TeenSafe Review – Value Spy App?

Due to many requests I have finally prepared my Teensafe review. As you know if you have had a look around this website, I don’t do reviews of all spy apps on the market. More Importantly – I only recommend a few programs that I feel give real value.

This Teensafe review is like my others – I have bought it and tested it myself before giving any verdict. So, does it make my recommended list of the best spy apps available? Read on to find out …

Parents have a huge responsibility towards their children. As kids grow older, parents feel that it’s harder to communicate with them. They’re now old enough to make their own decisions and are usually reluctant to listen to advice. This can put them in great danger.

Most teens and kids nowadays have access to the internet where they can do whatever they want away from their parents eyes.

They can install messaging apps, talk to strangers who are much older, send compromising pictures of themselves or share personal information.

Teensafe Reviews

Some predators will act friendly and tempt teens and children to share such private data with them. Parents might find out that their little ones are in trouble when it’s already too late.

To protect your child, you should work on building a positive relationship with them. Proper communication and listening to their feelings will help them open up and tell you about what’s going on in their lives.

At the same time, it’s quite useful to use a potent tool that helps you keep an eye on your children when they’re away from you.

An easy to use cell phone spy app that can track a cell phone is your best bet. Moreover, you can use it to track the cell phones owned by your company. This way you can make sure that they’re used for business purposes only.

In this TeenSafe review, I will explain the features of this monitoring application and how you can use it to track any smartphone or iPad.

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General Features of TeenSafe

It’s quite challenging for parents and guardians to keep an eye on their little ones all the time. While your younger children usually don’t mind telling you about what’s going on, the story changes when your kids get older.

Teens and older kids will view your questions as an invasion of privacy. However, they’re kids and you’ve got to protect them even if they don’t want to. When they grow older they will thank you because they’ll know everything you’ve done was for their safety.

A good tracking app like TeenSafe will help you understand what’s going on in your kid’s life. It’s designed to help you do your job as a parent who will go that extra mile to protect their family.

Moreover, you can use it to track your own cell phone to make sure that no one is using it without your permission.

You can also install it to business cell phones to guarantee that the employees aren’t using the company’s cell phones to make long distance phone calls that you’ll eventually pay for.

This tracking app comes with a 7-day free trial period and is quite affordable. There’s also a remote control feature that comes for a good price. You can also contact the support team via email if you’re facing any issues. Here are some of the features of TeenSafe.

Check Text Messages

TeenSafe is designed for parents who want to track their children with no hassle. It offers basic supervision features so you can check your child’s call log, text messages, and location.

If your child receives suspicious text messages, TeenSafe will help you check them out even if they’re deleted. Not only will you be able to check the received texts but you’ll also check the sent ones.

All information about text messages on the target cell phone will be easily accessed from a dashboard on your cell phone or computer. You can use this feature to check your employees’ text messages when they’re using the company’s phones.

If your child spends too much time iMessaging their friends, then TeenSafe is the app to use. You don’t have to fight with your kid, this usually makes things worse.

You can monitor and track their cell phone without them knowing to make sure that they’re not talking to people you don’t approve of.

Teens are generally better with technology than their parents, so you might not be able to know what your little one is doing. However, TeenSafe doesn’t display images or videos attached to text messages.

This is a drawback when it comes to tracking cell phones because you want to know what’s going on in your child’s life when you’re not around.

Monitor Phone Calls

Do you wonder who your child spends long hours talking to? There’s no need to wonder once you install TeenSafe. You can easily check the incoming and outgoing calls without having to touch your child’s phone.

Even unsaved numbers will show up and you can look them up to know who your kid is talking to.

If your kid keeps the phone in their room, you want to know that they’re studying or sleeping. No parent wants their little one to talk on the phone till dawn on a school night.

Just check your dashboard and it will show you if the target cell phone is in use. It will also grant access to the phone book so you can check all contacts.

If you’re suspicious that a company’s employee is using the company’s cell phone to make long distance phone calls, then this is the right application for you. This way you can control your company’s spending.

Track Location

Wouldn’t it be great to know the location of your child at all times? Even younger kids will get irritated if you call them all the time to know where they are.

TeenSafe will help you locate your child easily so you can rest assured that they’re supposed to be. As a parent, you’ll gain your peace of mind. For your children, they’ll always be safe because you’re always around.

You can also make sure that any cell phone you track is where you left it whether it belongs to you or to your company.

If your kid is going somewhere away from home, they will feel safe knowing that you can keep an eye on them. This is extremely helpful especially if they’re spending time in the outdoors or out of town.

Nevertheless, this tracking app doesn’t support geofencing which notifies you when your children leave a certain spot. This is an excellent feature that most parents prefer.

website history

Keep an Eye on Web Browsing History

The internet offers various options for all cell phone users. Kids and teens are usually interested in technology and will be curious to check different websites.

Using TeenSafe will allow you to check the websites your child is visiting, in addition to their saved bookmarks. The application will send a notification to your dashboard so you can take immediate action if they check a website that features adult content.

Even if they’re browsing children-friendly sites, the dashboard will tell how when they logged in and how much time they spent on each website.

You don’t want your kid to spend long hours with their eyes glued to a screen as this can affect their physical and mental health.

Examine WhatsApp and Kik

Although TeenSafe doesn’t support most social media and instant messaging applications, it grants access to two of the most popular instant text messaging that teens and adults use.

When you install TeenSafe, you’ll be able to monitor or hack Whatsapp and Kik. Whatsapp is a popular chatting app where users can exchange pictures, videos, and voice notes.

Although you won’t be able to check media files, you’ll be able to monitor text messages exchanged over Whatsapp.

Monitoring Kik is a big plus for parents. This application doesn’t ask users for phone numbers. This means that users can be anonymous and this is extremely dangerous for the little ones.

Online predators are very difficult to track and your kids can be in extreme danger. TeenSafe will help you track text messages exchanged over this app so you can make sure that your child is safe.

Phone Pictures and Videos

You can use the app to see all photos and videos stored on the phone itself. This is good but it doesn’t go as far as some other spy apps that allow you to hack the phone’s camera and see all their photos.

Drawbacks of TeenSafe

Although TeenSafe is a safe and practical tracking device, it comes with a few disadvantages.

It doesn’t offer full support. There’s no live support available and the team is only available for limited hours per day. This means that responses can be too slow.

You can’t block websites or apps. You might not be able to control and monitor your child’s usage of the cell phone as much as you want to.

No images, videos or voice notes can be checked using this app.

TeenSafe doesn’t support popular social media and instant messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Skype, and SnapChat. If you want to hack Snapchat or Hack someones Instagram to monitor what they are up to – you need to consider mSpy or FlexiSPY.

Unique Selling Points

If you feel that you can’t keep up with the advancement in technology, then TeenSafe is the right tracking application for you. It will allow you to keep an eye on the basic information shared on a target cell phone or iPad.

Affordable and Easy to Use

While TeenSafe isn’t the most advanced tracking application on the market, it comes with a free trial period and doesn’t require any rooting or Jailbreaking.

This means that once you pay for it, you’ll immediately be able to use it to track any cell phone that belongs to your family or your company.

Moreover, TeenSafe is compatible with Android and IOS operating systems so you can use it to track any Android cell phone, iPhone or iPad.

Check Text Messages and iMessages

This app allows you to check the text messages and iMessages on the target phone. This is a great feature because the information will be available to you even after the messages are deleted from the target phone. You can use it to hack a FB account without having the password – all explained here.

If you’re a business owner, you don’t want the employees to use the company’s phone to send personal text messages. You can check if the employees working for your company are using the company’s cell phones for personal purposes.

Monitoring Whatsapp and Kik

TeenSafe doesn’t support tracking most of the social media and instant messaging apps. Nevertheless, it supports checking the messages sent over Whatsapp and Kik.

These are two of the most popular messaging applications among all cell phone users. You can use the app to check what your teens are sending to their friends, but you won’t be able to check the pictures or videos they share with others.

Web Browsing Tracking

Do you want to know if your child is checking untrustworthy websites? Are you worried that your kid is visiting porn sites? Do you think that one of the company’s employees is using the company’s cell phone to visit dating sites?

TeenSafe is a hassle-free application that will allow you to check the browsing history and bookmarks on the target phone. Once you install it, you’ll be able to check this information easily.


It is easy enough to use and install this app. All the usual limitations apply – you need physical accesss to the target device for installation. Ignore claims that you can install spy apps by text message.


There are lots of options available if you want to track a cell phone, but TeenSafe stands because it’s straightforward to install and offers basic tracking features so you can easily monitor any cell phone.

It’s quite affordable and doesn’t require any rooting or Jailbreaking. However, it lacks some of the most important features like checking instant messaging applications and blocking certain websites.

If you’re looking for these options, then I recommend you look for another tracking application.

Before making your decision have a good look around this site – see my recommended Android hacking apps and for the Apple users my list of iPhone hacking tools. These should help keep you on the right track and find what you need.

Nevertheless, based on this TeenSafe review, I believe that if you want a hassle-free tracking app, then this is the one to pick.

It’s impossible to predict what technology will offer in the future. This is why I believe that TeenSafe might offer an upgraded version of their tracking app.

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