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FlexiSPY Reviews Updated (2020) In Depth and Independent Review

Unfortunately, all FlexiSPY Reviews are not created equal – you can’t believe everything you read online these days. In this review I’ll give you all the information you need to make a decision on when and why to buy FlexiSPY.

To make things easy for you I have a quick review followed with the big one – the most in depth independent FlexiSpy review. Keep reading … I will prove it!

Flexispy is one of the oldest spy software apps around and still performing. It was launched in 2005 believe it or not and I have been writing about it here since 2013! Lots has changed along the way and today they offer arguably the most advanced spy software on the market. Why? – I’ll get to that below.

FlexiSPY Review – the Quick Version

Not everyone wants to read loads of details so I’ll give you a summary here – followed by the more in depth version.

Is it safe, is it reliable and is it worth the money? Ah, the questions – I’ll do my best to give you my impressions.

You can take a look at the improved Flexispy website here.


There is no doubt that Flexispy is one of the top selling spy apps and it does perform very well. I have it on my phone and have done for several years now – unlike most reviewers! I only recommend a few products that actually perform well in my own testing – and FlexiSpy is one of them.

Why Buy FlexiSPY?   – The main selling points of this spy app are the advanced features. Flexispy is the only spy app to offer call recording and call intercept. No other app can do this reliably … even though a few make the claim.

So, is FlexiSPY worth it? – It has the reputation as being the most expensive app, which is true in part at least. They have two versions FlexiSPY Extreme (with call recording features) and FlexiSPY Premium.

If you really want to be able to listen to voice calls and calls made using messenger apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype and others – then you will need to pay the extra amount and get the Extreme version.

The Premium version actually competes well on price and features when compared to the competition. See the pricing structure below.

Other important factors to consider:

  • FlexiSPY do not have a No Jailbreak version – to monitor the iPhone or iPads, you must Jailbreak the device.
  • FlexiSPY Extreme for Android – you need to Root the device for the advanced features to work.
  • Installation Service – they offer a service to Jailbreak, Root and install FlexiSpy

When to Chose FlexiSPY?

If you need call recording and your phone is compatible – this is your only option.

For Android monitoring it is pretty straightforward – on a Rooted device the advanced features and reliability are the best.

For iPhone and Apple devices – if you can Jailbreak, again the features are the best available. But as I mentioned, there is no option for iPhone monitoring without Jailbreaking. mSpy is the better option here.

So, still interested and want to learn more? Let’s take a deeper look …

New and Updated May 2020

main reviews image

Full FlexiSPY Review

Unlike most generic FlexiSPY reviews out there – this one is quite long and goes into detail – so feel free to scan ahead to the parts that interest you the most. By the end you will have a better understanding of the program and when it will be the best choice for your needs.

FlexiSpy Pricing 2020

Both packages are now available in shorter terms as well as one year subscriptions :

 1 Month3 Months12 Months
Flexispy Premium$68$99$149
Flexispy Extreme--$199$349

The Premium version is actually good value and competes well with other products such as mSpy and MobiStealth. The Extreme version is expensive, but this is the only software that can intercept calls, record calls and phone surroundings.

Buy FlexiSPY Here

If you really need these features, I’m afraid you have to pay  – the 3 month option allows you to use it, try it and save some cash! It really will come down to the monitoring capabilities you feel you need. One bit of good news though, there are no added taxes and no VAT charges – these are the prices you pay.

Their installation service will cost you $39.99 at checkout IF you require it. It is a popular option for people worried about the technical side of Jailbreaking, Rooting and installation.

Payments can be made by several means – including Pay Pal and credit card – no mention of Flexispy will show on the bill!

Site Redesign and New Flexispy Login

Their website now looks and acts like it is a premium product. Looks aren’t everything, what is more important is the re-design of their Control Center – the main reporting dashboard where you login to view and operate your account.

The front end of the website may be important to present a professional image and to give you confidence in the company but the real action happens in the Control Center. It now has the most user friendly dashboard that I have used – well designed with everything clearly laid out.

flexispy dashboard screen

Reports are quick and easy to see and the controls for setting alerts or remote commands are simple to understand and use.

They have recently released a mobile app to view and use the control panel from your phone – called FlexiVIEW. A well designed, user friendly way to access all your data, reports, set alerts and download voice recordings – all from your own mobile!

Times have changed – not so long ago you needed detailed instructions just to find your way around the user panels! Top marks here for being user friendly.

Phones and Devices – Compatible Versions

You can monitor Android phones and tablets with internet capability, iPhones and iPads. As always it is important to remember that the devices must have some sort of internet access (data and/or Wi-Fi) and the operating system needs to be supported.

Apple devices must be Jailbroken before you can install Flexispy. Here is the current list – I keep this updated regularly :

  • Android Phones and Tablets – supported up to version 4 +
  • iPhone / Apple Devices – support up to iOS 9.1 and 9.2 up to 11.4.1 in tethered mode

Some features will only be available with certain types of device so you will need to check their site and make sure that the features you want are covered for your phone version.

Computer Monitoring From FlexiSPY

They have a PC monitoring software program – now you can see what your kids are up to on laptops and computers. It works in a similar way to the phone monitoring app and is available for Windows and Mac.

  • Windows PC : Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and windows 10
  • Mac OS : from Maverics to High Sierra

Look out for my full review of their Computer monitoring software.

iPhone Monitoring with FlexiSPY

flexispy reviews image

Flexispy Monitoring

FlexiSPY might not be your best choice if you are an iPhone user. To use on Apple devices you must Jailbreak the device. The problem is that not all versions of Apple operating systems can be Jailbroken at present.

You need to check the iOS version on the target phone. Versions up to iOS 9.1 are fairly standard and can be Jailbroken easily. For later versions – iOS 9.2 to 11.4.1 you need to use a tethered Jailbreak.

A tethered Jailbreak means that if the phone or device is powered off or the battery runs dead at any time – the Jailbreak is removed. If that happens you need to re – Jailbreak and re-install Flexispy. Not ideal!

The good news is that the way most people use their phones these days, they rarely power off or let the battery drain. So you could get a good period of monitoring – and remember your subscription allows you to install the app again as any times as required.

mSpy have a No Jailbreak service that can solve this problem -see my mSpy reviews page for more details.

They do not have a No Jailbreak monitoring solution for Apple devices, only the full version software which requires iPhones to be Jailbroken.

FlexiSPY for Android

The compatibility situation for android monitoring is much less complicated. As long as your device is running any Android version from 4.0 onwards you can use the Flexispy app. Just remember that advanced features such as call recording, keylogger and spying on messenger apps – all need Android to be Rooted.

FlexiSPY Installation Services!

They have just released a new White glove installation service – for the technically challenged! Now you can have an expert Root Android or Jailbreak your iPhone/ iPad and install the Flexispy app on your device – for a $39.99 fee.

You can select this service on the checkout page when you are making your purchase.

You need to have the device in your possession and be able to connect it to your PC or laptop. You schedule a time and a support technician will be able to do the complete setup by remote assistance on your PC.

This is a Big deal for many people who fear trying to Jailbreak or Root – let alone install the software themselves.

You can find out more on their website and select the installation at checkout.

Standard Features

They offer two different monitoring packages – FlexiSPY Extreme with all the bells and whistles, and FlexiSPY Premium, competitively priced with standard features. On the website they have a handy comparison page where you can quickly see the difference between different versions.

The standard features cover all of the usual monitoring features you would expect such as : call logs, email, IM chat messengers, GPS locations, images, videos and audio, contacts, browsing history, bookmarks and social sites – all monitored on the cheaper Premium version.

See how their features stack up against the other spy apps in my Best Spy Apps page.

text spy screenshot

Social and Chat Messenger Services

Here they have the most comprehensive list of services that can be monitored – so important today as more people use these different platforms to communicate instead of SMS texting. They cover 15 services :

Facebook, Facebook messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, Skype, Hangouts, Yahoo messenger, KIK, iMessage, QQ, Hike, Instagram, BB Messenger and BB Pin.

On the cheaper version you can see messages, photos, videos and all logs for these apps. But on the Extreme version you can hear and record any call made using these apps.

Messenger apps are being used so much these days for communication – especially with kids. Now more than ever you need to be able to see and hear what they are up to.

Keep checking as they add new services. Again it is necessary to check that your phone type covers the services you want to view.

Advanced Monitoring

The Extreme version has just become the leader in a field of one! They are the only company currently offering the following :

  • Live Call Intercept
  • Call Recording
  • Ambient Recording – phone surroundings

If you really need any of these features, FlexiSpy is your ONLY option. Due to some high profile legal cases a few years back – US based spy app providers stopped offering any recording features.

Flexispy continue to do so because they are based outside the U.S.A. and have no worries about being shut down. This does NOT mean that you can use their software for illegal purposes – they stress this on their website. See my own legal updates and stay within the law.

I expect the other companies to return to offering call recording in the future, but for now FlexiSPY is unique!

Does FlexiSPY Work?

I have been testing the advanced features and they work reliably. The recording works well on a rooted Android when you have good call connection quality. I know that people in areas with poor mobile reception have reported some problems with the call recording features in the past.

A sketchy connection can lead to only part of a conversation being recorded. This situation has been improving as more regions are benefiting from better internet services in general.

I recommend using VLC Media player for playing back any recordings – works better than Windows Media player!

Call Intercept

For some this can be a really useful feature – if it works for your phone. It works by adding your phone to a conversation, like a conference call but you stay muted and just listen. The target phone needs to allow 3 way calling so you need to check your carrier service.

Some business users and parents do find it useful, but I must admit it isn’t the most important feature to me – a bit of overkill.

Live call intercept is now available for the iPhone and iPad as well as Android devices.

VOIP Recording

You can also listen to VOIP calls – made using Skype, Viber and WhatsApp – the actual calls! This is another big step forward with so many kids using Whatsapp to make voice calls. Again – NO other spy app has these features.

call recording screen

Ambient Recording

This feature allows you to turn on the target phone’s microphone and record the phone’s immediate surroundings. It works well! You can use this to have the phone act as a “Bug”. Powerful feature – but keep it legal please.

Remote Camera Capture

You can remotely operate the target device’s camera and take pictures without the user knowing. Not the most practical feature in my opinion … but pretty clever all the same!

Other Features

Everyone tends to focus on the big features such as call intercept and recording, but there are some really useful ones to look at – adding real value.

Keylogger – Password Cracker

This is a new feature and is included with the Extreme package – but you can buy it separately on the website. It is basically a keylogger – once installed and activated it will record any passwords / codes / login details entered on the device.

This allows you to see every username and password entered on the device for social sites and messenger services. It will even record the passkey to unlock the target phone (but the software must be installed beforehand).

keylogger screenshot

Again, from a legal perspective, you must be sure you have a legal right to access these details – kids and employees only!

Alerts and Keywords

You can set up alerts (sent to your own phone/email) for specific phone numbers or to spot certain keywords – think drugs or profanity. Great feature for monitoring kids online behavior.

App Blocking

You can view all apps installed on the device and close them, block them or even uninstall remotely. The user will not even know what is happening!

Update and Upgrade Remotely

Once Flexispy has been installed, you never need to access the target device again. Many features have been integrated and can be controlled from the Control Center – including installing any software updates or even upgrading to their Extreme version. You can also stop, start or remove the software without further access to the target phone.

location tracking screen

Location tracking dashboard

Advanced GPS Tracking

Flexi-SPY can track the phone and show it’s location at any given time using a live map. You can also view historical locations – where the device has been over a given period.

You can also set location boundaries and receive alerts if the device enters or leaves a pre-defined area – really easy to set up in the main Control Center.

Both versions of FlexiSPY – Extreme and Premium offer some of the most advanced spy features available. Some features have different requirements to make them work so it is important to check before buying.

Why Chose This One?

The obvious reason above – the advanced features. Another couple of good reasons to buy Flexispy I have discovered :

Is FlexiSPY Very Well Hidden?

One of the most common questions I get asked is ” is Flexispy hidden – will the user know?” – They have really set out to create the most securely hidden spy software on the market. There is even a feature to hide the Cydia app after Jailbreaking or the SuperUser app after Rooting Android.

The software has no recognizable files and will not show up in the application list or the task manager. They claim it does not get flagged by antivirus software (I haven’t tested it fully yet, but didn’t get flagged by Lookout Security).

It is User Friendly!

This is something that many will overlook, until they come to install and use the software. It comes with an installation wizard – which guides you easily through the installation process.

Many people struggle with installing spy software apps and FlexiSpy are ahead of the competition, making it the easiest to install – dare I say fool proof? Even better – take advantage of their installation service for peace of mind.

The Online Control Panel – is definitely the slickest one I have used. Very easy to navigate and understand. Their new FlexiVIEW app just makes it even easier to see the reports online from your own mobile phone. No need for a PC.

tracking flex-spy

You can transfer your license to any device (even cross platform). Most software companies only allow you to change to a phone of the same operating system. With Flexispy, if your target phone is changed from Android to iPhone for example, you can simply deactivate one and transfer your valid license to the new phone.

Customer Service and Support

Flexispy have always had a good reputation for their support services. They have 24 hour 6 days a week email and live chat support. Another good thing you can check out on their website – lots of resources to get started and get the most from the software.

They have a detailed support section with Knowledge base articles and extensive video tutorials – a great place to check out how everything works in detail even before buying.

Installation Service – their technicians can Root or Jailbreak and install Flexispy for you – great for some people!

Refund Policy – they have a 10 day full refund policy and they honor it – gives you a little peace of mind when deciding to make the purchase.

Multiple Languages supported – at the moment the site is available in: English, Espanol, Italiano, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Portuguese, Deutsch and Thai.

FlexiSPY – My Verdict

Would I recommend FlexiSPY monitoring software? Without a doubt – but think about what you need to monitor before making your decision.

The Extreme version is the only one of its kind at the moment – if you really need the ability to record calls etc. you have no other choice. It is expensive, but good things cost money!

If standard monitoring is all that you need then it is a straight race between Flexispy, and mSpy – all in a similar price range at least for yearly contracts.

They do differ in the features and services they can monitor so there is no quick answer – you need to look at each one and pick the features that matter most to you.

You can Buy FlexiSpy and visit their website at this link

– see what you think!


One last thing to consider. With the takedown of StealthGenie things have changed and the companies based in the U.S. are trying to comply with the law. Flexispy is not U.S. based and is very unlikely to be taken down at any time – just be aware that you need to stay within the laws of your country – and stay safe.

This Flexispy reviews article was first written in 2013 and has been updated regularly ever since – keep in mind that I have had this spy app on a test phone for years now and continue to monitor it’s performance. Looking at other “reviews” – do you think they have tested it?

Don’t forget to have a look at the comments below – I answer loads of questions about FlexiSPY.

Thanks for reading!

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Pete says

If the target phone does a factory reset or updates the OS will I have to reinstall the flexispy

    Susan Kennedy says

    Yes that is correct – it is the same for all spy app programs.

Sheri Dickens says

Does flexispy require the Android phone to be rooted for ambient recording/call interception
If so, can the user tell if their phone has been rooted?

    Susan Kennedy says

    Yes rooting is required for those features on android. Rooting is not obvious to the user but can be seen if they know what to look for. Hope that helps.

gamma says

will it work in India? can I listen to the conversations or recordings of conversatoins?

    Susan Kennedy says

    It will work anywhere with an internet connection including the call listening and recording features.

Sarah Storm says

Does this app use up a lot of the target phones data? I currently use Mobistealth but it has been a nightmare as far as data usage goes It has caused the data used to triple on the phone it is installed on! Definitely need to find an alternative that won’t cause my cell phone bill to go crazy…
Thanks for your time 🙂

    Susan Kennedy says

    Sounds like something isn’t set up correctly – data increase should not be a problem. The modern programs send the data in very small “data packets” so that they are not detectable. One thing that could cause problems is if you set the program to download all videos on the target device (and they have a lot). Large videos can cause an increase in the data use – but you can limit this in the settings.

George says

hello, My child has found a way around the usual monitoring techniques on his phone. Does an android galaxy note 5 need to be rooted in order for the password cracker to work? I don’t want to root the phone and void the warranty. What type or Keylogger is available for non-rooted phones?

    Susan Kennedy says

    Yes, the password cracker does require rooting Android I’m afraid (all similar programs will too). Don’t be afraid of rooting – as to voiding your warranty, that’s not always true and of course the process is very easily reversed – just update Android and the Root is removed, it is that simple. Hope that helps and good luck.

MB says

Hello and thank you for this review. I plan to purchase a one month license and after that, I would like to make sure every possible bit of detectability is removed from the target phone. If I got the target device back, is there a way to uninstall it so it’s not accidentally discovered at some future date?
I know I’m pretty late on this thread, but I would love to know.

    Susan Kennedy says

    Hi there, you can easily remove the software without even touching it physically – from the online dashboard, there is a command to remove the software. It is not reversible and you would need to re-install if you ever need to monitor again. No trace will be left behind. Hope that helps.

Mike says

My girlfriend’s phone is monitored by her brother, I can’t contact her coz her messenger apps are all blocked. She can’t receive my messages & I can’t receive her messages in Wechat, Skype, etc….

Can someone monitor her phone without downloading spy software onto her phone?
or can someone spy remotely using other spy programs ?

    Susan Kennedy says

    The spy software is able to block specific apps and or webpages. It will have been installed physically, not remotely – but once it is on there it can be controlled remotely from the online dashboard. It works – as you have found out. Thanks for your question and good luck.

Jeff says

Will it monitor private messages sent through Instagram?

    Susan Kennedy says

    Yes – Instagram monitoring is now supported.

Bruce says

thanks for your reviews they are very helpful. I have a couple questions. I have a Galaxy Samsun S5, will this program work with my phone?

-I’m going to clean up my phone in other words I’m resetting the entire phone, should I install this app before the phone is wiped out or afterwards, or does a make a difference?

-What happens if the monitored phone gets damage/stolen. Can you cancel the membership?

Thanks in advance

    Susan Kennedy says

    Hi there,
    It will work on your phone; reset the device and then install the software – the other way round would remove it again! ; your membership is valid for the term you choose – it can be transferred to another device and of course you can choose not to renew again when you no longer need the software.
    I hope that helps – thanks for your questions.

Jessica says

Does this software work in French Polynesia or only in the USA?

    Susan Kennedy says

    Hi, it will work anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection – wi-fi or data. Thanks for your question.

Nicole says

Is Flexispy undetectable even if the target phone is not rooted?

    Susan Kennedy says

    Yes that is correct. It is one of the hardest programs to detect.

Alex says

What kinda data traffic is generated during uploading/viewing targeted phone? And can I activate WI-FI on targeted phone in order to minimize mobile data?

    Susan Kennedy says

    The data transfers are not an issue, very small unless there are long videos (and you can chose to ignore video uploads). The data is transferred in “packets” and are never noticed. You can set the target phone to upload when in range of wi-fi if you are still concerned. Thanks for the question.

Clare says

Can I use this software on multiple devices n only pay one price

    Susan Kennedy says

    I’m afraid not – 1 license per device. You can however move the license to another device (after removing it from the first) – it is transferable within your license term. Hope that makes sense!

Mike says

I understand that In order for a targeted phone to be able to download the spying software, it needs to have the unknown source box checked, but say after it is unchecked, does the software still continue to run.

    Susan Kennedy says

    Yes – it will continue to work. You need to check the box to be able to install the software initially, after that it doesn’t matter. Thanks.

Tony says

Great reviews thank you. If I start with the premium package and later want to upgrade to the extreme package can I do this just by paying the difference or do I need to reinstall the program on the target phone? Thanks.

    Susan Kennedy says

    You can upgrade without having to re-install the software in most cases. One exception I can think of is if you have not rooted Android before installing and then want to root (to get the extra features) you would need to re-install the software. Hope that helps.

Goingcrazy says

Thanks for your great reviews. Do you know if either mSpy or Flexy Spy can recover deleted texts or contact information

    Susan Kennedy says

    They can’t recover messages deleted before the software was installed – but once the software is installed any messages deleted after sending or being received will still be available to view. Hope that helps.

Len says

If sim card is changed in the device, will i still be able to track that device? Thanks.

    Susan Kennedy says

    Yes – the software is installed on the phone, not the SIM card. Hope that helps.

Raju S says

If i purchase one flexispy app for one mobile after completing work with that mobile can i able to reinstall it to another mobile

    Susan Kennedy says

    Yes you can transfer the license between phones, but only monitor one at a time per license. You de-activate the first then install on the next one. I have done this several times when testing different phones and devices.

Kaushik says


1. Doesn’t the target android phone need to be rooted to be installed?
2. For monitoring whatsapp, viber and FB messenger chats, does the target phone need to be rooted?
3. How long does it take for it to be installed?


    Susan Kennedy says

    An Android phone doesn’t have to be rooted to install Flexy spy – but some features DO need rooting – mainly social monitoring such as WhatsApp, Viber Facebook etc. Basic features will still work without rooting, but to get all features you should root the device.
    Installation only takes a few minutes – allow 10 – 15 if it is your first time, but it can be done in 5 minutes with a good internet connection. Hope this helps.

      Sarah says

      I have an android samsung galaxy note 3. I have looked into rooting it but it seemed difficult. Currently running lollipop. Where could i find out how to do it if Im not tech savy and how different would the phone look/act?

        Susan Kennedy says

        Rooting is easy enough don’t be afraid of it – I have a guide on the site here it also has links to resources with more information. They also have rooting information on their website and they allow you to easily hide the fact that it has been Rooted.

      John Purcell says

      Hi, once i have used the pw code to access the target phone, after rooting the phone will the recipient’s pw lock be deactivated and would the recipient notice any changes to the device after being rooted?? Or would it appear no different than before…

        Susan Kennedy says

        It will not effect the password lock – all will appear as before.

jojo says

Thank you SO much for your reviews & for keeping them updated! I was searching for unbiased info for hours before I came across this!

recardocan says

Can i switch to another mobile to monitor after testing monitoring my phone per one linceance?, i understand that i will not be able to monitor my mobile after start monitoring the next one.

    Susan Kennedy says

    Yes you can transfer the license to another phone at any time – as long as it has been removed from the previous phone.

yusoff khan says

hi..can i monitor all whatsapp msgs,viber etc without rooting target’s mobile phone?

    Susan Kennedy says

    Those features do require Android phones to be Rooted – it is easy enough to do, don’t let that put you off.

jen says

does flexi spy let you see multimedia text messages? like if someone texts my daughter images, i can view them? also can i have access to their photo and video gallery?

    Susan Kennedy says

    Yes it will show any pictures – plus any pictures and videos stored in the phone. It will report almost everything on the target phone from pictures and contacts to memos and calendars.

Tony says

I have a couple of questions
1) im interestered in the 3 month extreme package is the crack code app included free?
2) is facebook both sides of the conversation recorded
3) when i root the target phone im gonna put a custom keyboard on the phone would this work with the keyboard logger i know with mspy i had to use the android default keyboard.

    Susan Kennedy says

    Yes the password cracker is included, both sides of FB messages will be reported. I’m not sure about the custom keyboard to be honest – that’s a new question I haven’t come across! You might need to contact their support for that one. Thanks for your questions and good luck.

Bar says

For Hangouts, what information is tracked? Texts? Voice Calls? Video Calls? More?

    Susan Kennedy says

    With Hangouts monitoring you will see the logs of all activity, including texts and voice calls but not video calls – although they will be logged with date and time. Hope that helps.

mj says

what happens if interent or data connection gets turned off , and the phone connects to wifi once or maybe twice a day. or late night. also would the logs be saved or if the messages are deleted right away are they still loggged to be uploaded later

    Susan Kennedy says

    Everything will be logged as it happens and then uploaded to the reporting dashboard when there is an internet connection. The GPS tracking will obviously only show the historical data – not the live location, without an internet connection.

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