mSpy FAQ – Answers to all Your Mspy App Questions

Interested in buying mSpy but still have some unanswered questions? I’ve been there …. and so have many others. I’ve put together this guide to help you get the answers quickly and easily – find the answers to all your mSpy questions right here.

With many years of experience using the app, I’ve put together this extensive FAQ guide to answer all your questions about mSpy.

With this guide, you’ll learn about compatibility, installation times, payments, rebilling notifications, GPS accuracy, and more. Don’t miss out on the biggest mSpy discount online!

If you have had a look around this website you’ll be aware that I feature mSpy – the most popular phone spy app on the market – I have a detailed and in-depth mspy reviews page right here. If you prefer video content just look on down the page.

Using MSpy Since 2013 and Into 2023!

What you might not know … is that I first wrote about this spy app back in 2013!! Since then I have had it installed on various test phones – and I update the review every month.

Some months not much changes, but over the years I’ve seen many additions to the program and I’ve seen other spy apps come and go. Since 2013 I have also been answering many questions about the software – some simple and some more complex.

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The main review has loads of questions and answers in the comments – so many that I had to slow down publishing repeats! That’s why I created this mSpy FAQ section.

mSpy has its own FAQ – you can find it here.

But here, I am creating a growing resource – covering all the most pressing questions I have been asked on the website and from emails I get every week – I hope it will help!

If you have a question that I haven’t covered … get in touch using the contact page and I will publish the answer.

mspy faq

The Most Frequently Asked mSpy Questions

The top questions usually involve problems with the app not working or not updating – so I cover these first in more detail. Then I move to more general questions – including some you might not have thought of!

Why Is My mSpy Not Working?

There could be several reasons why your mSpy is not working:

  1. Incorrect Installation: If the app is not installed properly, it might not work as expected. Make sure you followed all the installation steps correctly.
  2. Compatibility Issues: Your target device may not be compatible with mSpy. The app is designed to work on certain versions of iOS and Android. If the target device is not using a compatible operating system, mSpy may not work.
  3. Internet Connection: mSpy requires an internet connection to transfer data. If the target phone or your phone doesn’t have an active internet connection, then the app may not work.
  4. Subscription Expired: If your subscription to mSpy has expired, then the app will stop working. Make sure your subscription is active.
  5. Updates: If the target device or your own device has updated, it could cause issues with mSpy. Sometimes, updates can change system settings or permissions, affecting how third-party apps work.

If none of the above solutions work, it’s best to contact mSpy’s customer support for assistance. They should be able to help you troubleshoot and fix the issue of mSpy not working.

Why is My mSpy Not Updating?

mSpy updates depend on the type of data and the device in question. Typically, it updates every 24 hours, but for some information like calls or GPS, it can update more frequently (every 5-10 minutes or so).

If your mSpy is not updating, there could be several reasons:

  1. The target device is turned off or not connected to the internet: mSpy requires an active internet connection to update data.
  2. You have set a long update interval: You can adjust how often mSpy updates in the settings of your control panel.
  3. There’s a software issue: If the mSpy software has been uninstalled or has malfunctioned on the target device, it won’t update.
  4. Subscription expired: If your mSpy subscription has expired, it won’t update.
  5. The device is in a location where it cannot receive a good signal: If the device is in an area with poor reception, the data may not be able to be updated.
  6. The device has run out of battery: If the device’s battery is dead, mSpy won’t be able to update until it’s charged and turned back on.

If you’re still having issues, it’s best to contact mSpy customer support for help.

mSpy Questions Video Guide

General Questions:

How many phones can I monitor with mSpy?

It is one phone or device for one license purchased – but you can monitor a number of devices from one control panel. You can also transfer your license to another device any number of times.

Does it work on Tablets and Pads?

Yes – the software version is based on the operating system. So mSpy for Android will work on any phone or tablet with the Android operating system. For Apple (iOS) – the same idea, it works on iPhones and iPads.

Is It Hidden?

A popular question! When you are installing the app you have the choice to have an app icon visible or to have it hidden. When you choose to hide the icon the program is very well hidden. For some people this is extremely important – just remember to stay legal – we have legal notices at the bottom of every page.

Will mSpy work on my phone?

It works for iPhones (and iPads) and Android phones and devices. You can check their compatibility page here.

Do I need an internet connection – will it work on Wi-Fi?

All the top spy software apps do require an internet connection of some sort – a standard data plan or home Wi-Fi will work. All reporting is done via an internet connection and displayed on your online dashboard or control panel.

Does mSpy work abroad?

Yes, it will work anywhere the target phone has an internet connection – independent of country or language.

Can I install mSpy without having the target phone?

For their no jailbreak version – monitoring is via iCloud backups – no installation of software takes place on the device – so you do not need to access the phone. For this method, you will need their iCloud Apple ID and Password, and the backups must be enabled.

For the full version software you do need physical access to the device for downloading the app – after that, all reporting takes place remotely.

How long does it take to install?

This depends on your device type and whether you are jailbreaking or rooting. I can install the app in under 10 minutes – but I advise taking your time and doing it correctly. They also have a fantastic installation service – mAssistance – you can purchase this at checkout and they can install the app for you.

Confused about any terms – Jailbreaking, Rooting, No Jailbreak version? – Make sure and read the main review – lots more detail there for the technical side of things.

How can I pay … and what is on my credit card statement?

Ah, the things people worry about! Payment can be made by more methods than I knew existed! PayPal and credit cards are the most common – statements will reference their payment processor – or PayPro. Nice and discreet.

What about rebilling – is there a notification on the device?

Nothing will show on the target phone. You will see your renewal status inside the online control panel – where you access all reports. You should also get an email to the address you used to sign up. The phone users see nothing of course.

Do I need to Jailbreak my iPhone?

Not necessarily. For the full version software jailbreaking is needed but the no jailbreak version monitors the iCloud backups and no jailbreaking is needed here.

Do I need to Root my Android?

Again not necessarily. Rooting is only required for monitoring social messenger apps such as Snapchat and Instagram etc. Most main features will work without the need to Root an Android device.

How often does mSpy update reports?

For their regular installed software you can choose the reporting interval during setup – choose several hours to avoid excessive battery use. The no jailbreak version will update every 12-24 hours along with the backups depending on your setup.

What about 2-step verification on iCloud backups?

For smooth operation, you should disable 2-step verification in the settings.

What happens after I make the purchase – how is it delivered?

There is no “delivery” as such – you will get a confirmation email and a welcome email with a link to your personal control panel – where you log on and follow an installation helper wizard – with easy-to-follow instructions. Or you could pay extra for their installation service.

How does mAssistance work?

This is an extra service you can pay for at checkout. It allows a service tech to root or jailbreak and install mSpy on your device. Great for anyone worried about the installation. It uses Teamviewer and you need to have the target phone and access to a PC or laptop.

How accurate is the GPS tracking?

GPS tracking with mSpy is accurate to within 20 meters in most locations with good internet coverage.

If a text message is deleted after being sent will I still see it?

Yes – another common question! All messages – SMS text or using monitored messenger apps such as Snapchat and WhatsApp – are recorded when sent or received and will be reported in the control panel for viewing. Even if they delete the message right away.

Can mSpy recover deleted messages and photos?

Not if they were deleted before mSpy was installed. After it is installed, everything is reported.

Can I use mSpy to block web access on my son’s phone?

Yes, you can block web access – specific websites or apps, block web access at certain times, or block internet connections totally. Great features for parenting.

Do I need a computer to see the reports dashboard?

No, you can view them from any internet-connected device – phone, laptop etc.

Can I see the contents of the phone’s memory card?

Yes, anything stored on the card will be reported – including images and video.

Can m spy reveal passwords for Facebook etc.?

This is possible with the keylogger feature. And remember you will see all activity on Facebook in your regular reports of online activity.

If the user changes their sim card will it still work?

Yes – the software is installed on the actual phone, not the SIM card.

Can mSpy be removed without having the phone again?

Yes – this function is located in the Phone Management tab of the online dashboard.

Can I try it on my phone as a test and then put it on my kid’s phone?

Yes – I have done this. You can transfer the license at any time during your subscription period. One at a time only – so remove from your phone first, then install and activate on the next phone.

Can mSpy be detected by antivirus apps and is it hidden from the background apps list?

It is very well hidden – does not show in the background or running processes. I can confirm it is extremely difficult to find. As for Antivirus programs – none of them can accurately flag the app. Another common concern.

This is a Live list of questions mSpy FAQ – I add to it regularly! Use the Contact Us page if you have any questions not covered already and don’t forget to have a good look around the site – lots of information to help you.

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Thanks for reading!

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