mAssistance From mSpy Their Installation Service Explained

I get a lot of questions about mSpy especially when it comes to the tech stuff like installation. Many ask about their own installation service called mAssistance so here I’ll explain everything you need to know.

First things first. You don’t really need to buy this service but it can be a great help to some users.

I have written some guides on installing mSpy on Android and on installing mSpy on the iPhone to help you get started. I also have a detailed guide on the mSpy No Jailbreak version and how it works.

If you go through these guides and follow mSpy’s own instructions they send when you buy – you should be able to install the app yourself with no problems.

Have a good look around this website – I have lots of guides and information on using spy apps and of course, see my main mSpy review here – Learn as much as you can about the mSpy app and try the Demo before buying the app!

That said, if you are worried about the technical side of things mSpy has a couple of options to help you install and use their software.

mAssistance from mSpy explained

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Installation Services From mSpy

Phone Support

The first level of support for installing the app is to pay for their premium phone support. Using this an operator will talk you through step by step how to install mSpy and get it set up. They will also help you with any settings you are not sure of.

Take a minute to check out my mSpy FAQ page it covers all questions and potential problems including why is mspy not showing data? Check it out!

Next up is their installation service called mAssistance

This service is sold as an add-on to the mSpy app and you can select it at the checkout page. It is priced at $43.99 – I’ll explain how it works.

Once you have bought the app and selected the mAssistance add-on you will receive your welcome email with account details and your activation code.

mAssistance will have instructions separately. It will instruct you how to install Team Viewer and how to contact the mAssistance support.

How mAssistance from mSpy Works

It uses an app called Team Viewer Quick Support – you install this on the target phone, the one you need to monitor. Once installed you open the device and get your phone’s Team Viewer ID.

Team Viewer is easy to use – just download and install it directly from the Play Store.

teamviewer app download

You contact the mAssistance support and they can then log into the target device remotely. The Team Viewer app basically allows them to have remote access to the phone over an internet connection. Very clever!

The operator will now be able to install the mSpy app for you. They can also Jailbreak (if it is an iPhone) or Root your Android.

They will also configure the initial settings such as the phone details, enabling the keylogger, and setting up notifications. Everything is done for you in just a few minutes of remote support. Your target phone will now begin to be monitored.

Just remember to remove the Team Viewer app once installation is complete.

mAssistance Video Guide

That’s just about it for the mAssistance service. Remember you don’t have to use this – as I have said the app is easy enough to install yourself.

It is useful for anyone not too confident with mobile phones or if you run into problems with Jailbreaking or Rooting. In this case, you can buy mAssistance separately simply by contacting support or on the live chat screen on the mSpy homepage.

I hope that helps and good luck!

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