How to See Someone’s Snapchats and Their Snapchat History

Ever wondered how to see peoples Snapchats and even look through their Snapchat history? It’s a question that I’ve been asked a lot – and now I’m going to explain exactly how you can do this and more without them knowing.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a tech expert and just about anyone can do this easily.

Snapchat is hugely popular especially amongst young users and like all these communication apps they present real threats to our children online.

The techniques I go through are totally legal if you follow the rules – I never condone any illegal use of spy apps or hacking techniques.

You can use this advice to monitor your own children’s Snapchat accounts and any of your employees who use a company cell phone. You cannot use this legally to see your partners or spouses Snapchats – despite what some sites say!

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So let’s get started :

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Why Is It Difficult to View Someone’s Snapchats?

With most messaging or social media apps if you can gain access to the user’s account you can go through and look at all of their activity. Everything will be there to see – you can easily check your kids phone for any dangerous or inappropriate content.

Take WhatsApp for example – if you can get access to their account you can simply look through and see every message or picture sent, you can even see any voice call logs.

Snapchat is different. The unique thing with Snapchat is that these Snapchats or Stories disappear usually after 24 hours – Snapchat moments (another feature) can be gone after 10 seconds! And they really do disappear completely from the platform.

This presents a major problem if you are trying to keep an eye on your kids activity – their messages are mostly gone by the time you get to see them even if you have access to their account and password.

Have a look at my article covering the best messaging apps – these apps are a potential risk to your kids online safety if left unchecked.

Thankfully there are a few ways to see who someone is Snapchatting and be able to see other people’s Snapchat history – all activity!

Using mSpy to Monitor Snapchat

mSpy is the best selling cell phone spy app with a whole range of monitoring features designed for use by concerned parents and employers. They are one of the few apps that can track Snapchat accurately and reliably.

Many apps make the claim but when you get into using them you’ll find difficulties – they only work on certain phones or networks or they only gather existing Snapchat stories.

mSpy is one of the few spy apps that I recommend to readers because it works and has worked consistently for years. The mSpy app can do much more than monitor or hack Snapchat – have a look at my main mSpy review for a full run down of features in the reviews section.

how to see peoples snapchats history

How to See Peoples Snapchats Using mSpy

The mSpy app has certain working features that enable it to capture all Snapchat activity – even when they soon disappear from the Snapchat platform itself. It is similar to how mSpy can report deleted Snapchat messages and other deleted social media messages.

Here’s how it works:

Once the mSpy app is installed and working on the users phone it logs almost every action taken on the device. This includes every Snapchat message or call sent and received. Did you know that this is a great way to open a Snap without them knowing – check that guide out when you have a minute. You can also use it to screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing – have a look.

It essentially captures this activity at the point of sending and receiving then uploads this data to the mSpy data servers online.

You can then log in to the online reporting dashboard and view everything. In this case you can see every interaction that has taken place using Snapchat – both sending and receiving.

It will also show any Snapchat voice call logs including timestamps and duration of the calls.

It will also show the user accounts details – who they follow and who follows them. Even after these messages are deleted from Snapchat itself – you can still see all messages. In my view this is the most complete service for seeing someone’s Snapchat history.

mSpy has programs for both Android and the iPhone – they have some differences, so let’s have a look:

Viewing Snapchats for Android

If the phone you need to monitor is an Android, mSpy will cover everything and is really easy to set up. For Android phones you must have the phone in your possession and physically install the app software.

Installation is really quite straightforward – once you have bought mSpy they send you detailed instructions. You go online using the target phone or device (it works on tablets as well) enter the custom download link you have been sent and follow a simple installation wizard.

It should only take a few minutes to complete. For anyone not confident they do offer an extra installation service for a small fee. But seriously, most people can do this themselves.

On any Android phone you will be able to monitor everything on Snapchat and see their history at any time.

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View Other’s Snapchats on iPhone

For Apple users – iPhones and iPads – mSpy has 2 versions available:

For Jailbroken Devices

If the target iPhone has a Jailbreak you can install the software directly onto the phone as with Android installation. Check my tech guides section for Jailbreaking information.

The Jailbreak full version for mSpy offers the best coverage for reporting all Snapchat activity but it does not work with the latest iPhone models. So, mSpy have a No Jailbreak version that allows you to monitor Snapchats.

No Jailbreak Version

mSpy were the first company to release the No Jailbreak monitoring system and it remains the most advanced version. It works very differently to their full version software – for non Jailbroken devices no software is actually installed on the target phone.

Most websites writing about this don’t seem to understand the principles here and give out conflicting information. I use this program and have a lot of experience with it.

The no Jailbreak version works by monitoring through the phone backups and reporting the changes. Backups are done using the free iCloud platform from Apple. You must have the users iCloud username and password for this to work!

This version of mSpy allows you to log in using the target users credentials and set up the frequency of reporting and other features. It is quick and easy to configure and in most cases you do not need to have the phone in your possession. Remember no software is installed.

Once set up you can login to the mSpy reporting dashboard and view the activity in the usual way – just like the full version software. Reporting is not as detailed as the full software and does not cover all the extra features – so please be sure to check out what is and what is not covered.

It works well for seeing others Snapchat history!

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Remember that for all the versions of spy apps like mSpy you get access to a wide range of monitoring features not just monitoring Snapchat. Everything from GPS tracking to monitoring a wide range of social media and chat apps.

Very few spy apps can actually monitor Snapchat – many make the claim but users soon find out that they do not work effectively for Snapchat. mSpy is the most reliable in my personal experience.

Best of all mSpy is totally discreet – it is very well hidden and the user will have no idea they are being monitored.

Other Ways to See People’s Snapchat Messages

Spy apps really do offer the only way to see someones Snapchat history with any real accuracy. Although most do not work like mSpy offering a very detailed coverage of Snapchat – some can offer limited reporting in another way. Let me explain:

Can a Keylogger See Someone’s Snapchats?

Some of the better spy apps (including mSpy) have a built in keylogger function. In case you don’t know a keylogger can log and report every action taken on the phone or devices keypad. This is huge and most people don’t get this!

Let’s look at the case of FlexiSPY – another of my recommended spy apps. FlexiSPY does not cover Snapchat in the same dedicated way as mSpy but it has a very good keylogger feature.

Once FlexiSPY is installed on the target smartphone it will record every keystroke entered using the phones keypad / screen. Using this you can see the other persons logins and passwords for their Snapchat account – or to view any messages they have typed into Snapchat.


Gaining access to these logs and being able to login to their account is helpful but definitely not as effective as monitoring their Snapchat history using mSpy. This method will not pick up images already deleted from the Snapchat platform.

Remember that this keylogger function works for any usernames and logins typed into the users phone! Things like WhatsApp, Facebook and others can be hacked in this way very easily.

On the subject of Snapchat, I have a range of useful guides and how to’s. Check out how to send a gallery pic as a snap – I think you’ll find it interesting.

Using Snapchat Hacking Tools to See Who Someone is Snapchatting

Here I’m talking about all those so called Online Snapchat Hack tools. They make great claims – all you need to do is enter the username of the person you want to hack and they will show you all of their Snapchat history! Sounds too good to be true?

It is too good to be true – they are advertizing scams aimed at getting you to click ads or fill in surveys – they make a lot of money and in the end you do not get any Snapchat information. I have covered these scams in detail on my Snapchat Hacking guide here.

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Be aware that similar tools exist for hacking WhatsApp, Facebook and others – they all scam you in similar ways. Avoid them at all costs please.

To Sum Up

Spy apps are the best way to see other people’s Snapchat history, accounts and messages. A specialized app such as mSpy will give you the best monitoring coverage – including older messages that have been deleted.

Spy app keyloggers are the next best thing although the level of monitoring is not as detailed – but you can gain access to their accounts.

Online hacking tools – don’t waste your time. I have tried many of these and never had a result in fact I have challenged anyone to show me a legitimate one that works and am still waiting!

Lastly, remember that a good spy app can provide many more interesting features – not just covering Snapchat. Have a good look around the site and read my best spy app reviews – I think you’ll be surprised at what these apps can do.

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