Can Your Cellphone be Hacked by Text Message?

This is a common question – can someone hack my phone by texting me? In my opinion the simple answer is yes, someone can hack your cellphone by text. A hacker can pretend to be from your bank for example and send a text asking for a response from you.

Once you have sent that reply the hackers can be into your phone and then gain access to your personal data and information. And we have all heard of stories of celebrities having their accounts hacked and personal photos being released to the public.

What can happen is that your phone can be hacked and your text messages and other information can be read. It could even be happening to you now and is certainly happening to many people around the world.

A determined hacker can access lots of information stored on your phone and that is why it is vitally important to take as many precautions as you can to protect your phone.

This article will address some of the frequently asked questions about phone hacking and hacking by text message in particular.

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Could Someone Hack My Phone?

Yes, is the simple answer and it could even be happening right now to you. What can make you even more vulnerable to a hacker is if your iPhone has been jailbroken or you are using a android device that has been rooted.

If you are not sure what these terms mean you can check out my detailed guides on these topics.

There are many ways to hack a phone and these can include scamming you into installing an app on your phone which in turn leads to the hacker gaining access to your information from a remote server. This can be easily done especially if as I said your phone is jailbroken or rooted.

Other ways a phone can be hacked are Wi-Fi network hacking, iCloud or Google account hacking and phone network hacks. Hackers are always trying to come up with new ways to steal information stored on cell phones and you therefore need to keep up with these changes to protect your information and data.

Who Would Want to Hack Your Phone?


There are times when a phone can be hacked and it is perfectly legal to do so. Parents might want to keep their children safe while online and they are within their rights to install spy software on the phones and monitor their accounts.


If an employer gives an employee a “work phone” this can be hacked to enable the boss to monitor the phone. The employee does need to be informed that there is spy software on the phone though.

Unethical Hacking

I never condone this as it is illegal but I want you to be aware this can happen. So who else would want to hack your phone ?


This might seem highly unlikely but it can and does happen. Be careful of where you leave your cell phone or who you lend it to. They might not want to just make a call.

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Work Colleagues.

Again this might seem far fetched but not everyone you work with necessarily likes you and might want to gain information that they see as damaging to you.


This is not legal at all but does not deter some people from doing it – for obvious reasons.


These people are usually after financial information but can use your phone against you in many ways. They can try to bribe you or steal your information.

How Do you Know If Your Cell Phone is Hacked?

It can be hard to tell for sure if your phone is hacked but there are certain things you can look out for:

Erratic Behaviour

And I don’t mean from you! Is your phone behaving suspiciously? Is it shutting down unexpectedly. Is it over heating? Are you hearing strange noises? Are you charging it more often.

These issues can be because the phone is old but there may be a more sinister reason.

Can you see apps installed on your phone that you have not installed?

These might just be a game you don’t remember installing or it could be spy software hiding in plain sight. Check out any files or apps you are not sure of.

Battery Drain

Spy apps and hacking can put a drain on resources and suck the life out of your battery. If you think your phone needs charged more often it could be hacked. But remember all batteries do not last forever and it might be general wear and tear.

There are many ways to detect if you have been a victim of hacking by text or other means but some are less reliable than others – see my article on how to use a code to check if your phone is hacked. It explains how this isn’t a reliable option.

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Could Someone Hack My Phone by Texting Me?

Yes, someone can hack your phone by texting you. This happens all the time and we are forever being warned about it, but still it happens.

Your phone is much more susceptible to text hacking if it is an android phone as these can sometimes allow apps to be installed from untrusted sites. And as I said earlier jailbroken iOS devices and android devices that are rooted are at risk of being hacked by text message.

How Does a Text Hack Work?

You receive the text from the hacker supposedly from a trusted source such as your bank or telling you you have won a prize. Once you click the link a programme is run on your device installing the hack or spy software enabling the hacker to steal your personal information.

Could My Phone be Hacked by a Phone Call?

Your phone cannot be hacked by simply answering a call. But as I said earlier your phone is at risk of being hacked through other methods such as fake charging stations and an unsecure Wi-Fi network or hacking into your iCloud account.

I have an article looking at this – Can Someone Hack My Phone Using Just the Number – have a read to find out why this doesn’t work.

Could Someone Read My Texts By Hacking My Phone

They could read your texts by hacking your phone and a lot more than that! A hacker, if they gain access to your phone, can not only read your texts they could, depending on how the hack is achieved, see your photos, check your web history, find your location and read your e-mails.

They can hack a phone camera and this allows them to see all your phone pictures – even download them without you knowing.

They can also gain access to your social media and messaging apps things like WhatsApp, Snapchat and Instagram. See my article on how to see someone’s Snapchats and history or even how to hack someone’s Instagram account – these highlight the dangers out there from hacking.

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Ways a Hack Can Happen

Spy Apps: There are various spy apps on the market with different capabilities including but not limited to monitoring all messages, photos, calls, emails and web browser history. These need to be downloaded and installed onto the target phone.

Google/iCloud Account Hack. Many people use these accounts to back-up their data including photos. If a hacker gets access to the user name and password this back -up data then becomes accessible to the hacker.

Charging Station Hacks. Have you ever been in the airport and see someone charging their phone at the free stations? Well, this is the perfect opportunity for a hacker to gain access to your phone using Malware. Be cautious when using free charging stations and free Wi-Fi networks.

To sum up, your phone can be hacked by text message but it is more likely to be hacked using spy software. Some determined hackers will find a way to gain access to your phone if they think it is valuable to do so.

So, don’t use a rooted or jailbroken phone and be careful about what apps are installed on your phone. Most importantly be careful handling test messages from unknown sources and if in doubt don’t open them!


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