SMS Interceptors – How to Intercept Text Messages

Have you heard of SMS Interceptors and wondered what they are? Did you even know that it is possible to intercept and read someone’s text messages. More importantly, do you realize this could happen to you!

All will be explained. I’m going to cover everything you need to know about SMS Interceptors and clear up some confusion along the way.

You’ll learn how to intercept text messages and read someone’s text messages without them knowing. And when you can do this legally.

Lots to cover so let’s get started.

SMS Interceptors

What Are SMS Interceptors?

Technically an SMS Interceptor is any device that can be used to intercept text messages as they are sent or received. Most commonly people use the term to describe cell phone spy apps. When you search online you’ll see a list of spy apps recommended as text message interceptors.

Spy software apps are an easy way for us regular folk to be able to see other people’s text messages. They are relatively cheap to buy, easy to use and they work well. If you pick the right app to begin with!

If you ask some tech expert what an SMS Interceptor is, they’ll likely go into details about IMSI Catchers, Stingrays and hacking exploits. These tools are technically interceptors – but not really practical for everyday people.

So today, phone spy apps are what most people mean when they are looking for SMS Interceptors.

How to Intercept Text Messages

I’m guessing you don’t want to set up your own IMSI Catcher or embark on a Phishing or Vishing scam (Not recommended!). So the best way is to use a good quality spy or monitoring app. I list some of my favorite apps below.

The good news is that these are easy to install and use. You can install spy apps on both Android and iOS iPhones and mobile devices. The bad news is that to do this you usually need to have access to the phone of the person whose text messages you want to see.

Once installed these apps can be completely hidden from the user and they will have no idea they are being monitored.

Spy apps work by collecting all the data on the target phone and displaying it on a secure online reporting dashboard. You can log on from anywhere and read every text message sent and received.

Once setup, you don’t need access to the target phone again. This is what people mean by remote reporting – not to be confused with remote installation!

The great thing about using a monitoring app is that you can do so much more than just intercept their text messages. More on that in a while.

Recommended SMS Interceptors

If you have had a look around this website (go have a look!), you’ll know that I have written a lot about spy apps and how to use them. You’ll also see that I only actually recommend a few select programs. There is a good reason for that!

Unfortunately there are a lot of scams and just plain rubbish apps around online. You really need to be careful when choosing a phone spy app. If I recommend an app, I have tested it and want to be sure it will work as expected for my readers – you.

If your main aim is to see someone’s text messages the good news is that any of these apps will do a good job. Text monitoring is actually a basic feature with most spy apps.

As I mentioned, these apps can do a lot more than just allow you to read text messages. Below are my top SMS Interceptor picks and I have listed a few of their more advanced monitoring features. Don’t forget to check out their individual reviews and learn even more.


mSpy is the best selling spy app around today and for good reasons. They have been around for years now and have a proven track record. They also happen to be my top pick in most situations.

mSpy can monitor any Android phone or tablet and they also have two versions for iPhone monitoring. One is their full version software – where you have to Jailbreak the iPhone. The other is known as their No Jailbreak version.

As the name suggests, this doesn’t require the phone to be Jailbroken and can work with any version of iOS (even the latest iPhone models are covered).

mSpy were the first spy app to offer this service and today they are still the most advanced in terms of features. You can read all about their No Jailbreak version and how it works in this guide.

So mSpy will intercept every text message that is sent or received on the target phone but what else can it do?

  • GPRS Tracking – you can track the phone movements and see where it is in real time.
  • Detailed Call Logs – every call is logged with the contact number, call duration and timestamps.
  • See every photo and video stored on the phone
  • Read their emails
  • Intercept Messenger Messages – you can see all messages sent on social media apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp – plus many more.
  • View their online browsing history
  • Block them from using certain apps and websites

These are just some of the things you can track with the mSpy app. This app sells so well because it works efficiently, is user friendly and is very competitively priced. Don’t forget to check out my main mSpy review page for a special discount!


FlexiSPY is another spy program that has been around for many years. I have been testing it all along and it deserves it’s great reputation. It is available for Android and the iPhone but they do not have a No Jailbreak version.

This makes it a better choice for Android users – as the latest iPhones will not be covered.

There are two versions of FlexiSPY – Premium and Extreme. Premium is pretty similar in terms of features to mSpy. Their Extreme version has a couple of advanced features that some people love. You can listen to live voice calls and even record them.

They are still the only company offering these features that actually works! You can even listen to and record voice calls made on messaging apps like WhatsApp and Skype. Pretty impressive if that is what you want.

In terms of price they are competitive with their Premium version and as you would expect, the Extreme version costs a bit more. If all you need is to intercept text messages the cheaper version is all you need. Don’t forget to check out my main review page for all the details.


This one is a relative new comer to the spy app market but it is definitely worth a look. It has been growing in popularity lately and is a genuine alternative to mSpy and FlexiSPY. I have tested it (and still am) and was impressed.

They seem to have learned from the older companies and have a product that works well and is very user friendly. They have streamlined the installation process and offer great customer support . They have also undercut the competition in price without compromising quality.

They have their full version software for Android phones and devices. For the iPhone they only offer a No Jailbreak version – which makes sense given the difficulties of Jailbreaking new iPhones.

uMobix will work well as a text interceptor and will also offer a whole range of features:

  • GPRS Tracking
  • Call Logs
  • Messenger monitoring
  • Photos and videos
  • Email Intercept

You get the idea. They are similar to mSpy and do not have call listening or call recording. Again have a look at my main uMobix review for all details.

Can You Intercept Text Messages From Another Phone?

I wanted to address this question because it can be misleading with some spy apps. The suggestion is that you can somehow use a spy app to divert texts to your own phone to read. This doesn’t happen.

What you can do – once the spying app is installed you can login online with your phone and read their text messages in the reporting dashboard. I hope you see the subtle difference.

intercepting text messages

Are There Any Free Text Message Interceptors?

No – get real. I love when people ask is there a free this or that. Given the complexity of spy apps you will not find any truly free versions. There is no way any legitimate company could do this.

Smartphones and their operating systems are constantly changing and the monitoring app companies need to keep their software updated all of the time. This is another good reason to stick with a company with a good track record.

You can get some free trials from time to time but beware anyone offering free downloads – who knows what you’ll be downloading!

Is This Legal?

I do not cover any illegal uses for spy apps on this website. All the information is aimed at using these apps for good reasons – mostly for parents protecting their kids online. Spy apps are legal to buy and use but under specific conditions.

  • You can monitor your kids phones and devices.
  • You can monitor company owned phones – but must tell the employee that it is being monitored.

That is it in a nutshell! You can’t legally intercept your girlfriends text messages – or your husbands or partners. We have privacy laws that need to be respected. Stay legal!

Summing Up

Now I hope you are clear about what SMS Interceptors are in most people’s vocabulary. There are more sophisticated (read difficult) ways to intercept someone’s texts but for most mortals they are out of reach – technically or in price.

The most common way to intercept and read someone’s text messages is by using a commercial spy software app on their phone. These are easy to use and can be completely hidden.

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