Secret Messaging Apps for iPhone or Android

If you want to keep your messages and data safe from corporations and governments, you should consider switching to secret and safe messaging apps on your iPhone or Android device.

Let’s take a look at some of these secret messaging apps that work on both iOS and Android.

the bes secret messaging apps


Telegram is a free, fast and secure messaging app that ensures that all your data on the app remains safe. It is also easy to use and offers interactive designs and features.

On Telegram, you can send videos, images, voice notes, documents and messages to an individual or to groups. Additionally, you can start voice or video calls.

Telegram allows extremely large group sizes and also allows you to create your own channel on which you can send messages to anyone in the world who subscribes to the channel.

Further, you can use Telegram simultaneously on multiple devices. This may include your phone, tablet and laptop as well (through Telegram Web).

You can create new groups on this app and also find people nearby (if you turn on this setting). The app lets you invite friends on the app as well.

On Telegram, you have the option of starting a secret chat with someone as well. These messages can only be accessed by the participants of the chat which is also securely encrypted. To start a secret chat, follow these steps:

  • Click on the icon on the bottom right of the app.
  • Tap on ‘New Secret Chat’.
  • Select the contact you want to have a secret conversation with.

You can also choose to set a self-destruct timer on the chat. In your chat window, simply click on the clock icon and set the duration after which you want your chat to be erased. This will make the message disappear once the timer runs out.


Signal is another messaging app that is free to use and can be used simultaneously on multiple devices, including your phone, tablet and laptop.

Through Signal, you can send messages, voice notes, voice or video calls, images, videos and other files. It offers end-to-end encryption on its chats and is a highly secure app that protects your data. It also offers PIN protection.

In addition, you can make groups on this app and talk to multiple people at once. If you want to make any additional changes to your privacy, you have the option to do so through your app settings.

Another important feature of the Signal app is that of disappearing messages. This means that you can choose to let your messages disappear after a given period of time.

This will ascertain that the messages sent or received by you in a particular chat will be deleted if you turn this feature on.

To do this, click on the chat window and then on the name of the contact. When you see the ‘Disappearing Messages’ option in the menu, turn it on and set the timer.

One downside to this app is that it is not as interactive and feature rich as compared to other messaging apps. However, it relies heavily on security and will keep your data safe.


Viber is another safe and secure app to protect your data privacy.

Using Viber, you can send messages, images, videos, voice or video calls and other files. It is interactive and easy to use with many of its own stickers and emoticons. You can make groups and communities on this app as well.

Viber also ensures end-to-end encryption for all its messages and can be used on multiple devices.

On Viber, you can have both hidden and secret chats. For hiding your chats, you have the option of setting a PIN which will then let you access the chats you choose to hide.

You can hide a chat using the ‘Hide This Chat’ option from ‘Chat Info’. Remember, you can only do this on your phone.

To make your chats secret, click on ‘Compose’ and then on ‘New Secret Chat’. In such chats, you can make your messages self-destruct after setting a designated timer.

This will then make your messages in the chat disappear forever once the timer runs out. Screenshot settings are also restricted in this case.

This is, therefore, a great option for your security needs.


You have now read all you need to know about Telegram, Signal and Viber. Now that you are aware of each of their security features and settings, you can make a decision about which app you want to use. You may also choose to use more than one of these.

There are several other secret messaging apps as well that you can access, but these are three of the most popular ones.

So, make your choice, download these apps and keep your data secure!

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