How to View Sprint Call Logs or Text Logs – Carrier Records Explained

I get asked all the time how to view call or text logs on Sprint some even want to know how to view deleted messages on their carrier. In this post I’m focusing on the Sprint but this applies to most of the main mobile carriers.

Sprint was taken over by T-Mobile in April 2020 but this article is relevant to all carriers. As always things change quickly in the mobile world!

So, today I’ll cover what many people want to see in terms of Sprint call logs and text message logs. I’ll explain what is possible and what is not.

Then I’ll show you how to read text messages, even deleted ones from Sprint or any other service provider.

Let’s get started now.

can sprint account holder read text messages

Viewing Call and Message Logs from Your Carrier

Before we get into the main part of this guide I want to clear up a few things. Most contact I get around this subject involves people looking to keep an eye on their kids texts and call logs through their service provider Sprint (T-Mobile), Verizon, AT&T etc.

I also get questions on how to view other’s logs such as wives, partners or friends. This is not legal and is not something you can do through the provider anyway.

The third main question is can you view deleted text messages as the main account holder – that’s an easy answer I get to next.

The main point here is that if you are the main account holder you can access basic call logs and logs of the text messages (not see the actual contents of the texts). So, if your kids are on your account you can go and view their records. This doesn’t mean you can get access to your husbands texts!

For many parents this is useful to a degree. I’ll cover a method that parents are using to keep their kids safe online later. I also have a post looking at some popular child friendly texting apps. These can be great for keeping your kids safe online.

Can Deleted Messages Be Retrieved from Sprint?

The short answer is no. Sprint (or any other carrier) does not store this information and therefore, cannot give you access to it. Outgoing texts that were deleted will not appear on your phone bill either.

Remember with SMS text messages your carrier can only provide a log of when the text was sent or received and to what number. You can’t read the actual content of the messages.

It is only possible to gain access to text messages in very special circumstances. They can be subpoenaed for lawsuits or criminal proceedings, and even then only texts relevant to the case can be obtained.

Sprint users are limited to viewing only basic information like incoming and outgoing calls, text logs and data used. Users don’t get access to internet history or download history.

The only way to obtain text records and access deleted texts is via a third-party tracking app. Read on to find out more about tracking tools and their uses.

How to View Sprint Call Logs and Text Logs

There are a few different ways of viewing Sprint call logs and account data. Sprint is one of the largest service providers in the US, and it is quite possible that you or someone you know uses their network.

For some reason many people are often daunted at the idea of retrieving their text and call log information as they believe it to be a tedious process. However, the process is actually quite easy and hassle-free.

There are several ways of accessing text or call logs from your account. Let’s look at all the ways of accessing them.

sprint call logs

From Your Phone

Since you receive texts and calls on your phone, you should first try to access the records on your phone. Remember, if you or someone else has deleted the text you’re looking for, you cannot depend on Sprint for retrieving the message.

Sprint only stores the names and contact numbers of the texts along with timestamps. You cannot access any details like text history, or the contents of the texts themselves unless you have them on your phone.

The Carrier Website

If you can’t find the information you’re looking for on your phone, log on to the Sprint website. Navigate to ‘Call and Text Logs’ on your dashboard.

Here, you can see more information on your account history. You can view the date and time stamps of calls and texts, calls and texts sent or received and all interactions from your account in the past 90 days.

You also have the option of downloading this information in a PDF. You get access to a detailed overview of all the basic information of incoming and outgoing activity on your account – except for roaming data information.

Try Customer Service

If you need help with accessing your Sprint account information, you always have the option of contacting Sprint customer service. You can also access the account information of your spouse or family member – provided they use the same plan as you.

However, customer service cannot help you with retrieving deleted text messages or chat history. This is because Sprint does not store this information for privacy concerns.

Customer service is easy to access and doesn’t take up a lot of your time. If you’re not particularly tech-savvy this is a suitable option for you. You will be able to view all incoming and outgoing call and text logs.

Using a Monitoring App to View Sprint Text Messages

Tracking tools or monitoring apps, are a foolproof option to view text and call logs. They can be used to be retrieve deleted messages as well, which is not possible through other methods. You get access to information like pictures, videos, browser history, etc.

A tracking app is untraceable software that helps you keep track of all interactions and important information on a smartphone. It lets you access Sprint account information as well as data stored locally on the smartphone.

Tracking apps are managed remotely and do not show up on tracked devices. You also get access to activity on apps like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

If you are looking for a quality monitoring tool, I have written extensively about them on this website but I only recommend a few. Below I’ll outline how to use mSpy to view text messages and lots more.

See Sprint text messages

Using mSpy

mSpy is one of the most effective monitoring tools available. It is extremely easy to use – you don’t need to be a tech genius to operate it. It is trusted by more than 1 million users and provides excellent support to users. See may main review of the mSpy app below:

mSpy is available on both Android and iPhone – Apple devices. They can be installed on tablets as well. Check the list of compatible OS versions, phone makes and models given on their website. mSpy works on almost all smart devices.

How Do I Use mSpy?

To use mSpy, the first thing you need to do is sign up. There are many plans available, the most basic one starting at $30 a month.

You can use mAssistance for setup and installation and you’re good to go! Once the app is set up and installed on the target device, you can access all user information like call logs, texts, pictures, videos and social media use remotely.


Here’s a list of a few things you can do with mSpy:

  • Extensive social media monitoring.
  • Track phone location through GPS.
  • View pictures, videos, text messages and call logs.
  • View internet history and downloads.
  • Block certain websites or contact numbers.
  • View deleted text messages and call logs.
  • Keylogging: This is an advanced feature that lets you see all activity on the target device – including passwords, emails, Google searches. You can see anything and everything they type.

Who Uses mSpy?

You might be wondering who even uses tracking tools. There are two major groups of people who use mSpy:

Concerned Parents: Parents are the biggest users of mSpy. Children on the internet are exposed to all kinds of threats. Parents turn to apps like mSpy to help ensure the safety of their children online.

The parental control features help keep kids safe from explicit content. Parents are also able to help their kids if they encounter problems like bullying.

The internet can be a very scary place. However, it can also be an informative and educational space for kids. mSpy lets parents breathe a sigh of relief as their kids can explore the internet in a safe, controlled environment.

Business Owners: Many business owners use tracking tools on company smartphones – specifically, smartphone activity during business hours.

Many business owners are concerned about their employee’s online activity at work. From wasted time to misuse of company resources, many things worry business owners. Thus, they turn to mSpy when the honor system doesn’t work.

However, there are legal limitations to the use of every tracking tool. Every user needs to declare authorized use and misuse of mSpy invites legal consequences for the offender.

Common Questions:

How do I see old call logs on Sprint?

From your online account you can see old call logs up to 90 days ago. You can also download this Sprint call log history data.

How do I check my recent phone activity on Sprint?

You can check recent activity by going into your online account and viewing “My Usage” and selecting your device and “view call log”. This will let you see your recent unbilled activity.

Does sprint call log show missed calls?

No. Missed calls will not show up in your Sprint logs. It will only report items included in your billing.

Parting Thoughts on Sprint Text Message Records

While there are many different methods to viewing account information on Sprint, all of them might not suit your purpose. Sprint or as it is now, T-Mobile and all other carriers are not suitable for most peoples needs when it comes to monitoring text messages or recovering deleted messages.

The service provider reports are very limited due to privacy rules and can only offer the most basic reports. If you need more your best option is to go with a dedicated monitoring app.

If you are a concerned parent or a business owner, a tracking tool like mSpy would be the ideal choice for you. Try it out today!

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