How To Tell If Your Instagram Account Has Been Hacked

Worried about your Instagram security or curious if you should be worried? I’m going to explain a few things. I’ll show you how to tell if your Instagram account has been hacked, explain why and how this hacking can happen.

Then I’ll guide you through what to do about it.

Instagram is a social media platform many of us use to see how the other half live or to share how we live. But for many people it is also a valuable source of income. Who even knew there could be a job title of Social Media Influencer!

With that comes the risk of your Instagram account getting hacked. This can be done in several ways.

Instagram itself can be hacked and this is known as a data breach or public hack. This happened in 2019 when the data of up to 49 million Instagram users was exposed.

This mainly affected celebrities and influencers and much of their personal data was uncovered such as phone number and email address.

Another way to hack Instagram is by using good spy software apps such as mSpy or FlexiSPY. These spy apps can be used on cell phones and tablets to see someone’s Instagram activity.

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My article on How to Hack Instagram has a detailed guide on how hackers can get access to all your Instagram activity.

So, if you have a suspicion your Instagram account has been compromised here are some helpful tips to let you know for sure.

Signs Your Instagram Has Been Hacked

Someone Tells You

If you are lucky enough to have followers on Instagram they might notice unexpected changes in your activity on Instagram and let you know. Instagram might also send you an email stating there is suspicious activity on your account.

Unexplained Posts

You notice images from people who you do not follow and these should not be showing up as you scroll. There is a chance you have been hacked.

Password Authentication

You keep getting an incorrect password alert or you are asked to confirm a password change.

These can be some of the signs your Instagram has been hacked but you know your account better than anyone and need to be careful about any changes in your account activity.

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Signs Your Phone Is Hacked.

The last section covers specific signs that your Instagram account is hacked. If your cell phone or mobile device is hacked then all your social accounts and more can be hacked.

If a hacker gains access to your phone – they have access to almost everything you do on the phone … including on Instagram.

I have a detailed article on How To Tell If Your Phone is Hacked but I can give you a few of the main points here:

Excessive Battery Drain

All batteries deteriorate with age but if you have a new cell phone or device and the battery is draining rather too quickly this could be a sign there are spy apps installed on your device.

Unauthorized Apps Installed

It is good to get into the habit of checking all apps installed on your device regularly. If you notice any new ones that YOU have not installed then someone else might have!

Strange Account Activity

Do you notice you are getting more notifications regarding sign-ins on your account? As many devices are linked to your accounts such as Facebook, Google etc if your phone is hacked then your other accounts are also vulnerable.

Re-Directed to Websites

Have you noticed when you open your browser you are taken to websites you have not visited? If your device is hacked you can be sent to websites that have ads or spammy type offers. All with the intention of getting your clicks.

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Multiple Password Change Notifications

As with the account activity if your phone is hacked you may be asked to confirm password changes. If this is not done by you, then your phone is at risk of being hacked or compromised in some way.

Other Ways Instagram Can Be Hacked

Your Instagram can also be hacked in ways you might not expect. You can look at the main article – How to Tell If Your Phone is Hacked for all the details and information but I will give you a few of the ways here.

Fake Charging Stations

Many public places like libraries, colleges and airports have charging hubs for mobile devices, but are you sure they are legitimate.

Hackers and scammers are always trying to stay one step ahead to get access to your information and data stored on your phone, and what better way than to use fake charging stations. They can then download all your data using their methods.

Try using a battery pack or a charging station you know is secure.

Malicious Apps

Hackers have come up with ways to code apps on your device that allows them to access your data. They have even gone as far as creating apps that resembled WhatsApp. Users were unaware this app was not the original one and it allowed the hackers access to your personal information.

Phishing Attacks

No matter how many times we are warned about opening links and attachments sometimes we can be caught out. The reason for these warnings is because of phishing!

Scammers send what can look like a genuine email or sms but when we open them they are a hack! You might think your bank has been in touch and need some information from you. You go ahead and enter your details and the hacker is then in!

What To Do If Your Instagram Account is Hacked?

If your Instagram has been hacked by a widespread data breach you should be informed by Instagram. You can then go to the settings on your account and change the password. This should be enough to secure your account.

If your account has been hacked using spy software you will need to remove this.

My article on How to Remove Spy Software goes into detail on how to do this successfully. I also have a guide on How to Get Rid of a Hacker on My Phone – it covers how to remove any hack from your phone or mobile device.

Once the spy software has been removed from your mobile device you should reset your password on your phone and take steps to keep it secure.


Like all other social media platforms Instagram is not immune to being hacked. This can be either through a major data breach of the company or through a phone hack. I hope this article has helped explain How To Tell If Your Instagram Account Has Been Hacked.

Worried about other social accounts? I have a guide on how to tell if Snapchat is hacked – and how to know if your WhatsApp is hacked – worth a look if you are worried.

Don’t forget – at I have a Premium Security Ebook which has helped well over 1,000 people so far! Have a look and see if you think you need extra help.

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BUT Remember, these hacks can be removed from Instagram and you can have a secure account again.

I have some great articles on how to keep your mobile devices safe and free from hacks – in the Online Security section.

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