Can Someone Hack My Cell Phone with Just My Phone Number?

Have you seen stuff online claiming you can hack someone’s phone if you have their phone number? Sounds too good to be true or too scary depending on your point of view. I’m going to reveal the truth behind these claims once and for all.

Hackers are becoming more and more sophisticated when it comes to stealing information and gaining access to devices.

You might have read about some really high-profile hacks where celebrities ended up losing access to their accounts, and their personal information and photos were even leaked.

Needless to say, people are becoming paranoid about how their mobile phones can be hacked. If you search for whether someone can hack you with your phone number, you will come across a lot of conflicting information.

Some will say that it’s quite possible, while others will tell you that it’s not. So, What’s the Truth?

phone hacking with just the phone number

Can Someone Hack My Phone With My Number?

In the simplest of words: NO. Almost every legitimate hacking expert will tell you that there is no way to hack a cell phone using simply a phone number. You might have heard of different hoaxes and rumors about people calling devices and then causing them to be magically hacked! Obviously, all of that is untrue.

You will find many articles talking about “having the right tools” to hack your mobile phone using a phone No. But, if you actually go through the content of the article, you will realize that most of them will simply promote their own products, especially spy apps.

As you carefully go through different articles that talk about hacking using a cell phone number, you will realize that most of them have one thing in common.

They will all be trying to promote a spyware tool that will require you to give more than just a simple number, such as gaining physical access to the device, or at the very least, their login credentials to their iCloud backups.

Basically, you are being duped. If you sign up and buy the spy software program thinking that it could hack a person’s device using just their number, you will be disappointed when you realize that you have wasted your money.

Can Someone Hack My iPhone With My Phone Number?

No you can’t hack an iPhone with just a phone number. Some websites directly target the iPhone and Apple devices specifically, claiming you can hack them using only their number. Again this is false. They will all revert to recommending a spy app.

Android Phones Number Hacking?

If you see articles claiming some magic hack for Android devices using just the phone number – again avoid it. Like before they are not true and will recommend a spy app – usually their own! Someone cannot hack your Android phone with your number!

Although it is not possible to hack your phone using your number alone, if anyone has your phone number they could still target you in other ways. Some that could lead them to be able to hack your smartphone in some way.

I’ll explain some of these methods below:

What Personal Information Could Hackers Gain Using Only Your Phone Number?

While it might not reveal much, you should know that your mobile number is actually a pretty important part of your identity. Thanks to the internet, a lot of your information might be available using just your phone number.

Hackers can simply use this information to build a bigger attack on you. Here are a few common ways by which a hacker can make use of your number to gain extra access to your device:

Personal Data Phishing

One of the most common ways by which hackers can misuse your number to gain access to your personal data is by sending you fake text messages to gain access to your accounts. You might receive a well-written text message, with a URL to another page, that might take you to a login landing page and ask for your information.

But, when you input your login details, it would simply give you an error. However, your username and password will be stored by the hackers, and they could use this information on the legitimate website to gain access to your accounts.

Vishing – This is a variation of the above, voice call phishing. Here they actually call you up and use various techniques to hook you!

There have been plenty of cases in the past where people have lost access to their personal accounts simply because they were not able to distinguish the difference between a fake page and the original one.

phishing using your phone number

Forwarding Links to Malicious Apps

Another common way by which a hacker can misuse your personal number is by sending harmful links to some malicious app to your inbox. Whenever you receive a text message with a malicious link, you won’t exactly know whether the link is worth following or not.

But, if you click on it, it might take you to a third-party page or the official App Store page, asking you to download a harmful application or initiating a download in the background.

Hackers often add spyware to these applications, and they can usually take advantage of this information by gaining access to your personal data. This is a known method that can be used to hack your phone by text message – which is illegal!

What’s worse is that these applications usually require permission for other components, such as your microphone or your phone camera.

As you can imagine, this could open a can of serious privacy issues, as hackers might be able to spy on you through your phone camera!

Hacking Your Two-Factor Authentication

If a hacker tricks you into installing a harmful app that contains spyware, they could track your messages and other personal details. Eventually, they could use this to their advantage by gaining access to OTPs or security codes that you receive as part of the two-factor authentication process.

Because the hackers will be able to keep track of all the messages on your device, it won’t take long for them to be able to take over all of your accounts. That is definitely the last thing that you would want.

How Can Someone Actually Hack Your Phone or Device?

You should know that there are plenty of ways a person can hack your phone – see that guide for details. For instance, someone could load spyware on your Android or your iOS device, either remotely (in some cases) or in person.

You should know that a vast majority of hacking cases are usually perpetrated by people who are close to one another. That’s simply because they have more chances of accessing your device and installing the spyware.

Get familiar with these spy apps and what they can do – you’ll be shocked at how powerful they are. I have lots of guides and reviews on this site so have a good look around. Start with – the best hacking apps for Android or even for the iPhone.

What to Do If a Hacker Has Your Phone Number

Thankfully, there are a few things you can do if a hacker has your phone. There are ways to protect yourself. For instance, you could install a powerful anti-spyware tool on your device, and that could prevent any kind of spyware on your device with ease.

There are plenty of different anti-spyware tools and antivirus software that you can integrate on your device to prevent any kind of hack. At a minimum you should look at free tools such as Free AVG Antivirus – they have a specialist AVG Mobile Security app. Take your mobile security seriously, a hacked smartphone is a Big problem!

Did you know there are a couple of reliable ways to unhack your phone? Read this guide to find out how easy it is to remove a hacker from your phone or device.

Not only that, but you should always be wary of hacking attacks. It is imperative that you take steps to protect yourself and make sure that your device does not get exposed to external hacks.

For instance, make sure you keep your phone on your person at all times and enable two-factor authentication on your accounts as well.

Remember no one can hack your phone with just your phone number. Any hacking services offering this are scams. They can’t hack your phone number!

FAQ – Common Questions

Below I answer some of the most frequently asked questions I get. If you have any further questions please get in touch and I will answer them below:

Can Someone Hack My Bank Account With My Phone Number?

No, simply having your phone number will not allow someone to hack your bank account – or any other accounts. As mentioned above they may use your number to attempt to gain enough personal information to hack your bank account or credit card.

Can Someone Hack My Contact List?

Yes someone can hack your contact list by using a phone spy app. But remember to do this they will need more than your mobile phone number.

Can Someone Hack Your Email with Your Phone Number?

No, to hack your email they will need more than just your mobile phone number. Again a spy app will be the most common way to get your email hacked.

Keep safe and be aware of the technology available – this is how to stop hackers in their tracks!

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