How to Tell if Your Viber Account is Hacked Like a Pro

Can Viber be hacked? Are you even aware that your Viber account can be hacked? Well, it can and this is a real threat. Viber is billed as a very secure communications app and it is to some degree. But unfortunately, it is vulnerable like most others.

I’m going to show you how to tell if your Viber account is hacked for sure. I’ll cover how hacking can take place, the signs to look out for, and finally what to do if your Viber has been hacked.

Plus I’ll discuss some ways to prevent Viber hacking in the first place.

tell if viber account is hacked
Quick Answer:

Learn how to tell if your Viber account is hacked and the steps to take to protect yourself. Discover different hacking methods like phone spy apps that record calls and messages, keyloggers that reveal passwords, phishing scams, and more.

If you think your Viber account has been compromised, follow my tips on changing passwords, disabling stored contacts, checking settings, and enabling two-step verification for extra security. Be aware of potential threats online so you can stay safe!

How Viber Can Be Hacked

Can someone access my Viber account? Viber may not be as secure as you think. There are several ways that someone can hack into your Viber account. The methods used can vary but the main thing to understand is that they either hack your phone or PC or they gain access to your username and password.

One way is if they have access to your phone and install a spy program that records your calls and messages on Viber. Spy apps are growing in popularity and are easily available online.

Once the app is installed, the hacker can see all your conversations and message history.

Some phone spy apps can also reveal your username and password through a Keylogger function. The Keylogger function records every keystroke you make on your device and reports the information back to the hacker. The Keylogger will report your actual sign-in details, allowing someone else to sign in and even use your Viber account.

These work on all of your online accounts and can lead to Snapchat hacking and Instagram hacking etc. Not to mention revealing your bank account and credit card logins!

Spy apps can monitor a lot more than just your Viber account. They can easily monitor your call logs, track your phone location, view photos and videos, and hack your emails.

Modern phone spy apps are incredibly powerful and the user will never know they have been hacked! It pays to be aware of what these apps can monitor – most people are shocked.

Another way someone can hack into your Viber account is by stealing your username and password. They may get this information by hacking into one of your email accounts or social media profiles. Methods like Phishing and Smishing attacks can be used to gain access to your accounts. See those articles to learn how these attacks work.

If they have your password, they can log in to your account and view all of your messages, change your settings, and use your Viber account. If you have shared your password with others or not kept it a secret, they can log in to your account without you ever knowing.

If a hacker gains access to your Viber account, they can do a lot of damage. Next up, how to know if Viber is hacked.

Signs Your Viber Account Has Been Hacked

So, how do you know if your Viber account has been hacked? Your Viber account itself can reveal clues that you have been hacked. There are several signs to look out for:

  1. Unexpected charges on your phone bill from calls or messages you didn’t make. This could be a sign that someone is spying on your calls.
  2. Suspicious activity on your account such as calls or messages you didn’t make, or new contacts that you don’t know.
  3. Your Viber conversations and messages have been suddenly deleted. This could be a sign that someone has logged into your account and cleared out your conversations.
  4. You are suddenly getting a lot of spam messages on Viber. This could be because your account has been hacked and the hacker is using your account to send spam messages.
  5. You are unable to sign in to your Viber account or you are getting an error message. This could be because someone has changed your password or logged into your account without your permission.

If you notice any of these signs, it is important to take action immediately. I will cover what you can do to secure your account later in this article.

Viber hacks

Signs Your Phone is Hacked – Including Viber

If your phone has been hacked, all of your accounts are likely to be compromised including Viber. If your phone has been hacked using spy apps it can be difficult to find out for sure. I have several detailed security guides here on in the Online Security section of the site.

See how to know if your phone has been hacked for the main signs to look out for. Then try, detecting spy apps on your phone aimed specifically at finding hidden spy software apps.

You might read articles online about using codes to see if a phone is tapped – I have one where I tested these codes and reported my results. Go have a look before you get too excited about it!

Next, I’m going to cover what you can do to fix a hacked Viber account.

What To Do If Your Viber Account Is Hacked

If your Viber has been hacked, you must act quickly. It may be the hacker has managed to sign in to your account and change certain settings. These can vary but in some cases, a hacker could delete all your messages or spam your contacts with automated messages.

What could also happen is the hacker could change the password to your account and you would never know. If they did this, even if you regain access to your Viber account, they could continue monitoring your account and changing your settings. This can be done without your knowledge!

Here are some things you can do if your account has been compromised:

1) Change Your Password

If you think your Viber account has been hacked, the first thing you should do is change your password.

2) Disable Stored Contacts

Sometimes a hacker can gain access to your Viber account simply by having access to one of your stored contacts. To make sure this doesn’t happen you must disable stored contacts.

3) Check Your Viber Settings

It’s a good idea to check all your Viber settings and monitor them going forward to make sure nothing has been changed without your knowledge.

Look out for any suspicious activity such as calls or messages you didn’t make, or new contacts that you don’t know. You can do this by going to the Viber app settings on your device and scrolling down to see a list of all your active chats.

4) Enable 2-Step Verification

2-step verification or Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is an extra layer of security that can be used to protect your account from hackers. This adds an extra step to the login process, which requires you to enter a unique security code in addition to your password when you log in. This will help prevent hackers from gaining access to your account without having access to your mobile phone.

5) Change Passwords for Other Accounts That Utilize Viber

A lot of websites will allow you to log in using the Viber app, so you must change your password for every account that has Viber linked. This includes your Facebook, Gmail, Skype, and Telegram accounts.

What to Do if Your Phone Has Been Hacked

Again I have covered this extensively in the Security section of this site. For detailed guides see – how to unhack your phone and ways to remove hidden spy apps from your phone.

I also have a premium Ebook Guide covering everything from detecting spy apps to removing them completely and ways to protect yourself going forward. Check it out if you have serious problems.

There are reliable ways to save your phone and your hacked accounts!

I have a series of articles covering ways to tell if you are hacked on various platforms:

Have a look through these and learn how to protect your online communications.


What are the signs of a hacked Viber account?

Signs of a hacked Viber account include suspicious messages sent from your account, changes in settings, and unauthorized logins.

How can I protect my Viber account from hackers?

To protect your Viber account from hackers you should use strong passwords and two-factor authentication when possible. Avoid clicking on suspicious links or downloading unknown files.

What should I do if my Viber account is hacked?

If your Viber account is hacked, contact customer support immediately and change all your passwords associated with the account.

How do I find out who hacked my Viber account?

It can be difficult to determine who specifically hacked your Viber account, but it’s important to address any potential security risks right away to prevent further damage or theft of data.

Stay Safe Online

If your phone has been hacked, all of your accounts are likely to be compromised including Viber. I have outlined how Viber can be hacked in different ways so it is important to look at your overall online security.

Simple security measures such as keeping your phone locked and using secure passwords can go a long way to protecting you. You need to be aware of the different threats such as spy apps and hacking methods like Phishing scams.

It’s important to act quickly whenever your phone is hacked. If you have reason to think that your Viber account has been hacked or compromised, follow the steps I have outlined above to get it back under control.

Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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