SMS Peeper Review Is It A Scam?

Have you heard about a service called SMS Peeper or SMS Peeper Codes? You might have come across some ads or other reviews online for this service. You’ll still see reviews being posted so I have put together this one to end the confusion.

Today I’m going to save you some time and effort and expose the truth about all this.

I’ll explain the situation right now, then look at how SMS Peeper was supposed to work. Along the way I’ll tell you why it was a scam and how to avoid others like it in the future.

Let’s have a look.

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Is SMS Peeper a Scam?

I suppose technically I should ask Was it a scam – because the site no longer exists! That speaks volumes. In my opinion, and in my experience SMS Peeper and its Codes was a complete scam.

I tried it while the site was still live and could not get any results. Numerous people have contacted me asking about this service and complaining it didn’t work for them. It wasn’t a surprise to me given what they claimed the service could do!

Anyway the good news is that this no longer exists so you don’t have to worry for now. The problem is that this will no doubt return with a different name and again people will be caught out. If you keep reading I’ll help you stay safe from scams like this in the future.

So what was it all about?

What is SMS Peeper?

Was, was! It was supposed to be an online service where you could intercept someone else’s SMS text messages. It claimed that you could read anyone’s text messages just by entering their phone number. Wow sounds like magic to me!

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How SMS Peeper Codes Work

You just went to their website and entered the phone number of the person whose texts you wanted to spy on. Then you picked the country they were in and entered your own email address. Then you hit a button to “Get Messages”. After that you would be prompted to enter your unique SMS Peeper Code.

This is where the fun starts. Like so many scams before, you have to do the dreaded surveys to get your code. That’s right, they have your email and now they want you to do an online survey where you need to give someone else your email.

Of course most complaints (me too in my test) were that no code was provided or that the code didn’t work. Of course no one got to see any text messages from the target phone.

As I mentioned I have covered similar scams before. What many people don’t understand is that there is money to be made online if you get people to fill out surveys and enter their emails. If you can scale this, by offering a scam service, then you can make good money.   

Of course your email is going to get bombarded with marketing mail and it will most likely be sold on again after they have finished. Your inbox will never be the same again!

Why Do These Scams Work?

These scams work because the people behind them offer a service that others really want to work – even when it is very farfetched. If you think about it honestly for a minute – how likely was it that SMS Peeper going to work for you?

Do you think it is possible to put anyone’s phone number into a website and then you get to read all of their text messages – for free? Magic indeed.

Variations of this type of scam are covered in my articles about hacking someone’s Snapchat account and Instagram Hacking. They work because you want them to work!

Most people are aware that there are spy apps out there that can allow you to monitor your kids phone and read their text messages. These apps do work but not like SMS Peeper Codes.

These are legitimate apps that need to be installed on the phone you want to monitor. I write about spy apps here on this website. They also cost money. See my article on ways to hack text messages for methods that actually work!

The Peeper scam just uses this desire people have. People don’t want to bother with installing spy apps and paying for them  – it sounds difficult. So those behind SMS Peeper offer them a free easy way – just fill in the survey. What could go wrong?

All scams play on people’s desire in some way – your desire to be rich, to be thin, to get free stuff.

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Stay Safe

I hope you get my point about this SMS Peeper scam and understand how it worked. But here is the real reason behind writing this “review”. Although SMS Peeper Codes has ceased to exist for now – it will most likely reappear in some form.

The name might be changed, it might look different or offer a different service for free. But these scams will keep on coming. There is money to be made.

The next time you see an offer like this online, stop and think how likely it is to be real. Take into account how you might wish it would work and then apply a dose of reality. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is.

At the very least do some searches online to find out more before you rush in. I guess these scams aren’t the worst out there. All you stand to lose is your time and a spammed out email address. Oh and your dignity for falling for something so ridiculous! Thanks for reading.

Author - Susan Kennedy

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