TeenSafe Review – Is It a Good Value Spy App?

Due to many requests I have finally prepared my review of the TeenSafe app. As you know if you have had a look around this website, I don’t do reviews of all spy apps on the market. More Importantly – I only recommend a few programs that I feel give real value.

This TeenSafe review is like my others – I have bought it and tested it myself before giving any verdict. So, does it make my recommended list of the best spy apps available? No, but read on to find out why.

Teensafe Reviews

In this review, I will explain the features of this monitoring application and how you can use it to track any smartphone or tablet device. I’ll also tell you how it performed in my own personal testing. Plus I’ll explain where I feel it falls short of what you should expect from a good modern spy app today.

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See also my general mSpy questions page and a FAQ page for FlexiSPY – learn as much as you can before you buy anything!

TeenSafe – Spy App or Parental Control App?

TeenSafe is marketed as a spy app aimed at parents wanting to monitor or track their kids cell phones and mobile devices. As I always repeat on this website, this is one of the main legal uses for a phone tracker app.

There are a group of programs that are best described as parental control apps and services. Some can be setup with your phone carrier. Parental control programs focus more on basic monitoring features and things like restricting screen time or blocking certain apps. They are often visible on the target device – so the child will know their phone is being monitored.

The big problem I had with testing out TeenSafe was that it felt like a parental control app trying to be a real spy app. It lacks some of the basic features of a modern phone spy app and has no real advanced features.

Strangely, it also lacks some of the basic features of a good parental control software app. It is in a no mans land!

How TeenSafe Works

TeenSafe works in the same way as most monitoring software programs available today. It is available for tracking and monitoring Android phones and tablets, and iPhones and iOS iPads. These are two different solutions and they work differently.

For Android devices the TeenSafe app is installed directly onto the target phone or device (the one you want to spy on). Once installed and activated the app will record much of what happens on the phone and send it to an online dashboard or control panel.

When you buy TeenSafe they will send you a secure login for the online reporting dashboard. You simply log in from any device connected to the internet and you will be able to see what has been happening on the target phone. I cover some of the main reports below. This is pretty standard for Android spy apps.

For monitoring an iPhone or iPad – this version of TeenSafe works by reporting changes in the automatic backups saved in Apple’s free iCloud service. No software is installed on the iPhone – and physical access to the target device may not be needed.

For the iPhone tracking and monitoring to work you must have the user’s Apple ID and password. iCloud backups need to be enabled and for best results you need to turn off 2FA (two factor authentication).

You simply login to your online control panel and enter the target device Apple ID and password. It can take up to 24 hours for reports to appear in your dashboard.

mSpy were the first spy app to offer this No Jailbreak solution to spy on the iPhone. In my experience, they are still the most advanced for iPhone and Apple device monitoring.

how teensafe works

TeenSafe App Main Features

Let’s have a look at some of the main features of TeenSafe:

Check Text Messages

TeenSafe is designed for parents who want to track their children with no hassle. It offers basic supervision features so you can check your child’s phone call log, text messages, and location.

If your child receives suspicious text messages, TeenSafe will help you check them out even if they’re deleted. You will be able to see every SMS text message sent and received.

All information about text messages on the target cell phone can be accessed from the online reporting dashboard. You’ll see the actual message contents as well as the contact numbers and time stamps of sending and receiving.

This is considered the most basic monitoring feature of a spy app and it worked well in my testing of TeenSafe.

Monitor Phone Call Logs

Do you wonder who your child spends long hours talking to? There’s no need to wonder once you install TeenSafe. You can easily check the incoming and outgoing calls without having to touch your child’s phone or device.

Even unsaved numbers will show up and you can look them up to know who your kid is talking to.

Again this is seen as a basic feature. The reports will show timestamps of the calls made and received as well as the call duration and the numbers called. All good stuff so far!

feature list

Location Tracking

Wouldn’t it be great to know the location of your child at all times? Even younger kids will get irritated if you call them all the time to know where they are.

Tracking apps like TeenSafe all come with phone location tracker features. Unfortunately this is a feature where many software programs fail to deliver reliable results. In my testing on a Samsung Android phone TeenSafe location tracking was a big fail.

It failed to accurately log where the phone had been – sometimes it didn’t track at all for long periods of time. You could not rely on results like these.

Remember that with iPhone tracking using the No Jailbreak version of TeenSafe does not give up to date tracking information. It relies on the iCloud backup system and so is not in real time.

Programs such as mSpy and FlexiSPY offer much better tracking along with added features. With mSpy you can set geo-fencing alerts. You can set areas where your kids phone should not leave and if they do you get a warning text message sent to your own phone.

TeenSafe need to improve their phone tracking and look at the added features competing software programs already provide.

website history

Track Web Browsing History

The internet offers various options for all cell phone users. Kids and teens are usually interested in technology and will be curious to check different websites.

Using TeenSafe will allow you to check the websites your child is visiting, in addition to their saved bookmarks. The application will send a notification to your dashboard so you can take immediate action if they check a website that features adult content.

Even if they’re browsing children-friendly sites, the dashboard will tell how when they logged in and how much time they spent on each website.

You don’t want your kid to spend long hours with their eyes glued to a screen as this can affect their physical and mental health. TeenSafe was pretty good at tracking web browsing history – as you would expect from any good quality spy software app.

Read WhatsApp and Kik Messages

Although TeenSafe doesn’t support most social media and instant messaging applications, it grants access to two of the most popular instant text messaging that teens and adults use.

Unfortunately, this is another area where TeenSafe falls down. Most monitoring apps can track and monitor a wide range of social media apps. TeenSafe is very limited, with no support for some of the most popular messaging apps such as Snapchat and Instagram.

When you install TeenSafe, you’ll be able to monitor WhatsApp and KiK. Although you won’t be able to check media files, you’ll be able to monitor text messages exchanged over WhatsApp.

Monitoring Kik is a big plus for parents. This application doesn’t ask users for phone numbers. This means that users can be anonymous and this is extremely dangerous for the little ones.

Online predators are very difficult to track and your kids can be in extreme danger. TeenSafe will help you track text messages exchanged over this app so you can make sure that your child is safe.

See All Phone Pictures and Videos

You can use the app to see all photos and videos stored on the phone itself. This is good but it doesn’t go as far as some other monitoring apps that allow you to hack the phone’s camera and see all their photos – gallery hack app.

How Much Does TeenSafe Cost?

TeenSafe still use separate pricing for Android and iPhone monitoring – as most other now have the same pricing across platforms. They also have different plans – Basic, Premium and Family. The Family plan is their Premium plan for 3 devices.

teensafe pricing

TeenSafe For Android Monitoring

TeenSafe Basic Price:

  • 1 month $39.99
  • 3 months $59.99
  • 1 year $99.99

TeenSafe Premium Prices :

  • 1 month $49.99
  • 3 months $69.99
  • 1 year $119.99

TeenSafe Family Plan Pricing :

  • 1 month $69.99
  • 3 months $99.99
  • 1 year $199.99

TeenSafe for iPhone Tracking

TeenSafe Only offer No Jailbreak monitoring for the iPhone – using iCloud tracking. They have a Premium service and then offer a Family plan and a Business plan for iPhone users.

TeenSafe Premium for iPhone Price :

  • 1 month $49.99
  • 3 months $79.99
  • 1 year $129.99

The Family plan for iPhone and Apple devices covers 5 devices and costs from $99.99 to $399.99. The Business plan covers 25 devices and costs from $399.99 to $999.99.

They seriously need to sort out their pricing structures – they are far too complicated. Add in the fact that their Basic plan is so basic that it doesn’t offer any value. Again I get the feeling that TeenSafe are trying to be something they are not.

Drawbacks of TeenSafe as a Phone Spy App

Throughout my review of TeenSafe I have pointed out some serious flaws in this program. Overall it just does not measure up to the competition. It fails on the features it offers and the pricing is out of touch.

It doesn’t offer full support. There’s no live support available and the team is only available for limited hours per day. This means that responses can be too slow.

You can’t block websites or apps. You might not be able to control and monitor your child’s usage of the cell phone as much as you want to. They also have no monitoring of email – another important feature.

TeenSafe doesn’t support popular social media and instant messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Snapchat. If you want to hack Snapchat or Hack someone’s Instagram to monitor what they are up to – you need to consider mSpy or FlexiSPY.


There are lots of options available if you want to track a cell phone, but TeenSafe falls way short of what you should expect these days from a quality monitoring app. You should take a look for yourself at their website and see what you think compared to some of my recommended apps.

Beware of some online TeenSafe reviews. I have come across some making claims of features that don’t exist. I even discovered a fake review that actually links to another product.

One other thing you should consider. It is part of a group of spy apps marketed as FamiSoft Ltd. registered in Vietnam. The group includes apps such as Spyic, Cocospy, Fonemonitor, Minispy and a few others. A simple Google search reveals all the spy apps they market.

I would guess that this is actually one spy software program being marketed as different Brands. It doesn’t suggest quality to me. It seems rather shady in fact.

If you’re looking for a good quality monitoring app please take care – there are many scams out there. Do your research and be careful what websites you trust. Sticking with the best selling apps is usually the safest bet.

I have some reviews of other spying programs that I don’t recommend for a variety of reasons. See my :

Please note – These Do Not come with my recommendation.

Before making your decision have a good look around this site – see my recommended apps list – it is small for a good reason! This should help keep you on the right track and find what you need.


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Good feature list

Good support for beginners

Best for a tight budget

TeenSafe FAQ

Is there a free version of TeenSafe?

No, there is no free version of TeenSafe and they do not have a free trial.

Is TeenSafe safe?

Yes, TeenSafe is safe to use. This question comes up because there was a well documented data breach of TeenSafe a few years ago. Although there was a security breach, no user details were leaked.

Do I need to Root an Android phone in order to install TeenSafe?

No, Rooting your Android is not required to install TeenSafe. However, some monitoring features will only work on a Rooted Android phone or tablet.

Is TeenSafe hidden?

TeenSafe can be hidden from the target device. There is an option to hide the app during installation.

That just about covers TeenSafe for now. As always, check back to see if their service improves. I always keep my reviews updated. Thanks for reading!

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