSpy app.

The parental control features are second to none giving you the tools you need to monitor your kids online activity and keep them safe. Child safety is a major concern for most parents.

With mSpy’s features, parents can know where they are at any time and more importantly … what they are doing online.

You can even block websites and certain phone numbers if you need to. A useful way to prevent bullying online is to block the bully completely.

Worried about your kids spending too much time online? Mspy gives you the tools to have more knowledge and control.

Monitoring company cell phones? More and more business owners are turning to spy software apps to control what company cells are being used for. Every minute your employee is spending on Facebook is costing you – time and money!

There are legal limitations to the app’s use – and I never condone illegal use.

There is no getting away from the fact that in today’s world people are using these apps to spy on their spouses, partners, boyfriends, and girlfriends. Unfortunately, apps like mSpy are very good at this – but be aware there are legal consequences.

Mspy is primarily aimed at useful and legal monitoring of children and employees using company cell phones. When you are buying the app they make you declare that it is for authorized use on the target device.

For Parents – Phone Tracking and Parental Control

mSpy is rated as the best parental control app today. Virtually every aspect of the app is aimed at giving parents the power to see and control their kid’s online activities.

In their marketing, they focus a lot on the parental control side and avoid encouraging things like spying on your spouse.

With mSpy you get to see all activity on the target device. Used on a child’s phone you get peace of mind and the ability to avoid problems. Controlling things like the apps and websites they can use are powerful tools.

Now you know who is using spy software – let’s see how it all works.

How mSpy Works

MSpy is available for Android phones and tablet devices and Apple phones and devices – iPhone and iPad.

how mspy works

There are two versions – the full software for Android and Apple or the mSpy No Jailbreak version for monitoring iPhones that have not been Jailbroken.

Don’t worry if you are confused about Jailbreaking – keep reading, I have a section below explaining how the No Jailbreak version works.

The full version software needs to be installed directly onto the device you want to spy on – and you need access to the phone or tablet for a few minutes to get it set up.

Once installed the app will begin to report all phone activity. The target phone does need to have an internet connection – either a data plan or a Wi-Fi connection. Reports can then be viewed remotely in your online dashboard or control panel.

So if your kid sends a text, downloads an image, sends photos, or visits a website – you will see it online in the account dashboard. Using mSpy parents can monitor all activity simply by choosing from their plans and doing the installation.

It will work anywhere in the world all you need is an internet connection and you can view the reports from anywhere – your own phone, device, or laptop.

Compatible Phones and Devices

mSpy works on cell phones as well as Tablets. The important thing to remember is that it must match the OS (operating system) version of the target device.

  • Android Phones and Tablets – all Android versions 4 onwards
  • iPhone and iPad up to iOS 9.2
  • No Jailbreak iPhone versions – all iOs

Although the software will work on all of these types of phones you should check their website for up-to-date version support.

They also have lists of actual phones and devices by make and model.

mspy logo
mspy logo

Always check the features available for each type of device as they are slightly different for each.

Check their compatibility table here.

Advanced Tracking Features 2024

As well as covering all the expected monitoring features – text logs, call logs, email, tracking, browser history, etc. The mSpy app also has some useful advanced features to set it apart.

The feature list is pretty extensive so I will cover the most important ones in this section. Remember that the feature list will depend on the type of phone you are monitoring and the subscription plan you choose.

When you are all set up and go to your mSpy Login – the online dashboard – you can view the basic data from the target phone (see the screenshot).

It will show you the software version, battery info, Wi-Fi connection status, and your subscription plan details.

mspy's online dashboard main screen

In the Phone Management tab, you can see more information about the target phone – memory status, mSpy version, and last updated time – all good. But, you can also control some functions from here such as pausing the mSpy app, rebooting, uninstalling, clearing logs, or exporting logs.

The whole interface has been updated and is very user-friendly – their dashboard reporting is very easy to navigate. All reports can be accessed from the control panel area.

On to the main functions:

Monitor Text SMS Messages

All details are logged and you can read text messages sent and received with time stamps and contact information. If they delete text messages after sending them, you will still see them in your monitoring dashboard. The information is collected on sending or receiving.

This is a core feature of how monitoring information is collected. Everything is logged at the point of sending and receiving. The data is logged and uploaded to the mSpy servers where you can see everything through the online reporting dashboard.

Remember you can see the actual text messages and this includes multi-media text messages with images and photos.

text message spy app

View Call Logs

Again everything is logged here with times, dates, call duration, numbers, and contact information. Even if the user deletes their call logs, you will still see all the information.

Website Monitoring Browser History

This reports all online browsing history on the device with time stamps, duration, and web addresses visited. You see everything they do online – a great feature for parents to protect their kids.

browser history screenshot of mspy app

Read Emails

All emails sent and received are included in this report. It works with native email programs but you can also see emails sent and received using apps like Gmail. mSpy is one of the few software programs to cover Gmail reliably.

Monitor Messenger Apps

mSpy will monitor all activity on WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Snapchat, iMessage (iPhone only), Telegram, Tinder, Line, Hangouts, and Facebook Messenger. You can see messages, chats, photos, and videos shared on these platforms.

snapchat monitoring feature

mSpy can spy on the largest number of social media and messenger apps. This is very important given how widely these are used today. Kids use WhatsApp, Snapchat, and others to communicate these days.

Regular text messaging is on the decline, especially with younger users – parents need to pay attention!

These features are available for Rooted Android devices and the iPhone/iPad.

mSpy has added Tinder monitoring to their plans – hopefully not an issue for younger kids at least! But this will be a big bonus for the spying on spouses brigade.

GPS Tracking and Geo-fencing

As with most monitoring apps, you can track a cell phone’s movements at any time using GPS. The big difference with mSpy is that they offer a feature they call geo-fencing.

gps tracking screenshot

You can set alerts that will notify you if the target device leaves a set area, or enters a set area. It’s really easy to set up using waypoints on a map.

A great tool for parents to keep tabs on where their kids are at any time. This takes tracking your child to a new level.

This is one of the best parental control features of any monitoring app on the market. Using the GPS tracking app you can always monitor where your kids are, once it is activated on the target device.

Call Blocking

You can define phone numbers and block incoming calls from them.

Worried about who your kids are phoning? This could be a big help! It can also be a great way to help control spam calls and unwanted messages.

Website Blocking

With mSpy you can easily block access to pre-defined websites on the target device.

Another great tool for parents trying to stop their kids from accessing inappropriate content online. Block individual sites or even choose to block internet access at certain times – no late-night browsing!

Another great parental control aid! Works on Android devices and iPhone and Apple devices.

Incognito Browser Spy

Worried about them hiding their online browsing habits using the incognito browser?

Now you can see the browsing history even when the user is using incognito mode. This is a very useful and much-requested service. This does not require target Android devices to be Rooted.

Most tracking apps will only monitor websites accessed using the device’s native browser but mSpy can now monitor multiple browsers and in incognito mode too!

Blocking Apps

With mSpy you can view all installed apps on the target device and choose which ones to block.

Great tool for managing your kid’s phone and internet use – most mSpy review articles do not highlight this feature of their software and I think it is huge for parents!

app blocking feature

Mspy’s Keylogger

This is another powerful feature that many people don’t mention in a review of mSpy. The Keylogger feature reports everything that is typed on the target device keypad.

It is an extra way to make sure no activity goes unnoticed. One of the best ways to track everything your kids are up to on their phones.

You can use it to see messages, passwords, login details, and emails. This can give you access to account logins for example including their secret passwords.

Using this information you can actually log in to their accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Don’t underestimate the power of this monitoring tool. Every keystroke is logged and reported in the dashboard allowing you to track their every move online – including any website address they type in and even any Google search!

Now works on Android and iOS devices (iPhone/iPad).

View Wi-Fi Networks

This will show details of any Wi-Fi networks accessed by the target phone – public or private. You can also track the device by this method – you will see where the Wi-Fi hotspots are located. This can be a useful tracking method if the GPS tracking fails at any point.

See All Video and Photo Files

With the mSpy app installed and activated you can instantly view all photos and video files on the target device. This will include any videos or photos sent and received using other message apps such as WhatsApp or Skype.

You can monitor all the photos and video clips your kids are seeing. One way our kids are exposed to graphic content is through social media and messaging apps.

Using the mSpy app you can monitor and track everything to help keep them safe.

Phone and Account Management

They have some useful ways to manage how the reporting is set up. You can set reporting to be sent to the control panel by Wi-Fi only, by any connection, or none.

This is very useful and avoids any data being sent using the target cell phone’s data plan.

You can also set reporting intervals and GPS intervals to control how you track the target device. You can choose reporting to be set at intervals between every ten minutes to every 24 hours.

The shorter the interval, the more resources will be used and this could affect battery drain.

I recommend setting this to send reports every half hour at a minimum for good results. This should not impact heavily on the target device and still allow you to track it efficiently.

review control panel

Uninstall Alert

You will get an alert if the mSpy app is uninstalled or compromised in some way. Another useful addition keeping you aware when reporting may stop on the target device.

Some of the best Security controls

Lock the phone, wipe phone data, sim change notification, start, pause, or delete the app – all from the mSpy online dashboard. These may not seem very important but are really useful when you are using this program. They will make things so much easier.

The list is long and covers most things anyone would need to effectively spy on a cellphone or track/monitor a mobile device.

Is it Easy to Install?

For me this is one of the most important things – it is very easy to install and use.

Once you have bought mSpy they send very easy-to-follow installation instructions covering the version you have purchased – for the iPhone or Android phones and devices.

They also offer an easy installation service called mAssistance – keep reading, I explain more below!

I have used many different monitoring apps and easy installation is hard to find! Some seem to have no idea how to make the installation process easy for the user.

Over the years mSpy has worked hard to make installation as simple as possible for Android and Apple devices. Definitely, the best setup I have experienced. See my installation guides – Installing mSpy on an iPhone and mSpy Android installation guide.

mSpy for iPhone – No Jailbreak Required!

This is a relatively new service for monitoring Apple devices – iPhone and iPad, all versions. Recent releases of Apple’s operating system (iOs) have not been successfully Jailbroken. This basically meant that the full version of mspy could not be installed on new model iPhones and devices.

Now using the No Jailbreak version you can monitor an iPhone without having to Jailbreak – and even without having access to the target device. With some limitations of course.

mspy without jailbreak version

How No Jailbreak Monitoring Works

For the regular versions of mSpy any Apple device must have a Jailbreak – easy enough for most people. If for some reason Jailbreaking your iPhone or device is not possible you can use this feature to monitor the target phone.

The device must be using the (free) iCloud backup service and you need to have the user’s Apple ID. No physical access to the phone is required!

Obviously, this method has its limitations and the monitoring is less extensive and relies on updates from the backup service – but it can be a useful way to have at least some monitoring capability when a working Jailbreak is not available.

With this plan, you can monitor: Call logs, Text messages, Contacts, Browser history, WhatsApp, Wi-Fi networks, installed applications, photos, and videos, Events, and Notes.

Not as extensive as the list for their regular software – but still some useful ways to keep track of the target device.

This is proving a very popular service, with no need for installation on the target device and getting away from problems with Jailbreaking and updates.

Remember this only works for Apple phones and pads – not Android.

mSpy for Android

The Android device version of mSpy is more straightforward than the iPhone products. There are no real barriers to installing apps on Android.

The main question most people have about using mSpy on an Android device is does it need to be Rooted to install and use.

You don’t need to Root your Android for mSpy to work – but a few advanced features do require it such as monitoring messaging apps like Snapchat and WhatsApp.

Most features will work on a non Rooted Android device.

What’s Special About this Spy App?

They offer a premium support service – MAssistance. This is not required and is a separate purchase for those who need it. It is a great idea for those worried about the technicalities of trying to install mSpy software.

For a few dollars extra ($43.99) you get remote assistance and a technician will Jailbreak or Root your device and install MSpy for you – you will need the target phone and a computer or laptop. They use Teamviewer for this service.

They guarantee to get you started! You can select this option on the checkout page during the buying process and it is available after purchase as well.

It is a great idea but unnecessary for most people – installing the mSpy software is not that technically challenging.

I have not used the premium support so I can’t verify how good it is but if you are worried about the technical side it might be worth considering.

They have a clean and easy-to-follow website. I like that on the buying page, it is very clear which features are supported by each price subscription. This is not always the case with some competing products.

Ten-Day Money Back Guarantee – Always check the terms, but good to know you can get a refund if you are not satisfied. Not all programs will offer any kind of refund – unfortunately, some seem to disappear once you buy!

Telephone Support – As well as live chat and email support you can talk directly to mSpy staff by phone. This is long overdue in the spy software market. We are dealing with technical products and it is reassuring to know that help is available.

Demo SitemSpy have a live demo site – good to check around how the different features are reported and get a feel for how everything will work. I definitely recommend you check it out.

Is mSpy Customer Support the Best?

This is one area where it pays to use a reliable company. So many spy apps on the market have little or no customer service once you have made your payment. You’ll find yourself on your own with an app that doesn’t work!

m-spy customer support

mSpy has improved here with live chat and email support as standard. They now offer toll-free telephone support for the US and Canada.

This is long overdue in the monitoring software market. We are dealing with technical products and it is reassuring to know that help is available. You also have the option to pay $12.99 for mSpy priority phone support.

How and Where to Buy mSpy

Just follow any of the links on this page to the mSpy website and you can make your purchase instantly. Just select the package mSpy Basic or mSpy Premium, select the plan/term you need, and follow the instructions.

You’ll be prompted to set up your account and will have the option to select mAssistance if you need help with installation, Jailbreaking, and Rooting.

Remember this is a digital download so nothing is posted to you and everything can be installed right away. You can be monitoring in minutes!

Once your payment has been processed you will receive the download link and detailed instructions by email. There is no mention of mSpy on the invoice or credit card bill.

Is the Company Reliable?

mSpy is sold by Altercon Group, a company based in the Czech Republic, with offices in the U.S. and the U.K. They do a lot to reassure their customers with good support options, including phone numbers. mSpy has a standard Ten-day money-back guarantee – you can get a refund.

Payments are securely processed by credit and debit cards and of course Pay-Pal with no mention of mSpy on any receipt.

They have been selling mSpy and developing it for many years now and have quickly moved to become the market leader – boasting over 1 million users. I think they are stable and likely to stay around for the foreseeable future!

I’m not joking here. I have received many complaints about monitoring apps appearing with great-looking offers, offering advanced tracking and monitoring, only to simply disappear.

Literally, they run for a while, get sales, and then just shut down the website or re-brand as another name. Leaving very unsatisfied customers.

Consider the company selling the app and how long they have been in business before making a purchase that seems too good to be true!

Is mSpy the Best Tracking Program for You?

As always you need to work out what spy features you really need and then look at your available options and of course the costs involved. For useful monitoring features, reliability, ease of use, and price – mSpy is hard to beat.

FlexiSPY Extreme offers features including call recording, call interception, and ambient recording – but it is quite a bit more expensive. If you really think you need these services FlexiSPY is your best option. For everything else, I believe mSpy is the best value right now.

FlexiSPY does not have a non-Jailbreak version you must Jailbreak any iPhone before installing the app on the target device. For iPhone monitoring apps mSpy offers the most flexibility.

You can check out my article – The Best Spy Apps – and compare the features and prices of the top-rated apps available.

With mSpy you get the Keylogger feature for your device and some good management options – they also have the No Jailbreak option.

In terms of support options perhaps the phone support and the premium support options could make it the best choice for your needs.

I like the product. It works as described, the company is professional and its website and control panel is well designed and works well. They have flexible pricing plans and the software is perfect for parents needing to monitor their kids effectively.

It’s really down to your needs in terms of the features, which spy software product you choose.

I hope this review is more useful than most standard mSpy reviews out there and has given you something to consider when looking for a quality spy software program.

My Video Review

Company Details

Altercon Group S.R.O.
Registration no. 06746764
Londynska 730/59
Vinohrady 120 00 Praha 2
Czech Republic
Phone support :

English (USA, toll-free):+1 855 896 00 41
French (France, national):+3 397 073 81 15
Spanish (Mexico, toll-free):+52 800 461 04 54
Portuguese (Brazil, toll-free):+55 800 591 51 00
Turkish (Turkey, national):+90 850 252 65 14

Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have about mSpy or any other related apps. Use the contact page below and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Have a good look around the site, I have lots of information aimed at getting the most out of monitoring apps including mSpy.

You’ll notice that I only ever talk about legal ways to use these apps either for parental control or to monitor company cell phones.

These programs are finally being used for good reasons and losing their shady reputation thanks to apps like mSpy. Protecting your child from online threats and helping to combat bullying are great reasons to use a monitoring software program!

Stay legal and ethical – these apps can be used for good purposes!

Thanks for reading!

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